Marky’s Malarkey: My Weird Super Bowl 53 Prop Card

Marky’s Malarkey: My Weird Super Bowl 53 Prop Card article feature image

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  • Marky's passion in life is to over-research strange props, so naturally the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl is his favorite time of year.
  • See which props he's taken for Super Bowl 53 and why he's taken them by following along.

I’ve been slowly building on my prop card over the past couple of days when I came upon a realization. Why jot all the props down on a scrap of paper when I can write them down in an article! That you can read!

With that said, here’s what I have so far. Whenever I add a new one, I’ll toss it in here with my reasoning behind it, too.

I fully expect a 100% win rate and over 100% return on investment (ROI). Be prepared to get booted from your sportsbook.

Darren Rovell tweets on Feb. 3: Over 75.5 -150

Odds change = re-bet city. In fact, the max win is up to $100 from $25…get down while you still can!

Darren Rovell tweets on Feb. 3: Over 75.5 +100

Basically the King of Twitter, Darren has gone on record saying he is going to tweet a lot on Sunday. Like…way more than the over/under that’s posted.

Which commercial will air first, Audi or Kia? Audi -200

I’ve been following, and for the past couple of weeks looking for actionable commercial info. just threw us a bone. Audi will air their commercial in the 2nd quarter, while Kia will air in the third quarter. Bingo!

How many times will CBS show pictures of Sean McVay in college? Under 1.5 +160

This is a new offering as of Wednesday and I believe these were the opening odds. I honestly didn’t think twice about betting it, though.

Here are the rules. “CBS Broadcast Only. From Kickoff to Games End. Every Time a Picture is showed it will count as 1.”

First of all, who says they are going to show a picture of him at all? If you told me this prop existed, I would have assumed the over/under was 0.5. Instead, it’s 1.5 and the under has a solid plus money payout.

The one situation in which they would probably show his picture is if they reference the time he played against Julian Edelman in college. Maybe they don’t even show a picture of him then.

Also, any pictures showed during any pre-game banter don’t count per the rules.

At plus money, this was a no brainer.

Will there be a score in the final 3:30? Yes -170

I went against my instinct on this one and listened to Danny “The Don” Donahue. He did, however, do some solid box score research that I personally wouldn’t want to do. Then again, I did watch four hours of commercials so…

How many commercials will have a dog in it: Over 5.5 -115

My longest Super Bowl prop research of the year thus far. If I get this one wrong, I’ll not only be down money, but many grueling hours of watching every commercial from the past three Super Bowls.

Will there be a Spongebob costume/inflatable at the halftime show: Yes +465

These odds are on the move! Looks like some people may have taken heed to my advice. I suggest you do the same.

How many times will “Rath” be said: Under 3.5 -140

This is referring to Ted Rath, the Rams coach whose job it is to hold back Sean McVay on the sidelines. You can also bet on how many times he’ll be shown holding McVay back, but I held off on that.

Four times seems like an awful lot for this guy’s name to be brought up. I wouldn’t be shocked if he wasn’t mentioned at all to be honest. While I do find the montage of him holding McVay back to be funny, I feel these trendy things we expect to be popular topics during the Super Bowl broadcast often aren’t talked about much. I learned that the hard way last year with Chris Hogan’s lacrosse career not being mentioned at all.

Will there be an animal other than Clydesdales in Budweiser’s commercial: Yes -120 


How many Clydesdales will there be in Budweiser’s commercial: Under 8.5 -169

The Budweiser commercial came out on Wednesday morning, but this prop was still on the board for a few hours before being taken down. Kind of a cheap one (or two), but they haven’t refunded my bets…yet. Fingers crossed.

Check back later for more weird props that I’ll be taking a chance on.

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