Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets: White House Arbitrage Scenario

Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets: White House Arbitrage Scenario article feature image

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  • With hundreds of Super Bowl 53 prop bets posted all over the market, there is going to be some overlap.
  • The "Will the winning team attend the White House" prop bet is offered at several sportsbooks with varying odds.
  • By shopping around, you can potentially make money with no risk by betting on both sides.

The Super Bowl is heaven for betting on props. Every book is making scores of them, and there is often some overlap.

Usually the odds aren’t that different when you do see the same prop at two of your books. Obviously, having a number of different accounts helps you shop for the best line at times like these.

But sometimes, you come across a scenario in which you guarantee yourself either a win or push, referred to as an arbitrage. Matthew Freedman found one in the Rob Gronkowski article embedded above.

While Freedman’s is a standard player prop, this is a wacky White House prop. In fact, it’s one of just a few Super Bowl props in which you won’t see your money for some time, so if you don’t want to tie up funds, this isn’t for you.

Will The Super Bowl Winning Team Visit The White House?

Here are the options I have seen:

Yes: -330, -500, -700, -833

No: +215, +442, +445, +500

Basically, risking 3.3 units on yes at -330 to win one unit and risking one unit on no at either +442, +445 or +500, guarantees yourself 1.7 units if they don’t attend. If they do attend, you call it even.

Depending on how big your units are, you might not be able to risk/win that much because these types of bets have lower limits than standard lines.

There have been several teams to not attend the White House since President Trump took office, including the Eagles last year. While the oddsmakers are considering it somewhat of a longshot for that not to happen again this year, it wouldn’t be the first time.