Super Bowl Sharp Action: Big Bets on Rams, 49ers, Giants to Win It All

Super Bowl Sharp Action: Big Bets on Rams, 49ers, Giants to Win It All article feature image
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  • On this week's Buffet podcast, Chad and Scooch discussed which NFL teams are getting public and sharp action on their Super Bowl futures.
  • Scooch is taking a stand on the Steelers' public money but agrees with the sharp action on the Giants.
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This week on the Buffet podcast, co-hosted by Chad Millman and Vegas bookmaker Bob Scucci (“Scooch”), the dapper duo delved into NFL futures.

Which Super Bowl bets are public bettors all over? Who are the sharps betting? Chad and Scooch hit it all.

Here’s a quick recap of their discussion. For a deeper dive, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or listen below.

Public Action

Green Bay Packers (Moved from 12-1 to 9-1)

Pittsburgh Steelers (Moved from 8-1 to 10-1)

Why’d the line move the opposite way, despite heavy public action?

Chad: “The public is saying ‘We like the Steelers’ and you’re saying ‘Eh, too bad. We’re OK with the liability here.'”

Scooch: “Yea, pretty much. … [Ben] Roethlisberger is on the downside of his career. The older we all get, with the exception of Tom Brady, you drop in your ability level.”

Oakland Raiders (Moved from 18-1 to 12-1)

Scooch: “There is a lot of enthusiasm around town with the Raiders coming here … especially with the success of the Vegas Golden Knights.”

Minnesota Vikings (Moved from 12-1 to 8-1)

Scooch: “They got so close last year. I think there is a lot of public support for [Kirk] Cousins.”

Sharp Action

Los Angeles Rams (Moved from 15-1 to 7-1)

San Francisco 49ers (Moved from 20-1 to 12-1)

Scooch: “Not a whole lot of public money but some pretty big bets on the 49ers.”

New York Giants (Moved from 50-1 to 25-1)

Scooch: “There’s another team that got some decent money at 50-1. I agree with this one and moved it pretty aggressively.”

Denver Broncos (Currently 35-1)

Scooch: “We took a little bit of sharp action on the Broncos. Just a taste of them at 35-1. [We have] five figures on it.”

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