The Favorites: 9-Team Parlay — Give Us Andrew Luck and Matty Ice!

Oct 01, 2018 4:22 PM EDT

On this week’s Parlay show, Paul gets on Chad for flipping on a bet, Geoff gives a player’s perspective on what’s going on with Earl Thomas and the guys put together another NFL/College Football 9-team parlay. This week’s picks are headlined by a belief in Andrew Luck’s ability to keep games close, Atlanta’s ridiculous offense and Paul’s penchant for hitting on obscure college football games.

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13:48 Geoff Pick #1
16:36 Paul Pick #1
20:38 Chad Pick #1
24:22 Geoff Pick #2
29:24 Paul Pick #2
34:23 Chad Pick #2
40:38 Geoff Pick #3
43:36 Paul Pick #3
46:43 Chad Pick #3
49:37 Recap


Graphic for the Action Network’s newest podcast, “The Favorites.”

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