Sportsbook Posts Odds on Brady, Belichick and Gronkowski Retiring Following Super Bowl

Sportsbook Posts Odds on Brady, Belichick and Gronkowski Retiring Following Super Bowl article feature image
  • Oddsmakers have posted lines on whether or not Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Rob Gronkowski will retire following the Super Bowl.
  • At +600, Gronk is the most likely, with Brady (+1200) and Belichick (+2500) not expected to call it quits just yet.

Most of the country is not happy that the Patriots beat Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs on Sunday. Not happy at all.

How much longer will we have to deal with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick? Won’t they just retire and head for the hills with their millions of dollars and Super Bowl rings?

Well, one sportsbook has just posted odds on whether or not Brady, Belichick or Rob Gronkowski will retire following the Super Bowl.

Patriots Retirement Odds

  • Tom Brady: Yes +1200, No -2500
  • Bill Belichick: Yes +2500, No -5000
  • Rob Gronkowski: Yes +600, No -1000

First off, let’s just say that these all likely depend on the Patriots winning. Per the prop bet rules listed, the retirement announcement must appear on the broadcast following the game. Not sure it would be a storybook ending if they lost and then retired right after.

Given how important the quarterback position is, I think most people would agree that a Brady retirement would hurt the Pats the most next season. Especially considering they don’t have Jimmy Garoppolo or any other young QB prospect waiting in the wings. His +1200 odds suggest a 7.7% chance he hangs up the cleats and fully devotes his life to avoiding nightshades.

Who’s more important? Brady or Belichick? Some believe it’s the latter, but there’s a chance we’ll never know. Oddsmakers think he is the least likely of the three to retire. Of course, his job does not depend on his body falling apart so he could still be around for a long, long time.

Speaking about bodies falling apart, Gronk has the highest chance of retiring at +600. These odds equate to a 14.3% implied probability.

The star tight end had the least productive season of his career and does not appear to be the same physical force that he used to be. He’s still been a very valuable asset to the team thanks to his blocking efforts and presence on the field, but he’s not the same guy that he was a few years ago.

Considering his history of back surgeries and other ailments, he could certainly call it quits.

Praying for the trifecta? I don’t believe these are parlay-able, but the payout would be something like 2,365-1.