Friday’s Lead: Oakley’s Cardinal Sin, Raptors and Kawhi, Nadal vs. Djokovic

Friday’s Lead: Oakley’s Cardinal Sin, Raptors and Kawhi, Nadal vs. Djokovic article feature image


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BETTING RULES: Grow Up, Charles

Charles Oakley broke one of the cardinal rules of gambling last weekend — he bet the Lions to win the Super Bowl. Kidding. He allegedly removed a $100 chip from the table after realizing his wager was gonna lose. It’s an obvious no-no at the casino, and prompted our Vegas etiquette expert BlackJack Fletcher to put together a quick refresher on the five cardinal sins of casino gambling

NBA: Kawhi-nada

The Toronto Raptors are now the betting favo(u)rites to land Kawhi Leonard. But before you go and put your hard-earned loonies and toonies on the Raptors to land the disgruntled Spur, allow Matt Moore to (as they say up North) cool your jets, eh?

Summer Slams
Betting on Summer League is a rite of passage on your way to degeneracy. The next time someone calls you out for wagering on pre-pre-season games, let them know you have a plan

Credit: USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Harry Kane

WORLD CUP: “A Month’s Worth of NFL Sundays”

You know who loves the World Cup? Bookmakers. The world’s biggest gambling holiday has treated the oddsmakers well. The Westgate’s Jeff Sherman, for one, is tickled pink with how the tournament shook out. Danke, Germany…

Participation Trophies
An old adage states that “nobody remembers the guy who finishes second.” And yet, the World Cup wants us to watch a third-place playoff? Fine. But only because we can bet on it…


Pacquiao: While the football Pac Man was busy fighting off TSA agents this week, the boxing Pac Man fights Lucas Matthysse this weekend in Malaysia. Is the Filipino star a lock? Uh uh…

Wimbledon: Nobody pulls off the “dripping sweat” look better than Rafael Nadal, but Wimbledon ain’t a beauty contest, Raf. The handsome Spaniard is plus-money against Novak Djokovic today…

Dongs: The field is set for the Home Run Derby and Bryce Harper is the favorite. History tells us to fade Harper in the showcase, and you know what they say about those who ignore history…