Saturday’s Lead: Everything to Know to Bet the World Cup Final

Saturday’s Lead: Everything to Know to Bet the World Cup Final article feature image

Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports, Pictured: French National Team

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WORLD CUP: The French Are Stingy

Croatia hates finishing things on time, so it’s no surprise to see sharps betting on The Vatrento play in a fourth straight extra time. Our experts have a lot to say about this match. Let’s break down all the angles like your single friend over-analyzing a post-Tinder date text…

France’s Stingy D
Croatia have moxie. But Michael Goodman questions whether they’ll be able to penetrate France’s solid back line…

Will There Be Goals?
The public is backing France and the under, but Ken Barkley wonders if there might be value betting on this game to open up and Martin Laurence predicts who will do the scoring

The French Flash
(Hanson Voice) Mbapp, ba duba dop, Mbapp… we’ll stop there. If you haven’t seen Kylian Mbappe run this World Cup, the dude is fast. Sean Newsham believes that Croatia’s tired legs will have trouble keeping up with Mbappe and the French attack…

Prop Sheet
We put together a prop sheet for the big game. Print a few out, enjoy an early morning beverage of your choosing, and enjoy the game!

TENNIS: The Return of the Djoker

A lanky South African with a better service game than Alice at the diner across from the office, Kevin Anderson has shocked the world by reaching the Wimbledon final. Does he have what it takes to beat a resurgent Novak Djokovic? Daniel Scotti breaks down the bet to watch for the biggest match of the year

SCOTUS: Will The Senate Confirm Kavanaugh?

Brett Kavanaugh is a big favorite to be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Democrats are slight favorites to take back the House this fall, and Republicans are favored to control the Senate. People won a lot of money betting on politics last year, so you should probably stay abreast of everything happening in the whacky world of Washington…