Danny Donahue Loses Bet with Himself, Will Don Wetsuit for Super Bowl 53

Danny Donahue Loses Bet with Himself, Will Don Wetsuit for Super Bowl 53 article feature image
  • The Action Network's Danny Donahue made a couple of wagers during the AFC Championship game that you can't find in sportsbooks.
  • As a result, he now owns a Phillip Dorsett jersey (that he purchased) and will be wearing a wetsuit for Super Bowl 53.

Ever make a bet with your buddies that you immediately regretted? Well, The Action Network’s Danny “The Don” Donahue did that during the AFC Championship game … twice.

An avid Patriots fan and Southie resident, The Don can often be found in local bars polishing off a few brews with his contemporaries.

With the Chiefs and Patriots facing off to decide who represented the AFC in the Super Bowl, he tossed on his Pats jersey and hit the watering hole.

His first bet came at the end of the first half, when the Patriots were driving down the field as time was winding down. It must have seemed like a perfect time to make a random bet with himself, as he declared, “I will buy a Phillip Dorsett jersey if he scores on this drive.”

Hey, that’s a win in my book. Who wouldn’t want a Phillip Dorsett jersey? One-hundred bucks well spent if you ask me.

Later in the game, his gambling itch caught up to him again. The time was 10:05 p.m. ET. Overtime had just begun. Wetsuits were on his mind, as I’m sure was the case with most folks.

If they did it, he would “wear wetsuit.”

They did it, and he will wear wetsuit.

(Still accepting wetsuit guy applications.)

Will his Patriots fandom and sudden betting urges catch up to him again on Sunday? Will he actually make a bet with another human being rather than against himself?

Let’s just hope they win for his sake.

P.S. – Added bonus of wearing the wetsuit? He’ll be nice and warm if he decides to go for a celebratory dip in the Chucky River if (when) the Pats win.

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