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Get a $500 Risk-Free Bet
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$500 free-roll on first bet
Only 1x rollover
Great daily odds boosts
Get a $500 Risk-Free Bet
Claim Now
$500 free-roll on first bet
Only 1x rollover
Great daily odds boosts

FanDuel Review

FanDuel Sportsbook is legal in Colorado, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia. The company — which you probably know from being one of the leaders in the daily fantasy sports space — is owned by Paddy Power BetFair, one of the largest gaming conglomerates in the world. FanDuel is not a scam and it most definitely is legit, as it is required to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the states in which it operates.

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FanDuel offers one of the easiest start-to-finish registration and deposit experiences in the market, and it's hard to beat its $500 risk-free-bet offer for your first wager.

Sports you can bet at FanDuel Sportsbook

In addition to pregame bets, FanDuel also offers live wagering on many of the sports listed.


College Football
College Basketball
NHL + other hockey leagues
Motor Racing
Cricket, Darts + other sports

How to register at FanDuel

Signing up for a FanDuel account is extremely easy. It will only take you a few minutes from the time you start to when you place your first bet.

Required Info for Account

First Name
Last Name
2 Security Questions
Date Of Birth
Phone Number
Last 4 of SSN

How to Deposit at FanDuel

FanDuel gives users a number of ways to deposit funds.

Deposit Options

FanDuel prepaid card
ACH (eCheck)
Wire Transfer
Cash inside sportsbook

How to Withdraw from FanDuel Sportsbook

How to take money out of your FanDuel account.

Withdrawal Options

(If that's how you deposited)
ACH (eCheck)
FanDuel prepaid card
Cash inside sportsbook

FanDuel Frequently Asked Questions

Which states allow FanDuel Sportsbook?

As of May 1, there are five states that allow FanDuel to operate:

FanDuel is the biggest player in the United States sports betting landscape right now, so expect it to be in nearly every state with full-scale online sports betting as it gets legalized in new jurisdictions.

What’s the best promo code to use for FanDuel Sportsbook?

FanDuel doesn’t require you to enter a promo code. Just follow this link to get a risk-free bet up to $500.

How does FanDuel’s $500 risk-free bet work?

FanDuel’s risk-free bet requires only a 1x rollover.

What does that mean?

Let’s say you deposit $500 of your own money into your FanDuel account. If you win your risk-free bet (you can choose which game to put it on), nothing happens, because you won the bet and get your winnings. If you lose, you’ll be credited money back in a separate part of your account.

Those $500 in free bets are effectively in a different portion of your account from your $500 cash because you can’t withdraw them right away. But once you put the free bets into play once, any winnings from those wagers will go into the cash portion of your account, which you can withdraw at any time.

Note that the $500 risk-free bet is a one-time thing, so if your first bet after signing up for an account is just $20, that will be your risk-free bet. Make sure to optimize that first wager to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Many sportsbooks require large rollovers to access bonus funds — i.e. you deposit $500 and get a $500 match, but have to bet 10 times the deposit amount ($5,000 in this case) before ever being eligible to withdraw the bonus money.

So having just a 1x rollover is a great perk.

How fast can I withdraw money from my FanDuel account?

Among the biggest benefits to betting at a legal online sportsbook like FanDuel is that money will be in your bank account just a few days after requesting a payout.

You can hook up your bank account to direct deposit both ways — putting money onto FanDuel and taking it out.

Is FanDuel Sportsbook safe?

Yes, FanDuel is safe. When talking about sports betting, there are probably two boxes to check…

Is my money safe on FanDuel? Yes. Because FanDuel is a legal, authorized U.S. sportsbook, your money is protected, even if the company goes out of business (it won’t, don’t worry).

Can I put checks in place to limit my betting? Yes. If you feel like you’re gambling irresponsibly, you can put a temporary ban on your own account — anywhere from three days to 12 months — or permanently close your account.

You can also set deposit limits, spending limits and time limits on your account.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can deposit?

The minimum deposit amount on FanDuel is $10 and the maximum deposit is $10,000.

Does FanDuel charge fees?

FanDuel will not charge you fees for depositing or withdrawing. But all sportsbooks charge “juice” or “vig” on each bet — meaning you need to risk more than you’ll win.

Juice differs by sportsbook, but on a standard NFL point spread bet, you’re paying 10% to the book to take your action.

Do I have to be a resident of New Jersey, Colorado, Pennsylvania, West Virginia or Indiana to bet on FanDuel?

Nope. You just need to be inside the state border, at least 21 years old and a United States citizen.

FanDuel will automatically verify your location through your phone or computer GPS. As long as you’re in the state, you can bet. If you live in one of those states but are traveling elsewhere, you will not be able to bet.

Let’s say you live in New York City but want to bet on the NCAA Tournament. You can hop on the PATH train to Hoboken, open an account on FanDuel, place your bets, then head back to the city.

There’s no delay when signing up for an account and depositing at FanDuel, either, so it can be a quick trip over the border before you head back. Indiana, for example, borders Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky, and plenty of bettors are starting to utilize legal online sportsbooks in Indiana when they’re in the Hoosier State.

Can I withdraw money from FanDuel if I’m not in a legal state?

You can. If you traveled to a legal state, bet and won money, you can still withdraw while you’re back in your home state.

The only thing you can’t do while in a non-legal state is actually place bets.

What type of devices can I bet on at FanDuel?

You can register for your FanDuel account on either your phone (iOS or Android) or your computer (Mac and PC).

Can I deposit money via PayPal?

FanDuel does accept PayPal. It also takes credit cards, bank account direct deposits, wire transfers and more.

Does FanDuel have an app?

FanDuel has one of the better mobile apps among legal U.S. sportsbooks. You’re not required to bet on the app, though, and can instead use the website on desktop or mobile.

You can download the app here.

Why does FanDuel need my social security number and other personal information?

FanDuel uses your social security number to verify your age and identity, above all. Operators are required to keep your information safe and secure.

Are FanDuel winnings taxed?

FanDuel itself is paying the actual taxes to the states it’s operating in. Those will be effectively invisible to the consumer.

However, your sports betting winnings at any book, including FanDuel, are taxable.

The operator will send you a W-2G form if you win more than $600 net with that sportsbook.

Gambling losses can be written off as a tax deduction, but only if you also report any money won as taxable income. You do need to itemize your deductions; you can’t claim any gambling losses with a standard deduction.

The amount of gambling losses you can deduct can’t exceed the winnings you report as income. With $1,000 in winnings but $2,000 in losses, your deduction is limited to $1,000. You can’t write off the other $1,000 you lost.

How is FanDuel different from Bovada?

Bovada and FanDuel have one major difference that will go a long way in keeping you protected: Bovada is an illegal, offshore sportsbook that’s not regulated by any governing body.

For that reason, your funds are never truly safe with an offshore company. You have no recourse if they defraud you.

FanDuel, on the other hand, has to pass rigorous measures set by state gaming departments, and all money is insured since legal operators must have separate accounts with backup funds for players in case they go out of business.

Other huge benefits to using FanDuel as opposed to illegal sportsbooks:

1. You can deposit and withdraw money using your bank account or credit card and don’t need to rely on cryptocurrencies or shady MoneyGrams.

2. Your bonuses are not subject to massive rollover requirements, so you’ll actually see the bonus money in a timely fashion.

3. You’ll get money nearly instantly when withdrawing. No more waiting for a check in the mail from an offshore sportsbook that you hope arrives. FanDuel says it can take up to 72 hours to process, but it usually comes much faster.

Is FanDuel legit?

FanDuel is legit. It’s the market-leader in the United States sports betting landscape thanks to a strong bonus offer, solid menu of betting options and name-brand recognition from its DFS platform.

Who owns FanDuel?

A holding company named Flutter Entertainment owns FanDuel. Flutter came to be when Paddy Power Betfair, a major player in the European sports betting market, merged with FanDuel in the United States.

It trades on the London Stock Exchange under “FLUTTER ENTMT ADR.”

Other FanDuel Benefits

Cash Out of Bets In-Game: A popular new feature from legal U.S. sportsbooks is the ability to cash out of a bet while it’s still in progress. FanDuel calls it the “Cash Out” feature.

Let’s say you bet $100 on the Rockies to beat the Dodgers at +200 odds. You’d win $200 if Colorado wins the game outright.

If the Rockies lead in the sixth inning, FanDuel may give you the option to cash out your bet (albeit at a worse price) if you don’t feel great about Colorado finishing off the game.

Odds boosts: FanDuel will often boost the odds on certain bets as an incentive for players. What’s an odds boost? It’s simply a better price on a bet than what’s offered normally or at other books.

For example, FanDuel may boost the Tampa Bay Bucs to win the Super Bowl from 14-1 to 20-1.

To get all odds boosts from legal sportsbooks and see the percentage value you’re getting on each, check out our hub here.

More offers and bonuses after your initial deposit: FanDuel is constantly offering additional bonuses once you’re already betting.

They’ll send emails to the address associated with your account and send alerts to your mobile phone if you have the FanDuel app.

FanDuel Customer Service

FanDuel’s customer service is available by phone (646-930-0860) or via the web on live chat.

Customer service is also available via email at sportsbook@fanduel.com. If you’re an existing user, include your username in the email for expedited service.