NCAAB Odds & Betting Lines

Sun Mar 15

Our college basketball odds page gives you lines from a variety of sportsbooks to make sure you’re getting the best price no matter what you want to bet. The best lines will be highlighted in green and update in real time. Use the filter odds tab to look at spreads, over/unders or moneylines. You can also filter by state to show sportsbooks available in your area.


A point spread allows bettors to wager on the margin of victory in a college basketball game. A -8 favorite needs to win by nine points or more to cover the spread. A +8 underdog needs to lose by less than eight points, or win the game, to cover the spread. A minus sign indicates that team is the favorite; a plus sign indicates that team is the underdog.


A total (also known as an over/under) allows bettors to choose whether the number of points scored by both teams will be over or under the listed amount. If a college basketball total is set at 130, bettors can wager on the combined score going over or under 130 points.


A moneyline requires bettors to pick the winner of the game, but the odds are adjusted according to each team’s ability. A -200 favorite is expected to win the game, so bettors need to risk $2 for every $1 they want to win. A +150 underdog gives bettors the chance to win $1.50 for every $1 risked.

How do I read CBB point spreads?

A basketball point spread is a bet on the margin of victory. The spread is set based on the difference in ability between the two teams, plus other factors like home-court advantage, injuries and rest.

Let’s say Duke is an 8.5-point favorite over North Carolina. The Blue Devils will be listed at -8.5, because that minus sign indicates they’re the favorite. To win the bet, Duke needs to win the game by 9 points or more. For North Carolina to win the bet, the Tar Heels need to lose by 1-8 points, or win the game.

The point spread is the great equalizer because it makes it possible to bet on even the worst teams.

What is an over/under in college basketball?

A total in college basketball betting is a wager on the combined number of points scored by both teams in a given game. You’re not trying to guess the number exactly, but are instead betting on whether the total points will be over or under a certain amount.

A team like Virginia has had low totals -- often around 120 -- because of its stifling defense and slow pace.

Let’s say the Cavaliers are playing Louisville, with the total set at 122. If UVA wins 70-55 (125 total points), the game will go “over”, and anyone who bet the over wins their bet. If UVA wins 60-50 (110 total points), the game goes “under.”

How do Moneylines work for basketball?

A moneyline bet in college basketball is a wager on the winner of the game, adjusted for each team’s strength.

Duke might be a -350 favorite against North Carolina in that same game where the Blue Devils are favored by 8.5 points. The minus sign indicates Duke is favored. North Carolina would be around +275. The plus sign indicates UNC is the underdog.

American moneylines odds are based entirely around winning $100 -- so a $350 bet on Duke would net $100 (plus the original bet back). A $100 bet on UNC would yield $275 (plus your original bet back).

Moneylines are much less popular than point spreads in a sport like college basketball.

Where Can I Bet on College Basketball?

There are tons of sportsbooks offering college basketball betting if you’re in a legal state.

  • PointsBet
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Parx
  • Sugar House
  • bet365

Every legal United States sportsbook offers spreads, totals and moneylines on college basketball games, but online sports betting isn’t legal in every state yet. Check out the status of legal betting in your state.