Masters Tournament Weather Forecast: Conditions Worsen as Weekend Progresses

Masters Tournament Weather Forecast: Conditions Worsen as Weekend Progresses article feature image

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  • Thursday will feature the best weather for the Masters, as Augusta is expecting dry conditions with gradually increasing winds throughout the day.
  • The forecast worsens on Friday, as there are chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms.
  • The weekend could feature some inclement weather, as the forecast is currently showing widespread thunderstorms and heavy winds on Sunday afternoon.

Though baseball and football are the two sports that come to mind when you think about weather and sports betting, golf must not be forgotten. In fact, it’s one of the only sports in which the competitors play in different conditions.

Someone with the first tee time of the day is going to be impacted differently than someone with the last tee time of the day — sometimes significantly.

Golf is also played over a four-day span, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. I’ll touch on the weekend forecast at the end, but let’s focus on the Thursday and Friday forecast for now.

Masters Thursday Forecast

Thursday is looking like the best weather of the week. The Georgia skies will be partly cloudy and temperatures will range from about 62 degrees at 8:30 a.m. ET (first tee time) to 82 degrees in the afternoon.

The early birds will get a bit of an advantage when it comes to wind, though. Before noon, a soft 6-8 mph breeze will blow the sweet smell of peaches through the crowd, with gusts topping out in the high teens.

As the day goes on, sustained winds will reach around 12-14 mph in the late afternoon with gusts in the mid 20s. Might blow some peaches right off the trees.

Masters Friday Forecast

The weather on Friday certainly isn’t as lovely.

Scattered showers will be in the area throughout the morning, which will give way to scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. I don’t expect periods of sustained, heavy rains, but it’s tough to say if there will be any sopping pockets of moisture that will hit the course.

Don’t fret too hard about moist greens, though, as The Action Network’s Jason Sobel says, “Augusta has a sub-air system which sucks moisture out of the greens.” Probably don’t have that at your local circuit, do ya?

We also won’t see a gradual increase in wind speed, as it should stick around 10 mph throughout the day with gusts in the low 20s.

Masters Weekend Forecast

Before I depart, I’ll leave you with a couple of notes for the weekend. Like Friday, both Saturday and Sunday have chances of afternoon showers, with Sunday looking like the hairiest of all four days.

Chances of precipitation are over 50% and there may be windy conditions. Furthermore, the weather looks like it will be the absolute worst right when the final groups are playing. I’m currently seeing sustained winds around 15 mph with gusts around 35 mph! There’s definitely still time for that forecast to change, but that’s where we’re at right now.

We will keep you posted with any important weather updates when the weekend rolls around.

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