Which NBA Star is Most Likely to be Traded Before the Deadline?

Which NBA Star is Most Likely to be Traded Before the Deadline? article feature image

Jaime Valdez – USA TODAY Sports

Drama in the NBA…what else is new?

With the trade deadline less than a month away, we’ve heard rumors galore in recent weeks. Matt Moore has been covering the trade situations around the league like it’s his job and now we have odds  on whether or not some of the bigger names will get dealt by the 2018 trade deadline.

Will they be traded?

With the Cavaliers season spiraling out of control, it would make a lot of sense for them to part ways with Kevin Love, who has always felt like the odd man out in Cleveland. Most recently, he’s been accused of faking an illness to get out of Saturday’s game. Sounds like me trying to leave elementary school early.

While Moore believes an internal rotation realignment will help them out a great deal, oddsmakers believe there is about a 33% chance they part ways with the second member of their championship winning “big three.”

With slightly longer odds, DeAndre Jordan follows Love at +220.

This isn’t the first time Jordan has been close to leaving the Clippers. You surely must remember the time he basically agreed to sign with Dallas and then changed his mind. With Chris Paul out of town now, the Clippers are no longer a semi-legitimate contender in the west and should probably start to consider bringing in some assets for an aging guy like Jordan.

Kemba Walker has had some of the more serious rumors floating around him, but there has been some pessimism thrown on that situation courtesy of MJ.

It looks like the Hornets don’t want to trade him and according to Matt Moore, it would be a bad idea for a team to trade for him. Oddsmakers appear to be spot on by making this trade option a long shot.

While Walker is a long shot, Damian Lillard has the longest odds on the list. He probably wouldn’t have been listed at all if it weren’t for this tweet.

Like the Clippers, the Trail Blazers are just another middling team out west that has no shot at a title. However, it would probably be silly to trade Lillard unless they can fetch a king’s ransom of young studs or high picks.

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