NBA Injury Report

Atlanta HawksChandler ParsonsFOut indefinitelyBrain injury, disc herniation, torn labrumChandler Parsons suffers traumatic brain injury, disc herniation, torn labrum; return to play unclear.1/20/20 5:09 PM
Atlanta HawksJabari ParkerFOut indefinitelyRight shoulder non-surgical procedureJabari Parker to miss at least 2 weeks.1/7/20 8:33 PM
Atlanta HawksAlex LenCProbableLow back painAlex Len probable for Friday.1/23/20 11:03 PM
Atlanta HawksDeAndre' BembryG-FOutPersonalDeAndre Bembry ruled out for Friday.1/23/20 11:06 PM
Atlanta HawksTrae YoungGQuestionableRight thigh contusionTrae Young questionable for Friday.1/23/20 5:27 PM
Atlanta HawksCharles Brown Jr.GProbableLow back painBrown is probable with back1/24/20 4:42 AM
Boston CelticsJaylen BrownG-FQuestionableSprained right ankleJaylen Brown questionable for Friday.1/23/20 9:30 PM
Boston CelticsRobert Williams IIIC-FOut indefinitelyLeft hip bone edemaRobert Williams to miss at least 3 more weeks.12/16/19 4:39 PM
Boston CelticsEnes KanterCOutRight hip contusionEnes Kanter ruled out for Friday.1/23/20 9:33 PM
Boston CelticsJayson TatumF-GQuestionableStrained right groinJayson Tatum questionable for Friday.1/23/20 9:30 PM
Boston CelticsTacko FallCOut indefinitelyRight knee bone bruiseFall is injured with knee11/27/19 9:15 PM
Brooklyn NetsDeAndre Jordan Jr.COutDislocated right middle fingerDeAndre Jordan listed out Thursday.1/23/20 6:33 PM
Brooklyn NetsNicolas ClaxtonF-COutLeft shoulder contusionNic Claxton listed out Thursday.1/23/20 6:33 PM
Brooklyn NetsDavid NwabaG-FOut for seasonRuptured right Achilles tendonDavid Nwaba underwent Achilles surgery; to miss rest of season.12/21/19 1:03 AM
Chicago BullsOtto Porter Jr.FOut indefinitelyLeft foot bone edemaPorter is injured with foot12/6/19 5:42 PM
Chicago BullsDaniel GaffordF-COut indefinitelyDislocated right thumbDaniel Gafford expected to miss 2-4 weeks.1/16/20 2:00 AM
Chicago BullsWendell Carter Jr.C-FOut indefinitelySprained right ankleWendell Carter Jr. likely to miss multiple weeks.1/9/20 8:12 PM
Chicago BullsMax StrusG-FOut for seasonTorn left ACL, bone bruiseStrus is out for season with knee12/24/19 12:51 AM
Chicago BullsRyan ArcidiaconoGProbableRight elbow discomfortArcidiacono is probable with elbow1/24/20 2:06 AM
Chicago BullsLauri MarkkanenF-CProbableSprained left ankleLauri Markkanen listed probable for Friday.1/24/20 1:39 AM
Chicago BullsChandler HutchisonF-GProbableSore right shoulderHutchison is probable with shoulder1/24/20 2:06 AM
Chicago BullsTomas SatoranskyGProbableSore left ankleTomas Satoransky listed probable for Friday.1/24/20 2:15 AM
Cleveland CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut for seasonLeft tibial stress reactionDylan Windler to miss rest of season.1/13/20 10:27 PM
Cleveland CavaliersKevin Porter Jr.G-FOut indefinitelySprained left kneeKevin Porter Jr. to miss at least 2 weeks.1/6/20 5:27 PM
Cleveland CavaliersAnte ZizicCOut indefinitelyVestibular conditionAnte Zizic out indefinitely with vestibular condition.1/22/20 6:18 PM
Cleveland CavaliersBrandon KnightGOutSore left kneeBrandon Knight listed out for Thursday.1/22/20 11:00 PM
Dallas MavericksDwight PowellF-COut indefinitelyRuptured right Achilles tendonDwight Powell diagnosed with ruptured Achilles.1/22/20 7:15 PM
Dallas MavericksRyan BroekhoffG-FOut indefinitelyFractured left fibulaRyan Broekhoff diagnosed with fractured leg.1/1/20 7:24 PM
Denver NuggetsPaul MillsapFOut indefinitelyLeft knee contusionPaul Millsap without timetable for return.1/22/20 5:54 PM
Denver NuggetsJamal MurrayGOut indefinitelySprained left ankleJamal Murray without timetable for return.1/22/20 5:54 PM
Denver NuggetsMason PlumleeF-COut indefinitelyRight cuboidMason Plumlee expected to miss at least 2 weeks.1/22/20 3:39 PM
Denver NuggetsMichael Porter Jr.FQuestionableTight backMichael Porter Jr. questionable for Friday.1/23/20 11:06 PM
Denver NuggetsGary HarrisGQuestionableStrained right adductorGary Harris questionable for Friday.1/23/20 11:12 PM
Detroit PistonsAndre DrummondCProbableLip lacerationAndre Drummond expected to play Friday.1/23/20 8:12 PM
Detroit PistonsBlake GriffinFOut indefinitelyLeft knee surgeryBlake Griffin underwent knee surgery.1/7/20 7:12 PM
Detroit PistonsTim FrazierGQuestionableIllnessTim Frazier listed questionable for Friday.1/23/20 10:39 PM
Detroit PistonsBruce Brown Jr.G-FQuestionableIllnessBruce Brown listed questionable for Friday.1/23/20 10:39 PM
Detroit PistonsKhyri ThomasGOut indefinitelyRight foot surgeryThomas is injured with foot11/13/19 7:54 PM
Detroit PistonsLuke KennardGOut indefinitelyBilateral knee tendinitisLuke Kennard to miss at least 2 weeks.12/26/19 3:45 PM
Golden State WarriorsKevin DurantFOut indefinitelyRight Achilles surgeryKevin Durant underwent surgery for ruptured Achilles.6/12/19 8:06 PM
Golden State WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLKlay Thompson diagnosed with torn ACL.6/14/19 5:36 AM
Golden State WarriorsStephen Curry IIGOut indefinitelyLeft hand surgeryStephen Curry underwent hand surgery; to miss at least 3 months.11/1/19 7:27 PM
Golden State WarriorsKevon LooneyFOut indefinitelySore left abdominalKevon Looney without timetable for return.1/17/20 1:54 AM
Houston RocketsGerald GreenG-FOut indefinitelyFractured left footGerald Green out indefinitely.10/15/19 5:33 PM
Houston RocketsNeneC-FOutAdductorNene is out with adductor10/31/19 9:48 PM
Indiana PacersTyreke EvansGOutAnti-Drug Program violationTyreke Evans dismissed, disqualified from NBA for violating Anti-Drug program.5/17/19 8:45 PM
Indiana PacersVictor OladipoGOut indefinitelyRuptured right quad tendonVictor Oladipo plans to make season debut Jan. 29.1/8/20 7:00 PM
Indiana PacersMalcolm BrogdonGOutConcussionMalcolm Brogdon ruled out for Friday.1/23/20 11:51 PM
Los Angeles ClippersPaul GeorgeFOutStrained left hamstringPaul George listed out for Friday.1/23/20 10:24 PM
Los Angeles ClippersPatrick BeverleyGQuestionableSore right groinUpdate: Patrick Beverley listed questionable for Friday.1/23/20 10:39 PM
Los Angeles LakersDeMarcus CousinsCOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLDeMarcus Cousins diagnosed with torn ACL.8/17/19 12:03 AM
Los Angeles LakersJaVale McGeeC-FOutIllnessJaVale McGee ruled out Thursday.1/23/20 11:09 PM
Memphis GrizzliesAndre IguodalaF-GOutLeft teamIguodala is out with left team10/22/19 2:03 PM
Memphis GrizzliesBruno CabocloFOut indefinitelyLeft knee bone bruiseCaboclo is injured with knee1/17/20 3:09 PM
Miami HeatJustise WinslowF-GOut indefinitelyLower back bruiseJustise Winslow out indefinitely.1/16/20 8:42 PM
Miami HeatJimmy Butler IIIFQuestionableSore right kneeJimmy Butler questionable for Friday.1/23/20 11:21 PM
Miami HeatGoran DragicGQuestionableSore left calfGoran Dragic questionable for Friday.1/23/20 11:24 PM
Miami HeatKendrick NunnGQuestionableSore left AchillesKendrick Nunn questionable for Friday.1/23/20 11:24 PM
Milwaukee BucksWesley Matthews Jr.GProbableIllnessWesley Matthews listed probable for Friday.1/23/20 6:36 PM
Milwaukee BucksRobin LopezCOutIllnessLopez is out with illness1/22/20 3:06 PM
Minnesota TimberwolvesJake LaymanFOut indefinitelySprained left toeJake Layman without timetable for return.1/14/20 4:48 PM
New Orleans PelicansDarius MillerFOut indefinitelyRuptured right AchillesDarius Miller underwent surgery for ruptured Achilles.8/29/19 3:12 PM
New Orleans PelicansJJ RedickGProbableStrained left hamstringJJ Redick probable for Friday.1/23/20 11:51 PM
New Orleans PelicansJosh HartGProbableSore left ankleJosh Hart probable for Friday.1/23/20 11:51 PM
New Orleans PelicansKenrich WilliamsG-FOutSore right lower backKenrich Williams ruled out for Friday.1/23/20 11:51 PM
New York KnicksRJ Barrett Jr.F-GOut indefinitelySprained right ankleRJ Barrett to miss at least 1 week.1/17/20 6:24 PM
Oklahoma City ThunderAndre RobersonG-FOut indefinitelyLeft knee rehabRoberson is injured with knee12/4/19 3:06 AM
Oklahoma City ThunderSteven AdamsCQuestionableSprained left ankleSteven Adams listed questionable for Friday.1/24/20 1:36 AM
Oklahoma City ThunderTerrance Ferguson Jr.GOutPersonalTerrance Ferguson listed out for Friday.1/24/20 1:36 AM
Oklahoma City ThunderAbdel NaderFOutSprained left ankleAbdel Nader listed out for Friday.1/24/20 2:15 AM
Orlando MagicJonathan IsaacFOut indefinitelyLeft medial bone contusion, posterior lateral cornerJonathan Isaac expected to miss 2 months.1/2/20 10:45 PM
Orlando MagicAl-Farouq AminuFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryAl-Farouq Aminu underwent knee surgery, to miss at least 3 months.1/8/20 7:12 PM
Orlando MagicD.J. Augustin Jr.GOut indefinitelyLeft knee bone irritationDJ Augustin to miss at least 3-4 weeks.1/17/20 2:00 AM
Philadelphia 76ersJosh RichardsonGOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringJosh Richardson expected to miss at least 2-3 weeks.1/23/20 7:54 PM
Philadelphia 76ersJoel EmbiidC-FOut indefinitelyRight hand surgeryJoel Embiid to undergo hand surgery; to miss at least 1-2 weeks.1/9/20 11:18 PM
Phoenix SunsFrank Kaminsky IIIF-COut indefinitelyRight patella stress fractureFrank Kaminsky out indefinitely with knee stress fracture.1/4/20 5:36 PM
Phoenix SunsAron BaynesC-FDoubtfulSore left hipAron Baynes listed doubtful for Friday.1/23/20 10:06 PM
Phoenix SunsCameron JohnsonFOutRight quad contusionCam Johnson listed out for Friday.1/23/20 10:06 PM
Portland Trail BlazersRodney HoodG-FOut indefinitelyTorn left AchillesRodney Hood diagnosed with torn Achilles.12/7/19 4:48 AM
Portland Trail BlazersJusuf NurkicCOut indefinitelyFractured left tibia, fibulaNurkic is injured with leg10/1/19 2:18 PM
Portland Trail BlazersZach CollinsF-COut indefinitelyLeft shoulder surgeryZach Collins to undergo shoulder surgery.11/3/19 1:24 AM
Portland Trail BlazersPau GasolF-COut indefinitelyleft foot surgeryPau Gasol without timetable for return.11/4/19 6:06 PM
Portland Trail BlazersSkal LabissiereF-COut indefinitelyLeft knee inflammationSkal Labissiere to miss at least 4 more weeks.1/8/20 11:27 PM
Portland Trail BlazersCJ McCollumGOutSprained left ankleCJ McCollum (ankle) ruled out Thursday.1/23/20 11:15 PM
Sacramento KingsRichaun HolmesF-COut indefinitelyRight shoulder jointRichaun Holmes to miss at least 2-3 weeks.1/12/20 9:30 PM
Sacramento KingsMarvin Bagley IIIFOutSore left footMarvin Bagley listed out for Friday.1/24/20 1:36 AM
Toronto RaptorsFred VanVleet Sr.GProbableStrained right hamstringVanVleet is probable with hamstring1/18/20 4:09 AM
Toronto RaptorsDewan HernandezF-COut indefinitelySprained right ankleHernandez is injured with ankle12/25/19 7:54 PM
Toronto RaptorsPatrick McCawG-FOutFractured nosePatrick McCaw listed out for Friday.1/24/20 12:33 AM
Washington WizardsC.J. Miles Jr.GOut indefinitelyLeft wrist surgeryCJ Miles underwent wrist surgery; without timetable for return.12/4/19 7:03 PM
Washington WizardsJohn Wall Jr.GOut indefinitelyRuptured left AchillesWall is injured with achilles10/1/19 2:18 PM
Washington WizardsRui HachimuraFOut indefinitelyGroin contusionRui Hachimura to miss at least 5 games.12/17/19 9:33 PM
Washington WizardsGarrison MathewsGOut indefinitelySprained right ankleGarrison Mathews without timetable for return.1/8/20 10:48 PM
Washington WizardsMoritz WagnerF-COut indefinitelySprained left ankleMoritz Wagner to miss at least a week.12/22/19 1:42 AM
UnsignedChuma OkekeFOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLOkeke is injured with knee11/8/19 11:18 PM