NBA Injury Report

HawksDanilo GallinariFDoubtfulSprained right ankleDanilo Gallinari doubtful for Monday.Jan 17
HawksKris DunnGOut indefinitelyRight ankle surgeryKris Dunn to undergo ankle surgery.Dec 27
HawksBogdan BogdanovicGOut indefinitelyFractured right kneeBogdan Bogdanovic diagnosed with fractured knee.Jan 10
HawksCam ReddishF-GQuestionableLeft knee contusionCam Reddish questionable for Monday.Jan 17
CelticsJayson TatumF-GOutCOVID-19Celtics-Bulls postponed for Tuesday.Jan 11
CelticsRobert Williams IIIC-FOutCOVID-19Robert Williams tested positive for COVID-19.Jan 8
CelticsRomeo LangfordG-FOut indefinitelyRight wrist surgeryLangford is injured with wristDec 1
CelticsCarsen EdwardsGOutHealth and safety protocolsCarsen Edwards ruled out for Sunday.Jan 16
CelticsTacko FallCOutSprained left ankleTacko Fall ruled out Sunday.Jan 17
NetsKyrie IrvingGQuestionableHealth and safety protocolsKyrie Irving questionable for Monday.Jan 17
NetsSpencer DinwiddieGOut indefinitelyTorn right ACLSpencer Dinwiddie diagnosed with partially torn ACL.Dec 28
NetsNicolas ClaxtonF-COut indefinitelyRight knee tendinopathyClaxton is injured with kneeDec 6
HornetsCody ZellerF-COut indefinitelyFractured left handCody Zeller underwent hand surgery; to miss 4-6 weeks.Dec 24
BullsTomas SatoranskyGOutCOVID-19Tomas Satoransky without timetable for return.Jan 3
BullsChandler HutchisonF-GOutCOVID-19Chandler Hutchison without timetable for return.Jan 3
CavaliersKevin LoveF-COut indefinitelyStrained right calfKevin Love out at least 3-4 weeks.Dec 29
CavaliersMatthew DellavedovaGOutConcussionDellavedova is out with concussionJan 12
CavaliersTaurean PrinceFOutTradedPrince is out with acquiredJan 16
CavaliersJarrett AllenCOutTradedAllen is out with acquiredJan 16
CavaliersCollin SextonGOutSprained left ankleCollin Sexton listed out for Friday.Jan 14
CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut indefinitelyFractured left handDylan Windler diagnosed with fractured hand; to miss at least 1 week.Dec 24
CavaliersDarius GarlandGOutSprained right shoulderDarius Garland listed out for Friday.Jan 14
CavaliersKevin Porter Jr.G-FOutPersonalKevin Porter Jr. without timetable for return.Jan 6
MavericksTim Hardaway Jr.G-FQuestionableStrained left groinTim Hardaway Jr. listed questionable for Monday.Jan 18
MavericksJosh RichardsonGOutHealth and safety protocolsJosh Richardson listed out for Monday.Jan 18
MavericksDwight PowellF-COutHealth and safety protocolsDwight Powell listed out for Monday.Jan 18
MavericksDorian Finney-SmithFOutHealth and safety protocolsDorian Finney-Smith listed out for Monday.Jan 18
MavericksMaxi KleberFOutCOVID-19Maxi Kleber tested positive for COVID-19.Jan 11
NuggetsMichael Porter Jr.FOutHealth and safety protocolsMichael Porter Jr. facing quarantine for at least 10 more days.Jan 8
PistonsFrank JacksonGProbableSprained left ankleJackson is probable with ankleJan 18
PistonsKillian HayesGOut indefinitelyRight hip labral tearKillian Hayes diagnosed with labral tear in hip.Jan 6
WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut indefinitelyTorn right AchillesKlay Thompson diagnosed with torn Achilles.Nov 19
WarriorsMarquese ChrissFOut for seasonBroken right legMarquese Chriss to miss rest of season with broken fibula.Dec 27
WarriorsAlen SmailagicFOut indefinitelyTorn right meniscusAlen Smailagic to undergo surgery for torn meniscus.Jan 2
RocketsJohn WallGOutSore left kneeJohn Wall ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
RocketsDante ExumGOut indefinitelyStrained right calfDante Exum expected to miss 1-2 months.Jan 5
RocketsEric GordonGProbableTight lower left legEric Gordon probable for Monday.Jan 17
RocketsDeMarcus CousinsCProbableSore right ankleDeMarcus Cousins probable for Monday.Jan 17
RocketsDanuel House Jr.F-GOutHealth and safety protocolsDanuel House ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
RocketsSterling BrownG-FQuestionableSore right lower legSterling Brown questionable for Monday.Jan 17
RocketsChris ClemonsGOut for seasonTorn right AchillesClemons is out for season with achillesDec 16
RocketsBrodric ThomasGOutSprained right ankleThomas is out with ankleJan 8
PacersJeremy LambG-FOut indefinitelyTorn left ACL, torn meniscus, fractured lateral femoral condylarJeremy Lamb likely out until mid-January.Nov 25
PacersMyles TurnerC-FOutSore right handMyles Turner listed out Sunday.Jan 17
PacersJaKarr SampsonFOutSore backJaKarr Sampson ruled out Sunday.Jan 18
PacersT.J. WarrenFOut indefinitelyLeft foot surgeryTJ Warren to undergo foot surgery; out indefinitely.Dec 31
PacersCaris LeVertGOut indefinitelySmall mass on kidneyPritchard: "There's a chance" Caris LeVert (kidney) plays this season.Jan 17
ClippersSerge IbakaFOutIllnessSerge Ibaka ruled out Sunday.Jan 18
ClippersLou WilliamsGOutLeft hip discomfortLou Williams ruled out Sunday.Jan 18
ClippersJay ScrubbGOut indefinitelyRight foot surgeryScrubb is injured with footDec 13
LakersJared DudleyFOutSore right calfDudley is out with calfJan 13
LakersLeBron JamesF-GQuestionableSprained left ankleLeBron James listed questionable for Monday.Jan 18
LakersKentavious Caldwell-PopeGProbableSprained left ankleKentavious Caldwell-Pope listed probable for Monday.Jan 18
LakersAnthony DavisF-CProbableTight lower backAnthony Davis listed probable for Monday.Jan 18
LakersWesley MatthewsGProbableSore right AchillesWesley Matthews listed probable for Monday.Jan 18
LakersKostas AntetokounmpoFOutRight knee tendinitisAntetokounmpo is out with kneeJan 13
GrizzliesJustise WinslowF-GOut indefinitelyLeft hip displacementJustise Winslow without timetable for return.Jan 10
GrizzliesJonas ValanciunasCOutHealth and safety protocolsJonas Valanciunas ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
GrizzliesJaren Jackson Jr.F-COut indefinitelyTorn left meniscusJaren Jackson Jr. to miss start of 2020-2021 season.Nov 19
GrizzliesJontay PorterC-FOutSore right kneePorter is out with kneeDec 23
HeatAvery BradleyGOutHealth and safety protocolsAvery Bradley ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
HeatJimmy ButlerFOutHealth and safety protocolsJimmy Butler ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
HeatMeyers LeonardF-COutStrained left shoulderMeyers Leonard ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
HeatGabe VincentGProbableSore right kneeGabe Vincent probable for Monday.Jan 17
HeatTyler HerroGQuestionableNeck spasmsTyler Herro questionable for Monday.Jan 17
TimberwolvesRicky RubioGOutHealth and safety protocolsRicky Rubio ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
TimberwolvesKarl-Anthony TownsC-FOutCOVID-19Karl-Anthony Towns tested positive for COVID-19.Jan 15
TimberwolvesJuancho HernangomezFOutHealth and safety protocolsJuancho Hernangomez enters isolation; out at least 10 days.Jan 14
TimberwolvesJosh OkogieGProbableStrained left hamstringJosh Okogie probable for Monday.Jan 17
PelicansLonzo BallGOutBilateral knee tendinopathyLonzo Ball expected to miss some time.Jan 16
KnicksAlec BurksGDoubtfulSprained left ankleBurks is doubtful with ankleJan 18
KnicksFrank NtilikinaGOut indefinitelySprained right kneeFrank Ntilikina likely out another week.Jan 10
ThunderAl HorfordC-FOutPersonalAl Horford without timetable for return.Jan 16
ThunderTrevor ArizaFOutPersonalTrevor Ariza away from team indefinitely. Dec 6
ThunderTy JeromeG-FOutSprained left ankleJerome is out with ankleDec 30
MagicEvan FournierG-FOutLow back spasmsEvan Fournier listed out for Monday.Jan 17
MagicMichael Carter-WilliamsGOutSprained left foot, bone bruiseMichael Carter-Williams listed out for Monday.Jan 17
MagicAl-Farouq AminuFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryAl-Farouq Aminu without timetable for return.Dec 1
MagicMarkelle FultzGOut for seasonTorn left ACLMarkelle Fultz to miss rest of season with torn ACL.Jan 7
MagicJonathan IsaacFOut for seasonTorn left ACLIsaac is out for season with kneeDec 16
MagicMo BambaCOutHealth and safety protocolsMo Bamba ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
MagicChuma OkekeFOut indefinitelyLeft knee bone bruiseChuma Okeke out indefinitely with knee bone bruise.Jan 1
76ersMike ScottFOut indefinitelyRight knee swellingMike Scott out at least 2 games.Jan 15
76ersJoel EmbiidC-FOut indefinitelyRight knee painJoel Embiid out at least 2 games.Jan 15
76ersSeth CurryGOutCOVID-19Sixers expected to have multiple players miss time due to contact tracing.Jan 8
76ersVincent PoirierC-FOutHealth and safety protocolsVincent Poirier ruled out Saturday.Jan 9
SunsCameron PayneGQuestionableSprained right ankleCameron Payne questionable for Monday.Jan 18
SunsDamian JonesCOutHealth and safety protocolsJones is out with covid protocolsJan 18
SunsDario SaricF-COutHealth and safety protocolsDario Saric ruled out for Monday.Jan 17
SunsJalen SmithF-COutHealth and safety protocolsSmith is out with covid protocolsJan 9
Trail BlazersJusuf NurkicCOut indefinitelyFractured right wristJusuf Nurkic to undergo wrist surgery; out at least 8 weeks.Jan 15
Trail BlazersCJ McCollumGOut indefinitelySprained left footCJ McCollum without timetable for return.Jan 18
Trail BlazersZach CollinsF-COut indefinitelyLeft ankle surgeryZach Collins underwent ankle surgery; remains out indefinitely.Dec 30
Trail BlazersCJ EllebyF-GQuestionableStrained left footElleby is questionable with footJan 17
KingsHassan WhitesideCOutSore left hipHassan Whiteside ruled out Sunday.Jan 18
KingsDaQuan JeffriesG-FOut indefinitelySprained left ankleDaQuan Jeffries to miss extended period of time.Dec 30
KingsJahmi'us RamseyGOut indefinitelyStrained left groinRamsey is injured with groinJan 15
SpursDerrick WhiteGOut indefinitelyFractured left toeDerrick White suffers fractured toe.Jan 5
SpursKeita Bates-DiopFOutIllnessBates-Diop is out with illnessJan 12
SpursDrew EubanksF-COutHealth and safety protocolsEubanks is out with covid protocolsJan 10
SpursQuinndary WeatherspoonGOutKneeWeatherspoon is out with kneeJan 10
SpursLuka SamanicFOutSore throatSamanic is out with illnessJan 16
RaptorsAlex LenCOutHealth and safety protocolsAlex Len listed out for Monday.Jan 18
RaptorsPatrick McCawGOut indefinitelyLeft knee rehabPatrick McCaw without timetable for return.Dec 16
JazzJoe InglesF-GOutSore right AchillesJoe Ingles ruled out for Sunday.Jan 17
JazzJuwan MorganFOutHealth and safety protocolsMorgan is out with covid protocolsJan 6
WizardsRussell WestbrookGOut indefinitelyStrained left quadRussell Westbrook expected to miss a week.Jan 11
WizardsThomas BryantC-FOut for seasonTorn left ACLThomas Bryant diagnosed with torn ACL.Jan 10
WizardsMoritz WagnerF-CQuestionableHealth and safety protocolsMoe Wagner questionable for Wednesday.Jan 12
WizardsRui HachimuraFQuestionableHealth and safety protocolsWizards have 6 positive tests, 9 in protocols.Jan 15