NBA Injury Report

Boston CelticsMarcus SmartGQuestionableLeft eye infectionSmart is questionable with eye12/13/19 3:24 PM
Boston CelticsRobert Williams IIIC-FQuestionableSore left hipWilliams is questionable with hip12/13/19 3:24 PM
Boston CelticsTacko FallCOut indefinitelyRight knee bone bruiseFall is injured with knee11/27/19 9:15 PM
Brooklyn NetsKyrie IrvingGDoubtfulRight shoulder impingementIrving is doubtful with shoulder12/15/19 2:06 AM
Brooklyn NetsNicolas ClaxtonF-CDoubtfulSore left hamstringClaxton is doubtful with hamstring12/15/19 2:06 AM
Brooklyn NetsCaris LeVertGOut indefinitelyRight thumb surgeryCaris LeVert underwent thumb surgery; to miss several weeks.11/14/19 6:12 PM
Charlotte HornetsNicolas BatumG-FQuestionableLeft hand discomfortNicolas Batum questionable for Sunday.12/14/19 9:33 PM
Charlotte HornetsP.J. WashingtonFOut indefinitelyFractured right fingerPJ Washington diagnosed with fractured finger.12/14/19 9:03 PM
Charlotte HornetsMarvin Williams Jr.FOutSore right kneeMarvin Williams ruled out for Sunday.12/14/19 9:15 PM
Chicago BullsOtto Porter Jr.FOut indefinitelyLeft foot bone edemaPorter is injured with foot12/6/19 5:42 PM
Chicago BullsDaniel GaffordF-CQuestionableTight right hamstringGafford is questionable with hamstring12/15/19 2:06 AM
Chicago BullsChandler HutchisonF-GQuestionableSore right shoulderHutchison is questionable with shoulder12/15/19 2:06 AM
Cleveland CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut indefinitelyLeft tibial stress reactionDylan Windler expected to miss 4-6 weeks.9/27/19 6:27 PM
Dallas MavericksLuka DoncicG-FDoubtfulSprained right ankleDoncic is doubtful with ankle12/15/19 4:45 AM
Denver NuggetsPaul MillsapFQuestionableStrained right quadMillsap is questionable with quad12/15/19 2:12 AM
Detroit PistonsAndre DrummondCQuestionableLeft eye inflammationDrummond is questionable with eye12/15/19 2:12 AM
Detroit PistonsBlake GriffinFQuestionableSore left kneeGriffin is questionable with knee12/15/19 3:15 AM
Detroit PistonsReggie JacksonGOut indefinitelyLower back stress reactionReggie Jackson to miss at least 4 weeks.11/2/19 7:18 PM
Detroit PistonsKhyri ThomasGOut indefinitelyRight foot surgeryThomas is injured with foot11/13/19 7:54 PM
Golden State WarriorsKevin DurantFOut indefinitelyRight Achilles surgeryKevin Durant underwent surgery for ruptured Achilles.6/12/19 8:06 PM
Golden State WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLKlay Thompson diagnosed with torn ACL.6/14/19 5:36 AM
Golden State WarriorsEric PaschallFQuestionableSore left hipEric Paschall listed questionable for Sunday.12/15/19 1:33 AM
Golden State WarriorsStephen Curry IIGOut indefinitelyLeft hand surgeryStephen Curry underwent hand surgery; to miss at least 3 months.11/1/19 7:27 PM
Houston RocketsGerald GreenG-FOut indefinitelyFractured left footGerald Green out indefinitely.10/15/19 5:33 PM
Houston RocketsTyson ChandlerCQuestionableIllnessChandler is questionable with illness12/15/19 2:12 AM
Houston RocketsNeneC-FOutAdductorNene is out with adductor10/31/19 9:48 PM
Houston RocketsEric Gordon Jr.G-FOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryEric Gordon to undergo knee surgery; to miss at least 1 month.11/12/19 7:39 PM
Indiana PacersTyreke EvansGOutAnti-Drug Program violationTyreke Evans dismissed, disqualified from NBA for violating Anti-Drug program.5/17/19 8:45 PM
Indiana PacersVictor OladipoGOut indefinitelyRuptured right quad tendonOladipo is injured with quad10/1/19 2:18 PM
Indiana PacersJaKarr SampsonFQuestionableSore lower backJaKarr Sampson listed questionable for Sunday.12/14/19 7:45 PM
Los Angeles ClippersPatrick BeverleyGQuestionableConcussionBeverley is questionable with concussion12/15/19 2:03 AM
Los Angeles ClippersLou WilliamsGQuestionableSore right calfWilliams is questionable with calf12/15/19 2:06 AM
Los Angeles ClippersJaMychal GreenF-CQuestionableTailbone contusionGreen is questionable with back12/15/19 2:06 AM
Los Angeles LakersDeMarcus CousinsCOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLDeMarcus Cousins diagnosed with torn ACL.8/17/19 12:03 AM
Los Angeles LakersAnthony Davis Jr.F-CProbableSore right shoulderAnthony Davis listed probable for Sunday.12/14/19 10:51 PM
Los Angeles LakersLeBron James Sr.F-GQuestionableSore right elbowLeBron James listed questionable for Sunday.12/14/19 10:51 PM
Los Angeles LakersKyle KuzmaFOutSprained left ankleKyle Kuzma listed out for Sunday.12/14/19 10:51 PM
Los Angeles LakersRajon RondoGProbableStrained left hamstringRajon Rondo listed probable for Sunday.12/14/19 10:57 PM
Los Angeles LakersAvery Bradley Jr.GProbableRight legAvery Bradley listed probable for Sunday.12/14/19 10:57 PM
Memphis GrizzliesGrayson AllenGDoubtfulSore right ankleAllen is doubtful with ankle12/15/19 2:03 AM
Memphis GrizzliesJae CrowderFQuestionableSore left ankleCrowder is questionable with ankle12/15/19 2:06 AM
Memphis GrizzliesAndre IguodalaF-GOutLeft teamIguodala is out with left team10/22/19 2:03 PM
Miami HeatJustise WinslowF-GQuestionableStrained lower backWinslow is questionable with back12/15/19 2:12 AM
Miami HeatGoran DragicGQuestionableStrained right groinDragic is questionable with groin12/15/19 2:06 AM
Miami HeatJames JohnsonFQuestionablePersonalJohnson is questionable with personal12/15/19 2:06 AM
Milwaukee BucksDragan BenderFQuestionableSprained right ankleBender is questionable with ankle12/15/19 2:03 AM
Milwaukee BucksEric BledsoeGOut indefinitelyFractured right fibulaEric Bledsoe expected to miss around 2 weeks with fractured fibula.12/15/19 4:03 AM
Minnesota TimberwolvesJake LaymanFDoubtfulSprained left toeLayman is doubtful with toe12/14/19 3:15 AM
New Orleans PelicansDarius MillerFOut indefinitelyRuptured right AchillesDarius Miller underwent surgery for ruptured Achilles.8/29/19 3:12 PM
New Orleans PelicansZion WilliamsonFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryZion Williamson underwent knee surgery; to miss 6-8 weeks.10/21/19 8:48 PM
New York KnicksReggie BullockG-FOut indefinitelyCervical disc herniation surgeryReggie Bullock underwent surgery for cervical disc herniation.7/17/19 8:09 PM
New York KnicksAllonzo TrierGOutConcussionAllonzo Trier out at least 2 games.12/13/19 7:42 PM
New York KnicksWayne Ellington Jr.GOutSore left AchillesWayne Ellington listed out for Sunday.12/14/19 10:57 PM
Oklahoma City ThunderAndre RobersonG-FOut indefinitelyLeft knee rehabRoberson is injured with knee12/4/19 3:06 AM
Oklahoma City ThunderTerrance Ferguson Jr.GQuestionableSore right hipFerguson is questionable with hip12/15/19 2:12 AM
Oklahoma City ThunderHamidou DialloGOut indefinitelySprained right elbow hyperextensionHamidou Diallo out at least 2 games.11/25/19 8:09 PM
Orlando MagicAl-Farouq AminuFOut indefinitelyTorn right meniscusAl-Farouq Aminu out indefinitely with torn meniscus.12/1/19 1:12 PM
Orlando MagicNikola VucevicCQuestionableSprained right ankleNikola Vucevic listed questionable for Sunday.12/14/19 7:45 PM
Philadelphia 76ersAl HorfordC-FQuestionableSore left knee, tight left hamstringAl Horford listed questionable for Sunday.12/14/19 10:54 PM
Phoenix SunsDevin BookerGQuestionableRight forearm contusionBooker is questionable with arm12/15/19 2:06 AM
Portland Trail BlazersRodney HoodG-FOut indefinitelyTorn left AchillesRodney Hood diagnosed with torn Achilles.12/7/19 4:48 AM
Portland Trail BlazersJusuf NurkicCOut indefinitelyFractured left tibia, fibulaNurkic is injured with leg10/1/19 2:18 PM
Portland Trail BlazersNassir LittleF-GQuestionableBack spasmsLittle is questionable with back12/13/19 5:30 AM
Portland Trail BlazersZach CollinsF-COut indefinitelyLeft shoulder surgeryZach Collins to undergo shoulder surgery.11/3/19 1:24 AM
Portland Trail BlazersPau GasolF-COut indefinitelyleft foot surgeryPau Gasol without timetable for return.11/4/19 6:06 PM
Sacramento KingsDe'Aaron FoxGDoubtfulSprained left ankleDe'Aaron Fox listed doubtful for Sunday.12/15/19 1:36 AM
Toronto RaptorsFred VanVleet Sr.GQuestionableRight knee contusionVanVleet is questionable with knee12/15/19 2:12 AM
Toronto RaptorsStanley Johnson Jr.F-GOut indefinitelyLeft groin stress reactionJohnson is injured with groin11/18/19 10:39 PM
Utah JazzMike Conley Jr.GQuestionableTight left hamstringConley is questionable with hamstring12/14/19 3:12 AM
Utah JazzTony Bradley Jr.C-FQuestionableIllnessBradley is questionable with illness12/14/19 3:12 AM
Washington WizardsThomas BryantC-FOut indefinitelyRight foot stress reactionThomas Bryant to miss at least 3 weeks. 12/3/19 10:00 PM
Washington WizardsC.J. Miles Jr.GOut indefinitelyLeft wrist surgeryCJ Miles underwent wrist surgery; without timetable for return.12/4/19 7:03 PM
Washington WizardsJordan McRaeGOut indefinitelyRight ring finger surgeryJordan McRae underwent finger surgery; to miss at least 2 weeks.12/5/19 8:48 PM
Washington WizardsJohn Wall Jr.GOut indefinitelyRuptured left AchillesWall is injured with achilles10/1/19 2:18 PM
Washington WizardsIsaiah ThomasGQuestionableStrained left calfThomas is questionable with calf12/15/19 2:09 AM
Washington WizardsMoritz WagnerF-CQuestionableSprained ankleWagner is questionable with ankle12/15/19 2:12 AM
UnsignedChuma OkekeFOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLOkeke is injured with knee11/8/19 11:18 PM