NBA Injury Report

HawksTony SnellGOutSore right AchillesTony Snell ruled out Thursday.May 13
HawksCam ReddishF-GOut indefinitelyRight Achilles procedureCam Reddish undergoes Achilles procedure; out at least 1 week.Mar 9
CelticsKemba WalkerGOutLeft cervical nerve irritationKemba Walker out 2 games.May 15
CelticsMarcus SmartGOutRight calf contusionMarcus Smart out 2 games.May 15
CelticsTristan ThompsonC-FOutStrained left pectoralTristan Thompson out 2 games.May 15
CelticsJaylen BrownG-FOut for seasonLeft wrist surgeryJaylen Brown to undergo season-ending wrist surgery.May 10
CelticsRobert Williams IIIC-FOutLeft foot turf toeRobert Williams out 2 games.May 15
NetsSpencer DinwiddieGOut indefinitelyTorn right ACLSpencer Dinwiddie diagnosed with partially torn ACL.Feb 24
NetsJoe HarrisG-FOut indefinitelyStrained left gluteJoe Harris out 2 games.May 15
NetsChris ChiozzaGOut indefinitelyRight hand surgeryChris Chiozza underwent surgery for fractured hand.Apr 14
HornetsGordon HaywardFOut indefinitelySprained right footGordon Hayward to miss at least 4 weeks.Apr 3
HornetsCody MartinFOutSprained left ankleCody Martin ruled out for Thursday.May 12
BullsZach LaVineG-FOutSore kneeZach LaVine (knee) ruled out Saturday.May 15
BullsTomas SatoranskyGOutSprained left ankleTomas Satoransky (ankle) ruled out Saturday.May 15
BullsDaniel TheisF-COutSprained right hipDaniel Theis (hip) listed out for Saturday.May 14
BullsTroy Brown Jr.G-FOutSprained left ankleTroy Brown Jr. ruled out Thursday.May 13
CavaliersKevin LoveF-COutStrained right calf injury managementKevin Love listed out Friday.May 14
CavaliersMatthew DellavedovaGOut indefinitelyStrained neckDellavedova is injured with neckMay 1
CavaliersLarry Nance Jr.F-COut indefinitelyFractured right thumbLarry Nance Jr. diagnosed with fractured thumb.Apr 26
CavaliersTaurean PrinceFOut indefinitelyAnkle surgeryTaurean Prince expected to undergo season-ending ankle surgery.Apr 22
CavaliersIsaiah HartensteinC-FOutConcussionIsaiah Hartenstein listed out for Friday.May 14
CavaliersDylan WindlerG-FOut for seasonLeft knee surgeryWindler is out for season with kneeApr 21
CavaliersLamar StevensFOut indefinitelyConcussionStevens is injured with concussionMay 10
MavericksJJ RedickGOut indefinitelySore right heelRedick is injured with heelMay 12
MavericksMaxi KleberFOutSore right AchillesMaxi Kleber ruled out Friday.May 14
NuggetsPaul MillsapFOutRestPaul Millsap (rest) ruled out Friday.May 14
NuggetsAaron GordonFOutRestAaron Gordon ruled out Friday.May 14
NuggetsWill BartonGOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringMalone: Will Barton expected to be out for "foreseeable future."Apr 26
NuggetsJamal MurrayGOut indefinitelyTorn left ACLJamal Murray diagnosed with torn ACL.Apr 13
NuggetsPJ DozierG-FOut indefinitelyStrained right adductorPJ Dozier without timetable for return.May 5
NuggetsFacundo CampazzoGOutRestFacundo Campazzo (rest) ruled out Friday.May 14
PistonsJerami GrantFOutSore right kneeJerami Grant listed out for Friday.May 13
PistonsWayne EllingtonGOutBilateral calf strainWayne Ellington listed out for Friday.May 14
PistonsCory JosephGOutSore left ankleCory Joseph listed out for Friday.May 13
PistonsMason PlumleeF-COutRestMason Plumlee listed out for Friday.May 13
PistonsRodney McGruderGOutSprained right elbowMcGruder is out with elbowMay 9
PistonsDennis Smith Jr.GOut indefinitelySore left kneeDennis Smith Jr. without timetable for return.Apr 28
PistonsFrank JacksonGOutSprained right ankleFrank Jackson listed out for Friday.May 14
PistonsSekou DoumbouyaFOutPersonalSekou Doumbouya ruled out Friday.May 14
PistonsDeividas SirvydisF-GQuestionableLeft legSirvydis is questionable with legMay 15
PistonsIsaiah StewartF-COutPersonalIsaiah Stewart listed out for Friday.May 13
WarriorsKelly Oubre Jr.F-GOut indefinitelyTorn left wrist ligament, fractured palmKelly Oubre expected to miss 1-2 weeks.May 6
WarriorsAndrew WigginsFOutSore left kneeAndrew Wiggins ruled out Friday.May 14
WarriorsKlay ThompsonGOut indefinitelyTorn right AchillesKlay Thompson diagnosed with torn Achilles.Feb 24
WarriorsDraymond GreenFOutSprained left fingerDraymond Green ruled out Friday.May 14
WarriorsStephen CurryGOutTailbone contusionStephen Curry ruled out Friday.May 14
WarriorsDamion LeeG-FOutConditioningLee is out with conditioningMay 11
WarriorsJames WisemanCOut indefinitelyTorn right meniscusJames Wiseman to undergo knee surgery.Apr 14
RocketsJohn WallGOut for seasonStrained hamstringJohn Wall to miss rest of season.Apr 26
RocketsChristian WoodFOutSore right ankleChristian Wood expected to miss final 2 games. May 15
RocketsAvery BradleyGOutPersonalAvery Bradley without timetable for return.May 9
RocketsDante ExumGOut indefinitelyStrained right calfDante Exum expected to miss 1-2 months.Jan 5
RocketsEric GordonGOut for seasonStrained right groinGordon is out for season with groinMay 13
RocketsDanuel House Jr.F-GOutSore right ankleDanuel House expected to miss final 2 games.May 15
RocketsDavid NwabaG-FOut indefinitelyRight wrist surgeryDavid Nwaba to undergo wrist surgery.Mar 20
RocketsD.J. WilsonFOutHealth and safety protocolsDJ Wilson listed out for Monday.May 10
RocketsSterling BrownG-FOut for seasonSore left kneeBrown is out for season with kneeMay 13
RocketsKhyri ThomasGQuestionableRight AchillesThomas is questionable with achillesMay 15
RocketsKevin Porter Jr.G-FOutSprained left ankleKevin Porter Jr. expected to miss final 2 games. May 15
PacersJeremy LambG-FOutSore left kneeJeremy Lamb listed out Tuesday.May 11
PacersMyles TurnerC-FOut indefinitelyRight great toe torn plantar plateMyles Turner (toe) out indefinitely.Apr 19
PacersT.J. WarrenFOut for seasonLeft foot surgeryTJ Warren underwent foot surgery; to miss rest of season.Mar 25
PacersDomantas SabonisF-COutBruised left quadDomantas Sabonis (quad) ruled out Saturday.May 15
PacersMalcolm BrogdonGOutSore right hamstringMalcolm Brogdon (hamstring) listed out for Saturday.May 14
PacersEdmond SumnerGOutLeft knee contusionEdmond Sumner listed out for Saturday.May 15
PacersAaron HolidayGOutSprained right great toeAaron Holiday (toe) ruled out Saturday.May 15
ClippersPaul GeorgeFOutRestPaul George ruled out Friday.May 14
ClippersReggie JacksonGOutSore left AchillesReggie Jackson listed out Friday.May 15
ClippersPatrick BeverleyGOutFractured left fourth metacarpal injury managementPatrick Beverley ruled out Friday.May 14
ClippersKawhi LeonardFOutRestKawhi Leonard ruled out Friday.May 14
ClippersTerance MannG-FOutPersonalTerance Mann ruled out Friday.May 14
ClippersAmir CoffeyG-FOutHealth and safety protocolsAmir Coffey listed out for Saturday.May 1
LakersJared DudleyFOut indefinitelyTorn right MCLJared Dudley diagnosed with torn MCL.Mar 15
GrizzliesJonas ValanciunasCOutSore backJonas Valanciunas ruled out Friday.May 14
GrizzliesKyle AndersonF-GOutSore right thumbKyle Anderson ruled out Friday.May 14
GrizzliesDillon BrooksG-FOutSore left kneeDillon Brooks ruled out Friday.May 14
GrizzliesJaren Jackson Jr.F-COutLeft knee injury managementJackson Jr. is out with kneeMay 14
GrizzliesGrayson AllenGOut indefinitelySore left abdominalGrayson Allen considered week-to-week.May 10
GrizzliesJa MorantGOutSore backJa Morant ruled out Friday.May 14
GrizzliesBrandon ClarkeF-GOutSore right thighBrandon Clarke ruled out Friday.May 14
GrizzliesSean McDermottFOutSore left footMcDermott is out with footMay 11
HeatVictor OladipoGOut indefinitelyRight quad tendon surgeryVictor Oladipo to undergo season-ending quad surgery.May 12
HeatJimmy ButlerFQuestionableTight lower backJimmy Butler listed questionable Saturday.May 15
HeatKendrick NunnGQuestionableSore left calfKendrick Nunn listed questionable for Saturday.May 15
BucksAxel ToupaneG-FOutStrained right obliqueToupane is out with obliqueApr 27
TimberwolvesMalik BeasleyGOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringMalik Beasley to be sidelined 4-6 weeks.Apr 5
TimberwolvesJarrett CulverG-FOut for seasonRight ankle surgeryJarrett Culver to undergo season-ending ankle surgery.Apr 29
PelicansJames JohnsonFQuestionableLeft kneeJohnson is questionable with kneeMay 15
PelicansSteven AdamsCOutSprained right first MTPSteven Adams ruled out Friday.May 15
PelicansBrandon IngramFOutSprained left ankleBrandon Ingram ruled out Friday.May 15
PelicansLonzo BallGOutStrained right thumbLonzo Ball ruled out for Friday.May 13
PelicansJosh HartGOut indefinitelyRight thumb surgeryJosh Hart underwent thumb surgery; out at least 3 weeks.Apr 6
PelicansWes IwunduFOutSprained left shoulderWes Iwundu ruled out Friday.May 15
PelicansZion WilliamsonFOut indefinitelyFractured left ring fingerZion Williamson out indefinitely with fractured finger.May 7
KnicksMitchell RobinsonC-FOut indefinitelyRight foot surgeryMitchell Robinson underwent successful foot surgery.Mar 29
ThunderMike MuscalaF-COutSprained right ankleMuscala is out with ankleApr 27
ThunderAl HorfordC-FOutInactiveAl Horford to no longer be active with Thunder this season. Mar 27
ThunderShai Gilgeous-AlexanderG-FOutRight foot plantar fasciitisDaigneault: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander could miss "significant amount of time."Mar 24
ThunderLuguentz DortGOutRight knee patellar tendinitisLu Dort listed out for Friday.May 14
ThunderJosh HallFOutHealth and safety protocolsJosh Hall listed out Friday.May 14
MagicOtto Porter Jr.FOut indefinitelyLeft foot painOtto Porter without timetable for return.May 5
MagicTerrence RossG-FOut indefinitelyBack spasmsTerrence Ross without timetable for return.May 5
MagicMichael Carter-WilliamsGOut indefinitelySprained left ankleMichael Carter-Williams expected to miss multiple games.Apr 16
MagicJames Ennis IIIFOut indefinitelySore right calfJames Ennis without timetable for return.May 5
MagicMarkelle FultzGOut for seasonTorn left ACLMarkelle Fultz to miss rest of season with torn ACL.Feb 24
MagicJonathan IsaacFOut for seasonTorn left ACLIsaac is out for season with kneeFeb 24
MagicChuma OkekeFOut for seasonSprained left ankleOkeke is out for season with ankleMay 11
76ersDwight HowardC-FSuspended1-game suspensionDwight Howard suspended 1 game.May 14
76ersMatisse ThybulleG-FOutLeft hand swellingMatisse Thybulle ruled out Friday.May 14
SunsAbdel NaderFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryAbdel Nader underwent knee surgery.Apr 26
SunsDeandre AytonCOutSore left kneeDeandre Ayton ruled out Saturday.May 15
SunsCameron JohnsonFOutSprained right wristCam Johnson listed out for Saturday.May 15
Trail BlazersZach CollinsF-COut indefinitelyLeft ankle surgeryZach Collins underwent ankle surgery; remains out indefinitely.Dec 30
Trail BlazersNassir LittleF-GOutBack spasmsNassir Little ruled out Thursday.May 13
KingsHassan WhitesideCOutTight low backWhiteside is out with backMay 15
KingsRichaun HolmesFOutSore right kneeRichaun Holmes ruled out for Sunday.May 15
KingsHarrison BarnesFOut indefinitelyTight left adductorHarrison Barnes to miss final 2 games.May 14
KingsDe'Aaron FoxGOutHealth and safety protocolsDe'Aaron Fox to miss final 2 games.May 14
KingsMarvin Bagley IIIFOutTight right groinMarvin Bagley ruled out for Sunday.May 15
KingsTyrese HaliburtonGOut indefinitelyHyperextended left kneeTyrese Haliburton likely to miss rest of season.May 5
SpursDeMar DeRozanG-FOutRestDeMar DeRozan (rest) ruled out for Saturday.May 14
SpursTrey LylesFQuestionableSprained right ankleLyles is questionable with ankleMay 13
SpursRudy GayF-GOutSore right heelRudy Gay ruled out Saturday.May 15
SpursJakob PoeltlCOutRestJakob Poeltl (rest) ruled out for Saturday.May 14
SpursDejounte MurrayGOutSore bilateral lower backDejounte Murray ruled out Saturday.May 15
SpursDerrick WhiteGOut indefinitelySprained right ankleDerrick White expected to miss rest of season.Apr 28
SpursLuka SamanicFOut indefinitelyFractured left fourth metacarpalLuka Samanic diagnosed with fractured hand.May 13
RaptorsKyle LowryGOutRestKyle Lowry (rest) ruled out Friday.May 14
RaptorsRodney HoodG-FOut indefinitelyFractured left fingerRodney Hood diagnosed with fractured finger.May 9
RaptorsPascal SiakamFOutStrained left shoulderPascal Siakam (shoulder) ruled out Friday.May 14
RaptorsFred VanVleetGOutLeft hip injury recoveryFred VanVleet (injury recovery) ruled out Friday.May 14
RaptorsOG AnunobyFOutStrained left calf injury recoveryOG Anunoby (injury recovery) ruled out Friday.May 14
RaptorsYuta WatanabeG-FOutSore right ankleYuta Watanabe listed out Friday.May 15
RaptorsPaul WatsonGOut indefinitelyLeft knee tendonitisPaul Watson (knee) out at least 4 more games.Apr 28
JazzDonovan MitchellGOut indefinitelySprained right ankleDonovan Mitchell expected to miss several games.Apr 17
WizardsBradley BealGOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringBradley Beal out at least 2 games.May 10
WizardsRaul NetoGOutTight left hamstringRaul Neto ruled out Friday.May 14
WizardsThomas BryantC-FOut for seasonTorn left ACLThomas Bryant diagnosed with torn ACL.Jan 10
WizardsDeni AvdijaFOut for seasonFractured right ankleDeni Avdija to miss rest of season with fractured ankle.Apr 22