Daily Fantasy Tennis Is Here in Time for Wimbledon: All You Need to Know

Jun 30, 2018 12:10 AM EDT

Luttiau Nicolas/Presse Sports via USA TODAY NETWORK. Pictured: Roger Federer

The Highlights

  • DraftKings will host its first daily fantasy contest for Wimbledon.
  • Users will have a $50K salary cap to assemble their own six-player lineup, using men, women or a mix of the two.

It’s been big story after big story today in the tennis world.

Earlier this morning, the Wimbledon draw was released — on both the men’s and ladies’ sides — and, later on, DraftKings announced the arrival of daily fantasy tennis contests.

Here’s everything you need to know about the release.


Users will have a $50K salary cap to assemble their own six-player lineup, using men, women or a mix of the two. You’ll be able to draft a new lineup each day of the tournament.


Here’s how the scoring will work. For this upcoming Wimbledon, the women will be graded by the “Best of 3 Sets” format, while men — because this is a major tournament — will play best of five sets. Take a look below:

Looks pretty good to me. Because women tend to hit fewer aces than men do, they’ve adjusted for that with the +0.4 for the ladies vs. +0.25 points for the fellas.

Interestingly enough, though, women (at least at Wimbledon) will get more points for breaking serve (+0.75 vs. +0.5). Women swap breaks with much more frequency than men, generally speaking, so I wouldn’t have been shocked to see breaks worth a bit less in the “Best of 3 Sets” format, to account for the added frequency. But I guess this gives WTA players a little added value, which should be factored into the equation when building lineups.

Here’s the “Bonus Scoring.”

Ah, the “Clean Set Bonus,” an eloquent way of phrasing “THE BAGEL BONUS.” I quite like that. Users will also be rewarded for utilizing players who hit more than 10 and 15 aces — which should come in handy this Wimbledon (due to the high ace count on grass courts).

When to Play

DraftKings will have its first round of tournaments kicking off Monday, with the start of Wimbledon. I’ve been told that the “Biggie” pool will require an $8 buy-in and feature a $100K prize pool — with $20K awarded to the winner.

More contests should post around 4 p.m. ET today.

I’m excited about this one. Get the champagne and strawberries (with cream) ready.

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