Locky: Why I’m Betting Boston in Game 5

Locky: Why I’m Betting Boston in Game 5 article feature image

Pictured: Terry Rozier. Photo credit: Greg M. Cooper- USA Today Sports

Well, I was really hoping for a slightly better number here after the way Games 3 and 4 played out, but I guess I’ll have to settle for a pick ’em. With the way public perception seems to be that LeBron and the Cavs have “figured it out,” maybe you can get a point or a point-and-a-half with Boston closer to game time.

I am taking Boston here. We have danced this dance many times this postseason, and we shall dance it once more. Not only are Boston’s younger players much, much better at home (with the exception of Jayson Tatum, who’s just good anywhere), the resurgence of the Cavs’ role players coincided nicely with them playing back in Cleveland. The narrative is definitely that the role players “got the message” and “finally pulled their weight,” but isn’t it equally, if not more likely, that they’re like any other NBA team and their role players play MUCH better at home? Am I really trusting George Hill, Tristan Thompson, Jeff Green or Larry Nance in a big spot on the road? They’ve all been instrumental in helping the Cavs get back in this series.

I realize it’s Game 5 and it’s 2-2 and LeBron James is on the other team. Believe me, I get it. But I get a phenomenal home team at pick ’em playing for its season in a spot where it’s been excellent all playoffs. It’s about time we had a good game in this series; maybe this is it.