Download Our FREE NBA Finals Game 3 Props Sheet

Download Our FREE NBA Finals Game 3 Props Sheet article feature image

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Kevin Durant and Kevin Love

The Highlights

  • We made a props sheet for Game 3 of the NBA Finals. All you have to do is download and print it!
  • Take it to your viewing party, take it out the the bar with you. And bring extra copies for your buddies.
  • You might will be considered the hero of the night.

Our in-house oddsmaker, Sean Koerner, watched Game 2 at Legends Sports Bar in Long Beach, California. He did what any decent person would do and printed out our props sheet for some of his buddies to play. Apparently the manager is also a decent person, because he loved it and printed out 100-plus copies and had the whole bar playing, with free drinks to the winner. From Sean: “The place went nuts when Nick Young bricked yet another 3 in the final minute to settle the ‘Will Nick Young make a 3-pointer?’ prop” If you don’t print out this Game 3 props sheet and create some side action at your local bar, what are you even doing?

Download our FREE NBA Finals Game 3 prop sheet here!

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Your Super-Secret-Don’t-Tell-Your-Party-Mates-You-Looked Cheat Sheet

Since you’re the go-getter who’s printing this out and organizing the betting festivities, here’s a cheat sheet. We polled seven of our NBA analysts for their picks on each of the 10 props.

Who will score more points: Kevin Love (+1.5) or Klay Thompson (-1.5)?

Love: 5 votes
Thompson: 2 votes

Will Kevin Durant score between 26 and 32 points?

Yes: 3 votes
No: 4 votes

Will JaVale McGee have over/under 10.5 points+rebounds?

Over: 2 votes
Under: 5 votes

Will Kyle Korver make over/under 1.5 three-pointers?

Over (1 point): 6 votes
Under (2 points): 1 vote

Will the Cavs shoot over/under 35.8% from 3-point range?

Over: 6 votes
Under: 1 votes

Will Draymond Green have over/under 3.5 steals+blocks?

Over: 3 votes
Under: 4 votes

Will Golden State be winning by more than 4.5 points with 3:56 left in the fourth quarter?

Yes: 2 votes
No: 5 votes

Will J.R. Smith make a 3-pointer in the first quarter?

Yes: 4 votes
No: 3 votes

Will Steph Curry shoot over/under 11.5 3-pointers?

Over: 4 votes
Under: 3 votes

Will the Cavs have over/under 10.5 offensive rebounds?

Over: 6 votes
Under: 1 vote

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