Moose Club Week 9 football bad beats: Overtimes, pick sixes & college kickers

Moose Club Week 9 football bad beats: Overtimes, pick sixes & college kickers article feature image

Never let your guard down because a moose is always looming. They will find you when you least expect it; just look at what happened in Utah last weekend.


The term "Moose" has been used for years within the sports betting world to reference a bad beat. It originated within some of the old school gambling forums over 15 years ago and has stuck ever since.

Each Tuesday, I will highlight the 10 biggest mooses from the football weekend from my perspective (I can’t see everything). If you had the misfortune of betting on four or more of the 10 I selected, you will be inducted into the "Sports Action Moose Club", get some gear and potentially win some cash (see the bottom of the article for details).

In last week’s edition, we named our inaugural ‘Moose Club’ member @tfil, who won extra cash to help get over a brutal weekend of bad beats. If you had a tough weekend, maybe you’ll become a member this week.

Let’s get into the top ten bad beats of week 9…

10. Lions +3

The Lions led 12-10 at the half and lost by five points after these second half possessions:

  • Lions Punt
  • Steelers FG (13-12)
  • Lions turnover on downs at Pitt 1-yard line
  • Steelers 97 yard TD on third and 9 (20-12)
  • Lions kick a FG at the Pitt 1-yard line (20-15)
  • Steelers punt
  • Lions lose fumble at Steelers 20-yard line
  • Steelers punt
  • Lions turnover on downs at Pitt 7-yard line
  • Steelers run clock out

The Lions scored three total points on four second half possessions inside of the Steelers 25-yard line, three of which ended inside of the Steelers 7-yard line.

Detroit gained the third-most yards in NFL history among teams who failed to score a touchdown. Matt Stafford threw for 423 yards, the most without a touchdown since, you guessed it, Matt Stafford in 2012. Teams who gained 450-plus yards were 15-1 straight up this season coming into this game.

9. Sparty/Northwestern Under 40

After a scoreless third quarter, under 40 bettors felt fairly confident in a 10-10 game. But nervousness started to increase after Northwestern took a 17-10 lead with 11 minutes remaining. The primary fear of all under backers at this point was a 17-17 overtime.

The concern temporarily subsided when Sparty decided to attempt a 32-yard field goal with six minutes remaining; a successful attempt would take a lot of the overtime risk out of the equation. However, the kick went off of the upright for the second time in the game!

The sweat to avoid overtime was back on.

After picking up two first downs, Northwestern was forced to punt with a little over three minutes left.

Sparty started the subsequent drive at their own 12-yard line. They kept the drive alive with a fourth down conversion and eventually found pay dirt, capping off an 88-yard drive to tie the game at 20 all. Under 40 fried.

Pat’s Cats would eventually go on to win 38-31 in triple overtime.

8. Mississippi -2

Ole Miss jumped out to a 31-7 lead in Oxford against a lifeless Hogs team. Fast forward to the end of the third quarter, and the Hogs had cut the lead to 31-28.

The Rebels did add two field goals over the first eight minutes of the fourth quarter, increasing their lead back to nine.

Ole Miss backers felt relief after the Rebels intercepted Cole Kelley inside their own 20 with six minutes left. Holding a 37-28 lead, Ole Miss took over at their own 29-yard line. On the first play of the drive, Arkansas scooped up a fumble and returned it for a touchdown.

Out of nowhere, Arkansas trailed 37-35, but at least Mississippi tickets were still pushing.

On the next possession, Arkansas forced a punt. The Hogs then drove down the field and kicked a game-winning field goal as time expired for a miraculous 38-37 win, ending the game on a 31-6 run.

7. UMass/App St Under 56.5

UMass drilled a 45-yard field goal as time expired to tie the game at 20 all, forcing the dreaded college football overtime, every under bettor’s nightmare.

College kickers only ever make kicks when you need them to miss.

Under 56.5 still had some breathing room, but double overtime would spell doom for anybody invested.

However, on the sixth play of overtime – before you could even grab another beer – these two teams were headed to double overtime tied 27-27. Moosed.

6. Troy/Georgia Southern Under 49

Georgia Southern capped off an eight-minute fourth quarter scoring drive with a touchdown to cut the Troy lead to 31-16 with a little over two minutes remaining. Troy recovered the ensuing onside kick and took over at the Georgia Southern 44-yard line. They gained 9 yards on first and second down runs, which set up a third and 1 at the Georgia Southern 40-yard line with two minutes remaining. They successfully drew Georgia Southern offside for a first down. Game over and under, right? Wrong.

After a 1-yard loss on a first down run, Troy broke a long run down to the Georgia Southern 3-yard line! They will take a knee now for sure, right? Wrong again.

Troy ran it in from 3 yards out on first down with a minute left to increase their lead to 38-16, which meant the game was now both over and over.

5. USC/Arizona State Under 58.5

Under backers rejoiced when USC, leading 41-17 at the time, chose to run the ball on fourth and goal at the Arizona State 12-yard line with 1:36 left in the game. After an uneventful 2-yard run, the Sun Devils took over at their own 10-yard line. A 19-yard completion on first down gave under backers a feeling of comfort, since the chances of a defensive touchdown decreased significantly with the extra breathing room. However, that comfortability turned to disgust on the very next play, as USC returned an interception for a touchdown to seal a 48-17 victory.

The late defensive touchdown moose popped up a few times this weekend, including in the next two games on the list.

4. Ravens/Dolphins Under 39

For the third week in a row, a Ravens under makes the list.

The Dolphins didn’t score, and the Ravens had Ryan Mallett in at quarterback for the second half. How did this 20-0 game at the end of the third quarter go over, you ask?

By one point because of three fourth quarter Ravens touchdowns, which included:

  • C.J. Mosley 63-yard pick six
  • Fumble recovery in the endzone
  • Jimmy Smith 55-yard pick six (40-0 final)


3. Cowboys/Redskins Under 47

The Cowboys blocked a field goal toward the end of the first half, effectively converting three Redskins points into seven of their own, which couldn’t have pleased those invested in the under.

Under bettors also couldn’t have been happy with the fact that Mike Nugent all of a sudden turned into Dan Bailey in the second half, as he connected on all four field goal attempts in horrible conditions.

Having said all of that, the under 47 still looked strong in the fourth quarter, especially after the Redskins, trailing 26-13 at the time, appeared to turn the ball over on downs late in the fourth quarter. However, a phantom flag was thrown for pass interference on the Cowboys in the endzone on the fourth and 10 prayer from Cousins. The Redskins punched it into the endzone, which cut the deficit to 26-19 after a missed extra point.

Under backers still had to feel confident, knowing their ticket would cash if the Cowboys could get three first downs.

Dallas took over at its own 14-yard line and successfully converted the first required first down on an Ezekiel Elliot second down run, and then another on a short third down completion to Dez Bryant. After gaining 7 yards on the next two downs, the Cowboys faced a third and 3 from their own 45-yard line. They ran the ball with Dak, but he only picked up two yards, forcing Dallas to punt with one minute left.

The Redskins took over in the pouring rain at their own 12-yard line with zero timeouts remaining. On first down, Cousins completed a 4-yard pass to Jamison Crowder, who did not get out of bounds. The clock ran all the way down to 25 seconds left before the next snap. There was essentially zero chance Washington could score now, so under backers simply had to avoid a scoop and score or a pick six. So what happens next?

A pick six, of course. Dallas wins 33-19, pushing the game over the total.


2. Wyoming/UNM Over 47.5

Over 47.5 backers kicked their feet up and relaxed after Wyoming took a 42-0 lead at the end of the first half.

Then, every over bettor’s nightmare: Teams rotating punts after driving to midfield. It was a slow death, as over bettors watched the third quarter fly by without a single point. However, they still simply needed one touchdown in the fourth quarter. Easy, right?

New Mexico did add a field goal at the start of the fourth quarter to cut the lead to 42-3. Now, over 47.5 backers simply needed one more field goal to get to the window.

After the teams traded punts, Wyoming drove down inside the New Mexico 10-yard line; however, the Cowboys ultimately turned it over on downs after electing to go for it on fourth and 6 at the New Mexico 8-yard line instead of kicking the field goal that over backers so desperately needed.

New Mexico took over possession with under two minutes left inside of their own 10-yard line, but the clock helplessly ran out on over backers, as New Mexico decided to simply call three basic runs.

Wyoming held on for the 42-3 win after leading 42-0 at the half. Over backers simply needed six points in the second half, and they could only get three.


1. Texas Tech/Oklahoma Over 77

Oklahoma led 49-27 at the end of the third quarter. Over 77 bettors simply needed one fourth quarter field goal, or even a safety, from two Big 12 teams with subpar defenses in order to cash their tickets.

As expected, Texas Tech marched down the field, setting up a first and goal at the
Oklahoma 6-yard line. The Red Raiders rushed for 2 yards on first down, threw an incomplete pass on second down, and then rushed for 2 more yards on third down. This set up a fourth and goal from the 2-yard line. Texas Tech called another run, but only gained 1 yard, turning it over on downs at the Oklahoma 1-yard line. Tough break, but hope was certainly not lost, as there was still 12 minutes left.

The Sooners took over at their own 1-yard line – remember, even a safety would cash the over. However, not only did Texas Tech not get a safety, they actually never saw the ball again. Oklahoma ran the clock out on a 70-yard drive over the course of 12 minutes! They closed out the scoreless fourth quarter with three knees at the Texas Tech 30-yard line.


If you are a pro subscriber, as of the previous weekend, and bet on at least four of the designated "mooses," you could potentially win $100 if you are the first to show proof of your membership and tickets ($25 minimum bets).

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