NFL Injury Report

Arizona CardinalsJordan MillsTOutUndisclosed Mills is out with undisclosed 10/10/19 1:00 AM
Arizona CardinalsMarcus GilbertTOut for seasonTorn ACLGilbert is out for season with knee9/10/19 9:12 PM
Arizona CardinalsRobert AlfordCBOutLegAlford is out with leg9/2/19 2:27 PM
Arizona CardinalsBrooks ReedOLBOutHamstringReed is out with hamstring11/8/19 8:42 PM
Arizona CardinalsCharles ClayTEOutCalfClay is out with calf12/29/19 8:15 PM
Arizona CardinalsD.J. FosterRBOutHamstringFoster is out with hamstring10/28/19 10:54 PM
Arizona CardinalsClinton McDonaldDEOutNeckMcDonald is out with neck11/6/19 7:21 PM
Arizona CardinalsJonathan BullardDEOut for seasonHamstringBullard is out for season with hamstring12/5/19 9:48 PM
Arizona CardinalsZach AllenDEOut for seasonNeckAllen is out for season with neck11/13/19 6:15 PM
Arizona CardinalsHakeem ButlerWROut for seasonFingerButler is out for season with finger9/2/19 2:21 PM
Atlanta FalconsJames CarpenterGOut for seasonConcussionCarpenter is out for season with concussion12/20/19 7:45 PM
Atlanta FalconsMichael BennettDTOutAnkleBennett is out with ankle8/3/19 4:15 PM
Atlanta FalconsJ.J. WilcoxSSOut for seasonKneeWilcox is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:15 PM
Atlanta FalconsSteven MeansDEOut for seasonAchillesMeans is out for season with achilles9/2/19 2:45 PM
Atlanta FalconsAdrian ClaybornDEOutKneeClayborn is out with knee12/27/19 9:12 PM
Atlanta FalconsDesmond TrufantCBOut for seasonArmTrufant is out for season with arm12/9/19 3:12 PM
Atlanta FalconsKeanu NealFSOut for seasonAchillesNeal is out for season with achilles9/23/19 3:48 PM
Atlanta FalconsJamon BrownGOutIllnessBrown is out with illness12/27/19 9:12 PM
Atlanta FalconsTakkarist McKinleyDEOut for seasonShoulderMcKinley is out for season with shoulder12/18/19 6:39 PM
Atlanta FalconsIto SmithRBOutNeckSmith is out with neck11/8/19 7:21 PM
Atlanta FalconsCalvin RidleyWROut for seasonAbdomenRidley is out for season with abdomen12/9/19 7:54 PM
Atlanta FalconsKurt BenkertQBOut for seasonToeBenkert is out for season with toe8/6/19 10:39 PM
Atlanta FalconsChris LindstromGOutFootLindstrom is out with foot9/11/19 9:45 PM
Baltimore RavensJustin EllisDTOut for seasonKneeEllis is out for season with knee9/2/19 8:03 PM
Baltimore RavensPernell McPheeOLBOutTricepsMcPhee is out with triceps10/22/19 8:27 PM
Baltimore RavensTony JeffersonSSOut for seasonKneeJefferson is out for season with knee10/7/19 9:39 PM
Baltimore RavensTavon YoungCBOut for seasonNeckYoung is out for season with neck9/2/19 3:12 PM
Buffalo BillsLaAdrian WaddleTOutQuadWaddle is out with quad8/5/19 3:48 PM
Buffalo BillsMaurice AlexanderOLBOut for seasonKneeAlexander is out for season with knee11/6/19 1:48 PM
Buffalo BillsJason CroomTEOutHamstringCroom is out with hamstring9/2/19 3:45 PM
Buffalo BillsHarrison PhillipsDTOut for seasonTorn ACLPhillips is out for season with knee11/21/19 7:42 PM
Buffalo BillsLevi WallaceCBOutAnkleWallace is out with ankle1/4/20 8:12 PM
Buffalo BillsRobert FosterWROutNoneFoster is out1/4/20 8:15 PM
Buffalo BillsMike LoveDEOutPecLove is out with pectoral9/2/19 3:54 PM
Buffalo BillsVosean JosephOLBOut for seasonShoulderJoseph is out for season with shoulder9/2/19 3:54 PM
Carolina PanthersDontari PoeNTOut for seasonQuadPoe is out for season with quad11/27/19 6:48 PM
Carolina PanthersKawann ShortDEOut for seasonShoulderShort is out for season with shoulder10/1/19 4:39 PM
Carolina PanthersCam NewtonQBOut for seasonFootNewton is out for season with foot11/5/19 6:39 PM
Carolina PanthersShaq ThompsonOLBOutAnkleThompson is out with ankle12/27/19 5:57 PM
Carolina PanthersGraham GanoKOut for seasonKneeGano is out for season with knee9/2/19 4:03 PM
Carolina PanthersGreg Van RotenGOut for seasonToeVan Roten is out for season with toe11/27/19 6:48 PM
Carolina PanthersD.J. MooreWROutConcussionMoore is out with concussion12/27/19 5:57 PM
Carolina PanthersMarquis HaynesOLBOutKneeHaynes is out with knee12/29/19 4:51 PM
Carolina PanthersGreg LittleTOut for seasonAnkleLittle is out for season with ankle12/14/19 11:00 PM
Chicago BearsAkiem HicksDTOutElbowHicks is out with elbow12/27/19 7:45 PM
Chicago BearsTaylor GabrielWROutConcussionGabriel is out with concussion12/27/19 7:45 PM
Chicago BearsDanny TrevathanILBOut for seasonElbowTrevathan is out for season with elbow12/18/19 6:42 PM
Chicago BearsTrey BurtonTEOutGroinBurton is out with groin11/15/19 7:18 PM
Chicago BearsKyle LongGOutHipLong is out with hip10/14/19 5:03 PM
Chicago BearsT.J. ClemmingsTOut for seasonQuadClemmings is out for season with quad9/2/19 4:09 PM
Chicago BearsBobby MassieTOutAnkleMassie is out with ankle12/29/19 4:33 PM
Chicago BearsEddie GoldmanNTOutConcussionGoldman is out with concussion12/27/19 7:48 PM
Chicago BearsBen BrauneckerTEOut for seasonConcussionBraunecker is out for season with concussion12/14/19 10:57 PM
Chicago BearsRashaad CowardTOutKneeCoward is out with knee12/29/19 4:33 PM
Chicago BearsAdam ShaheenTEOut for seasonFootShaheen is out for season with foot12/2/19 4:51 PM
Chicago BearsRoquan SmithILBOut for seasonPecSmith is out for season with pectoral12/10/19 2:57 PM
Cincinnati BengalsA.J. GreenWROut for seasonAnkleGreen is out for season with ankle12/23/19 6:03 PM
Cincinnati BengalsDre KirkpatrickCBOutKneeKirkpatrick is out with knee11/15/19 6:45 PM
Cincinnati BengalsKerry WynnDEOutConcussionWynn is out with concussion10/14/19 11:09 PM
Cincinnati BengalsAlex RedmondGOut for seasonElbowRedmond is out for season with elbow11/29/19 6:12 PM
Cincinnati BengalsWilliam Jackson IIICBQuestionableShoulderJackson is questionable with shoulder12/25/19 9:54 PM
Cincinnati BengalsBrandon WilsonFSOut for seasonHandWilson is out for season with hand12/13/19 8:18 PM
Cincinnati BengalsAuden TateWROut for seasonLegTate is out for season with leg12/12/19 10:39 PM
Cincinnati BengalsNiles ScottNTOut for seasonFootScott is out for season with foot8/8/19 4:15 PM
Cincinnati BengalsRodney AndersonRBOut for seasonTorn ACLAnderson is out for season with knee9/2/19 4:12 PM
Cincinnati BengalsJonah WilliamsTOutShoulderWilliams is out with shoulder9/4/19 10:51 PM
Cleveland BrownsChristian KirkseyOLBOutChestKirksey is out with chest9/21/19 3:12 PM
Cleveland BrownsKendall LammTOutKneeLamm is out with knee12/29/19 4:54 PM
Cleveland BrownsMorgan BurnettSSOut for seasonAchillesBurnett is out for season with achilles11/20/19 8:51 PM
Cleveland BrownsDaniel EkualeDTOutCalfEkuale is out with calf11/1/19 7:15 PM
Cleveland BrownsDrew ForbesTOutKneeForbes is out with knee9/2/19 4:39 PM
Dallas CowboysXavier Su'a-FiloGOut for seasonLegSu'a-Filo is out for season with leg12/24/19 4:45 PM
Dallas CowboysByron JonesCBOutAnkleJones is out with ankle12/29/19 8:15 PM
Dallas CowboysTyron SmithTOutBackSmith is out with back12/29/19 8:18 PM
Dallas CowboysJoe ThomasILBOutKneeThomas is out with knee12/27/19 8:33 PM
Dallas CowboysAntwaun WoodsDTOutHip/KneeWoods is out with hip12/29/19 8:18 PM
Dallas CowboysNoah BrownWROutKneeBrown is out with knee9/2/19 4:57 PM
Dallas CowboysLeighton Vander EschOLBOut for seasonNeckVander Esch is out for season with neck12/25/19 9:57 PM
Denver BroncosJa'Wuan JamesTOutKneeJames is out with knee12/27/19 8:54 PM
Denver BroncosDerek WolfeDEOut for seasonElbowWolfe is out for season with elbow12/5/19 10:45 PM
Denver BroncosRon LearyGOutConcussionLeary is out with concussion12/27/19 8:54 PM
Denver BroncosBryce CallahanCBOut for seasonFootCallahan is out for season with foot11/15/19 8:42 PM
Denver BroncosTheo RiddickRBOutShoulderRiddick is out with shoulder9/2/19 5:00 PM
Denver BroncosJoe FlaccoQBOutNeckFlacco is out with neck10/28/19 6:30 PM
Denver BroncosAdam GotsisDEOut for seasonKneeGotsis is out for season with knee12/19/19 6:30 PM
Denver BroncosBilly WinnDEOutTricepsWinn is out with triceps8/3/19 6:54 PM
Denver BroncosJake ButtTEOutKneeButt is out with knee9/12/19 1:18 AM
Denver BroncosElijah WilkinsonTOutAnkleWilkinson is out with ankle12/27/19 8:54 PM
Denver BroncosBradley ChubbOLBOut for seasonTorn ACLChubb is out for season with knee9/30/19 6:00 PM
Denver BroncosAustin FortTEOut for seasonKneeFort is out for season with knee8/9/19 9:00 PM
Detroit LionsMarvin Jones Jr.WROut for seasonAnkleJones is out for season with ankle12/10/19 11:00 PM
Detroit LionsRick WagnerTOutKneeWagner is out with knee12/29/19 4:42 PM
Detroit LionsKenny WigginsGOut for seasonArmWiggins is out for season with arm12/17/19 9:42 PM
Detroit LionsChristian JonesOLBOutShoulderJones is out with shoulder12/27/19 9:06 PM
Detroit LionsMatthew StaffordQBOut for seasonBackStafford is out for season with back12/17/19 9:45 PM
Detroit LionsJermaine KearseWROut for seasonLegKearse is out for season with leg9/2/19 5:27 PM
Detroit LionsA'Shawn RobinsonDTOutShoulderRobinson is out with shoulder12/27/19 9:03 PM
Detroit LionsJoe DahlGOut for seasonBack/KneeDahl is out for season with back12/14/19 10:57 PM
Detroit LionsJeff DriskelQBOut for seasonHamstringDriskel is out for season with hamstring12/2/19 5:15 PM
Detroit LionsMarvin HallWROut for seasonFootHall is out for season with foot11/27/19 9:03 PM
Detroit LionsDa'Shawn HandDEOut for seasonAnkleHand is out for season with ankle12/12/19 6:06 PM
Detroit LionsJarrad DavisMLBOut for seasonAnkle/KneeDavis is out for season with ankle12/14/19 10:57 PM
Detroit LionsChris LacyWROutLegLacy is out with leg9/2/19 5:27 PM
Detroit LionsJahlani TavaiMLBOut for seasonShoulderTavai is out for season with shoulder12/24/19 4:48 PM
Detroit LionsT.J. HockensonTEOut for seasonAnkleHockenson is out for season with ankle12/2/19 8:00 PM
Green Bay PackersLane TaylorGOutBicepsTaylor is out with biceps9/20/19 8:30 PM
Green Bay PackersJason SpriggsTOut for seasonAbdomenSpriggs is out for season with abdomen9/2/19 5:48 PM
Green Bay PackersEquanimeous St. BrownWROut for seasonAnkleSt. Brown is out for season with ankle9/2/19 5:33 PM
Green Bay PackersRaven GreeneFSOutAnkleGreene is out with ankle9/16/19 11:24 PM
Green Bay PackersJace SternbergerTEOutAnkleSternberger is out with ankle9/5/19 2:51 AM
Houston TexansLamar MillerRBOut for seasonKneeMiller is out for season with knee9/2/19 5:57 PM
Houston TexansTashaun GipsonFSOut for seasonUndisclosed Gipson is out for season with undisclosed 12/31/19 9:27 PM
Houston TexansJahleel AddaeFSOutKneeAddae is out with knee1/11/20 7:33 PM
Houston TexansSenio KelemeteGOutWristKelemete is out with wrist9/25/19 9:21 PM
Houston TexansJordan AkinsTEOutHamstringAkins is out with hamstring1/11/20 7:30 PM
Houston TexansTytus HowardTOut for seasonKneeHoward is out for season with knee12/1/19 6:22 PM
Indianapolis ColtsAdam VinatieriKOut for seasonKneeVinatieri is out for season with knee12/9/19 3:30 PM
Indianapolis ColtsDontrelle InmanWROutQuadInman is out with quad10/2/19 5:36 PM
Indianapolis ColtsDenico AutryDTOutConcussionAutry is out with concussion12/29/19 8:03 PM
Indianapolis ColtsEric EbronTEOut for seasonAnkleEbron is out for season with ankle11/25/19 4:15 PM
Indianapolis ColtsDevin FunchessWROutCollarboneFunchess is out with collarbone11/15/19 6:45 PM
Indianapolis ColtsXavier GrimbleTEOutCalfGrimble is out with calf9/25/19 8:24 PM
Indianapolis ColtsChester RogersWROut for seasonKneeRogers is out for season with knee12/2/19 5:33 PM
Indianapolis ColtsKenny Moore IICBOutAnkleMoore is out with ankle12/29/19 8:03 PM
Indianapolis ColtsQuincy WilsonCBOutShoulderWilson is out with shoulder12/27/19 6:42 PM
Indianapolis ColtsSteve IshmaelWROut for seasonKneeIshmael is out for season with knee8/7/19 1:15 PM
Indianapolis ColtsKemoko TurayDEOut for seasonAnkleTuray is out for season with ankle10/8/19 1:39 PM
Indianapolis ColtsJordan WilkinsRBOutAnkleWilkins is out with ankle12/27/19 6:42 PM
Indianapolis ColtsParris CampbellWROut for seasonFootCampbell is out for season with foot12/10/19 2:57 PM
Indianapolis ColtsKhari WillisSSOutShoulderWillis is out with shoulder12/29/19 8:03 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsNick O'LearyTEOutShoulderO'Leary is out with shoulder12/29/19 8:00 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsMarcell DareusDEOutAbdomenDareus is out with abdomen10/25/19 1:51 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsMarqise LeeWROutShoulderLee is out with shoulder10/29/19 8:09 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsLerentee McCrayDEOutHamstringMcCray is out with hamstring11/24/19 1:54 AM
Jacksonville JaguarsA.J. BouyeCBOutWristBouye is out with wrist12/28/19 5:03 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsGeoff SwaimTEOutConcussionSwaim is out with collarbone10/22/19 6:21 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsMyles JackMLBOut for seasonKneeJack is out for season with knee12/5/19 6:06 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsJames O'ShaughnessyTEOut for seasonTorn ACLO'Shaughnessy is out for season with knee10/7/19 4:09 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsLeonard FournetteRBOutIllnessFournette is out with illness12/29/19 8:00 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsJames OnwualuOLBOut for seasonUndisclosed Onwualu is out for season with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:48 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsQuincy WilliamsOLBOut for seasonHandWilliams is out for season with hand12/12/19 6:09 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsJosh OliverTEOut for seasonBackOliver is out for season with back11/20/19 8:33 PM
Kansas City ChiefsLeSean McCoyRBOutHealthy ScratchMcCoy is out2/2/20 10:15 PM
Kansas City ChiefsChad HenneQBOut for seasonAnkleHenne is out for season with ankle9/2/19 6:30 PM
Kansas City ChiefsKeith ReaserCBOut for seasonAchillesReaser is out for season with achilles8/3/19 3:48 PM
Kansas City ChiefsEmmanuel OgbahDEOut for seasonPecOgbah is out for season with pectoral11/28/19 12:21 AM
Kansas City ChiefsDarrel WilliamsRBOut for seasonHamstringWilliams is out for season with hamstring12/5/19 2:33 PM
Kansas City ChiefsBreeland SpeaksDEOut for seasonKneeSpeaks is out for season with knee9/2/19 6:33 PM
Kansas City ChiefsJuan ThornhillFSOut for seasonKneeThornhill is out for season with knee1/7/20 5:21 PM
Los Angeles ChargersMike PounceyCOutNeckPouncey is out with neck10/9/19 6:30 PM
Los Angeles ChargersTravis BenjaminWROutQuadBenjamin is out with quad10/17/19 5:33 PM
Los Angeles ChargersAdrian PhillipsSSOutArmPhillips is out with arm9/30/19 1:51 PM
Los Angeles ChargersRussell OkungTOutGroinOkung is out with groin12/27/19 7:48 PM
Los Angeles RamsTroy HillCBOutThumbHill is out with thumb12/29/19 8:21 PM
Los Angeles RamsBryce HagerILBOutShoulderHager is out with shoulder11/8/19 8:33 PM
Los Angeles RamsJalen RamseyCBOutKneeRamsey is out with knee12/24/19 9:21 PM
Los Angeles RamsJoseph NoteboomGOut for seasonTorn ACLNoteboom is out for season with knee10/15/19 12:36 PM
Los Angeles RamsMicah KiserILBOutPecKiser is out with pectoral9/2/19 6:36 PM
Los Angeles RamsDarrell HendersonRBOutAnkleHenderson is out with ankle12/27/19 10:18 PM
Miami DolphinsReshad JonesFSOut for seasonChestJones is out for season with chest11/24/19 1:36 AM
Miami DolphinsBobby McCainFSOut for seasonShoulderMcCain is out for season with shoulder11/24/19 1:36 AM
Miami DolphinsMike HullILBOut for seasonUndisclosed Hull is out for season with undisclosed 8/5/19 8:30 PM
Miami DolphinsAllen HurnsWROutAnkle/NeckHurns is out with ankle12/29/19 4:48 PM
Miami DolphinsAqib TalibCBOutRibsTalib is out with ribs10/14/19 11:09 PM
Miami DolphinsJakeem GrantWROut for seasonAnkleGrant is out for season with ankle11/27/19 6:48 PM
Miami DolphinsXavien HowardCBOut for seasonKneeHoward is out for season with knee10/29/19 8:03 PM
Miami DolphinsRicardo LouisWROut for seasonKneeLouis is out for season with knee9/2/19 6:54 PM
Miami DolphinsCordrea TankersleyCBOutKneeTankersley is out with knee9/2/19 6:54 PM
Miami DolphinsJomal PerryCBOutShoulderWiltz is out with shoulder12/27/19 9:48 PM
Miami DolphinsTaco CharltonDEOutAnkleCharlton is out with ankle12/29/19 4:48 PM
Miami DolphinsVince BiegelOLBOutElbowBiegel is out with elbow12/29/19 4:48 PM
Miami DolphinsRaekwon McMillanILBOut for seasonHamstringMcMillan is out for season with hamstring12/17/19 9:45 PM
Miami DolphinsKalen BallageRBOut for seasonLegBallage is out for season with leg12/3/19 10:12 PM
Miami DolphinsJonathan LedbetterDEOutAnkleLedbetter is out with ankle9/13/19 6:57 PM
Miami DolphinsKen WebsterCBOut for seasonAnkleWebster is out for season with ankle12/12/19 10:48 PM
Miami DolphinsMyles GaskinRBOut for seasonAnkleGaskin is out for season with ankle12/24/19 9:18 PM
Miami DolphinsPreston WilliamsWROut for seasonKneeWilliams is out for season with knee11/4/19 7:51 PM
Minnesota VikingsJayron KearseFSOutToe/KneeKearse is out with toe1/11/20 8:09 PM
Minnesota VikingsMackensie AlexanderCBOutKneeAlexander is out with knee1/9/20 6:45 PM
Minnesota VikingsDavid Morgan IITEOutKneeMorgan is out with knee9/2/19 6:57 PM
Minnesota VikingsChad BeebeWROutAnkleBeebe is out with ankle9/25/19 8:39 PM
Minnesota VikingsBen GedeonOLBOut for seasonConcussionGedeon is out for season with concussion12/3/19 3:33 PM
Minnesota VikingsMike HughesCBOut for seasonNeckHughes is out for season with neck1/3/20 9:54 PM
New England PatriotsStephen GostkowskiKOut for seasonHipGostkowski is out for season with hip10/2/19 7:39 PM
New England PatriotsDavid AndrewsCOut for seasonBlood ClotAndrews is out for season with blood clot 9/2/19 7:12 PM
New England PatriotsJason McCourtyCBOutGroinMcCourty is out with groin1/4/20 11:48 PM
New England PatriotsTashawn BowerDEOut for seasonAchillesBower is out for season with achilles9/2/19 6:57 PM
New England PatriotsGunner OlszewskiWROut for seasonAnkleOlszewski is out for season with ankle11/20/19 9:30 PM
New England PatriotsYodny CajusteTOutQuadCajuste is out with quad9/2/19 7:09 PM
New England PatriotsHjalte FroholdtGOut for seasonShoulderFroholdt is out for season with shoulder9/2/19 7:12 PM
New Orleans SaintsEli AppleCBOutAnkleApple is out with ankle1/3/20 9:57 PM
New Orleans SaintsSheldon RankinsDTOut for seasonAchillesRankins is out for season with achilles12/12/19 6:12 PM
New Orleans SaintsAustin CarrWROutAnkleCarr is out with ankle11/22/19 11:57 PM
New Orleans SaintsAlex AnzaloneMLBOutShoulderAnzalone is out with shoulder9/16/19 11:24 PM
New Orleans SaintsMarcus DavenportDEOut for seasonFootDavenport is out for season with foot12/12/19 6:12 PM
New Orleans SaintsKeith KirkwoodWROutHamstringKirkwood is out with hamstring9/17/19 10:15 PM
New York GiantsRussell ShepardWROutFootShepard is out with foot9/26/19 10:15 PM
New York GiantsMike RemmersTOutConcussionRemmers is out with concussion12/27/19 6:33 PM
New York GiantsScott SimonsonTEOutAnkleSimonson is out with ankle9/5/19 2:54 AM
New York GiantsCorey ColemanWROut for seasonKneeColeman is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:21 PM
New York GiantsRhett EllisonTEOutConcussionEllison is out with concussion12/27/19 5:30 PM
New York GiantsEvan EngramTEOut for seasonFootEngram is out for season with foot12/17/19 9:45 PM
New York GiantsJabrill PeppersSSOut for seasonBackPeppers is out for season with back12/7/19 5:00 PM
New York GiantsSam BealCBOutShoulderBeal is out with shoulder12/29/19 8:18 PM
New York GiantsRyan ConnellyOLBOut for seasonTorn ACLConnelly is out for season with knee9/30/19 4:00 PM
New York GiantsGeorge Asafo-AdjeiTOutUndisclosedAsafo-Adjei is out with undisclosed 9/2/19 7:48 PM
New York JetsQuincy EnunwaWROut for seasonNeckEnunwa is out for season with neck9/11/19 3:51 PM
New York JetsC.J. MosleyILBOut for seasonGroinMosley is out for season with groin12/3/19 10:12 PM
New York JetsDemaryius ThomasWROutHamstring/KneeThomas is out with hamstring12/29/19 4:45 PM
New York JetsTrevor SiemianQBOut for seasonAnkleSiemian is out for season with ankle9/17/19 5:12 PM
New York JetsRyan GriffinTEOut for seasonAnkleGriffin is out for season with ankle12/12/19 8:57 PM
New York JetsJosh BellamyWROut for seasonFootBellamy is out for season with foot11/6/19 9:54 PM
New York JetsTom ComptonGOutCalfCompton is out with calf12/27/19 8:57 PM
New York JetsRyan KalilCOutKneeKalil is out with knee11/15/19 8:27 PM
New York JetsTrumaine JohnsonCBOut for seasonAnkleJohnson is out for season with ankle11/6/19 1:48 PM
New York JetsKenneth DixonRBOut for seasonUndisclosedDixon is out for season with undisclosed 9/2/19 3:12 PM
New York JetsAlex LewisGOutAnkleLewis is out with ankle12/27/19 8:57 PM
New York JetsChris Herndon IVTEOut for seasonRibsHerndon is out for season with ribs11/12/19 9:15 PM
New York JetsBlake CashmanILBOutShoulderCashman is out with shoulder11/1/19 8:33 PM
New York JetsChuma EdogaTOut for seasonKneeEdoga is out for season with knee12/17/19 10:00 PM
Philadelphia EaglesRonald DarbyCBOut for seasonHipDarby is out for season with hip12/24/19 9:15 PM
Philadelphia EaglesMalik JacksonDTOut for seasonFootJackson is out for season with foot9/10/19 9:27 PM
Philadelphia EaglesBrandon BrooksGOut for seasonShoulderBrooks is out for season with shoulder12/30/19 5:18 PM
Philadelphia EaglesDarren SprolesRBOut for seasonQuadSproles is out for season with quad11/15/19 9:12 PM
Philadelphia EaglesLane JohnsonTOutAnkleJohnson is out with ankle1/4/20 6:57 PM
Philadelphia EaglesNelson AgholorWROutKneeAgholor is out with knee1/3/20 10:00 PM
Philadelphia EaglesDeSean JacksonWROut for seasonAbdomenJackson is out for season with abdomen11/6/19 1:45 PM
Philadelphia EaglesKamu Grugier-HillOLBOut for seasonBackGrugier-Hill is out for season with back12/18/19 6:45 PM
Philadelphia EaglesAlshon JefferyWROut for seasonFootJeffery is out for season with foot12/10/19 11:00 PM
Philadelphia EaglesCorey ClementRBOutShoulderClement is out with shoulder10/11/19 10:18 PM
Philadelphia EaglesJoe OstmanDEOut for seasonKneeOstman is out for season with knee8/6/19 2:39 PM
Philadelphia EaglesMarcus GreenWRQuestionableHamstringGreen is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 2:54 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersRyan ShazierILBOut for seasonBackShazier is out for season with back9/2/19 8:39 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersBen RoethlisbergerQBOut for seasonElbowRoethlisberger is out for season with elbow9/16/19 4:00 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersMaurkice PounceyCOutKneePouncey is out with knee12/24/19 5:12 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersSean DavisFSOutShoulderDavis is out with shoulder9/17/19 9:30 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersJames ConnerRBOutThighConner is out with thigh12/27/19 7:57 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersMason RudolphQBOut for seasonShoulderRudolph is out for season with shoulder12/24/19 4:45 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersBenny Snell Jr.RBDoubtfulKneeSnell is doubtful with knee10/31/19 1:00 PM
San Francisco 49ersJason VerrettCBOutKneeVerrett is out with knee10/3/19 6:39 PM
San Francisco 49ersWeston RichburgCOut for seasonKneeRichburg is out for season with knee12/12/19 6:09 PM
San Francisco 49ersJerick McKinnonRBOut for seasonKneeMcKinnon is out for season with knee9/2/19 8:48 PM
San Francisco 49ersMarquise GoodwinWROut for seasonKnee/ToeGoodwin is out for season with knee12/11/19 2:45 PM
San Francisco 49ersGarrett CelekTEOut for seasonBackCelek is out for season with back12/12/19 9:51 PM
San Francisco 49ersRonald Blair IIIDEOut for seasonTorn ACLBlair is out for season with knee11/13/19 7:36 PM
San Francisco 49ersTrent TaylorWROutFootTaylor is out with foot9/20/19 6:54 PM
San Francisco 49ersD.J. JonesDTOut for seasonAnkleJones is out for season with ankle12/13/19 12:06 AM
San Francisco 49ersDante PettisWROutHealthy ScratchPettis is out2/2/20 10:15 PM
San Francisco 49ersJullian TaylorDTOut for seasonKneeTaylor is out for season with knee12/30/19 6:12 PM
San Francisco 49ersJalen HurdWROutBackHurd is out with back10/31/19 10:39 PM
Seattle SeahawksMychal KendricksOLBOut for seasonKneeKendricks is out for season with knee1/9/20 3:21 AM
Seattle SeahawksEzekiel AnsahDEOutNeckAnsah is out with neck1/12/20 10:18 PM
Seattle SeahawksEd DicksonTEOutKneeDickson is out with knee8/5/19 7:57 PM
Seattle SeahawksMike IupatiGOutNeckIupati is out with neck1/12/20 10:18 PM
Seattle SeahawksJustin BrittCOut for seasonTorn ACLBritt is out for season with knee10/28/19 10:42 PM
Seattle SeahawksC.J. ProsiseRBOut for seasonArmProsise is out for season with arm12/26/19 1:24 AM
Seattle SeahawksEthan PocicCOut for seasonCorePocic is out for season with core1/2/20 12:39 AM
Seattle SeahawksTedric ThompsonFSOutShoulderThompson is out with shoulder10/31/19 2:03 PM
Seattle SeahawksChris CarsonRBOut for seasonHipCarson is out for season with hip12/23/19 6:06 PM
Seattle SeahawksRashaad PennyRBOut for seasonKneePenny is out for season with knee12/9/19 3:57 PM
Seattle SeahawksWill DisslyTEOut for seasonAchillesDissly is out for season with achilles10/16/19 7:09 PM
Seattle SeahawksMarquise BlairFSOutAnkleBlair is out with ankle1/12/20 10:21 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersBeau AllenNTOutAnkleAllen is out with ankle12/27/19 9:12 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMike EvansWROut for seasonHamstringEvans is out for season with hamstring12/18/19 6:39 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMichael LiedtkeGOut for seasonShoulderLiedtke is out for season with shoulder8/7/19 3:24 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJustin EvansSSOutAchillesEvans is out with achilles9/10/19 2:42 AM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersChris GodwinWROutHamstringGodwin is out with hamstring12/27/19 5:30 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJordan WhiteheadSSOut for seasonHamstringWhitehead is out for season with hamstring12/19/19 8:57 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersScotty MillerWROut for seasonHamstringMiller is out for season with hamstring12/17/19 9:48 PM
Tennessee TitansMalcolm ButlerCBOut for seasonWristButler is out for season with wrist11/6/19 1:48 PM
Tennessee TitansDelanie WalkerTEOut for seasonAnkleWalker is out for season with ankle11/27/19 6:45 PM
Tennessee TitansRyan SuccopKOut for seasonKneeSuccop is out for season with knee12/18/19 6:42 PM
Tennessee TitansCam BatsonWROut for seasonUndisclosedBatson is out for season with undisclosed 9/2/19 9:27 PM
Washington RedskinsVernon DavisTEOut for seasonConcussionDavis is out for season with concussion11/22/19 9:09 PM
Washington RedskinsAlex SmithQBOutLegSmith is out with leg9/2/19 9:45 PM
Washington RedskinsLandon CollinsSSOutShoulderCollins is out with shoulder12/27/19 5:48 PM
Washington RedskinsDominique Rodgers-CromartieCBOutLegRodgers-Cromartie is out with leg9/18/19 5:18 PM
Washington RedskinsQuinton DunbarCBOut for seasonHamstringDunbar is out for season with hamstring12/24/19 9:18 PM
Washington RedskinsBrandon ScherffGOut for seasonElbow/ShoulderScherff is out for season with elbow12/17/19 10:24 PM
Washington RedskinsRyan KerriganOLBOut for seasonCalfKerrigan is out for season with calf12/16/19 4:45 PM
Washington RedskinsTrent WilliamsTOut for seasonPersonalWilliams is out for season with personal11/7/19 9:18 PM
Washington RedskinsJordan ReedTEOutConcussionReed is out with concussion10/11/19 9:03 PM
Washington RedskinsJosh NormanCBOutIllnessNorman is out with illness12/28/19 7:15 PM
Washington RedskinsPaul RichardsonWROut for seasonHamstringRichardson is out for season with hamstring12/14/19 10:57 PM
Washington RedskinsFabian MoreauCBOut for seasonHamstringMoreau is out for season with hamstring12/27/19 6:30 PM
Washington RedskinsReuben FosterILBOut for seasonKneeFoster is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:24 PM
Washington RedskinsMontae NicholsonFSOut for seasonNeck/AnkleNicholson is out for season with neck12/27/19 6:30 PM
Washington RedskinsDerrius GuiceRBOut for seasonKneeGuice is out for season with knee12/10/19 11:00 PM
Washington RedskinsTrey QuinnWROut for seasonConcussionQuinn is out for season with concussion12/17/19 10:24 PM
Washington RedskinsTroy ApkeFSOutKneeApke is out with knee12/29/19 8:12 PM
Washington RedskinsTerry McLaurinWROutConcussionMcLaurin is out with concussion12/27/19 5:45 PM
Washington RedskinsBryce LoveRBOutKneeLove is out with knee9/5/19 2:57 AM
Washington RedskinsJimmy MorelandCBOut for seasonFootMoreland is out for season with foot12/18/19 6:45 PM
Washington RedskinsDwayne HaskinsQBOutAnkleHaskins is out with ankle12/23/19 8:09 PM