NFL Injury Report

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TeamRight ArrowNamePositionStatusInjuryUpdateUpdated
Arizona CardinalsHakeem ButlerWROut for seasonFingerButler is out for season with finger9/2/19 2:21 PM
Arizona CardinalsRobert AlfordCBOutLegAlford is out with leg9/2/19 2:27 PM
Arizona CardinalsJosh ShawSSOut for seasonShoulderShaw is out for season with shoulder9/2/19 2:18 PM
Arizona CardinalsMax GarciaGOutKneeGarcia is out with knee9/4/19 9:51 PM
Arizona CardinalsLamont GaillardGOutKneeGaillard is out with knee9/13/19 8:36 PM
Arizona CardinalsJonathan BullardDEOutHamstringBullard is out with hamstring9/15/19 3:57 PM
Arizona CardinalsMarcus GilbertTOut for seasonTorn ACLGilbert is out for season with knee9/10/19 9:12 PM
Atlanta FalconsSteven MeansDEOut for seasonAchillesMeans is out for season with achilles9/2/19 2:45 PM
Atlanta FalconsMatt GonoTOutBackGono is out with back9/13/19 7:54 PM
Atlanta FalconsMarcus GreenWRQuestionableHamstringGreen is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 2:54 PM
Atlanta FalconsJ.J. WilcoxSSOut for seasonKneeWilcox is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:15 PM
Atlanta FalconsMichael BennettDTOutAnkleBennett is out with ankle8/3/19 4:15 PM
Atlanta FalconsKurt BenkertQBOut for seasonToeBenkert is out for season with toe8/6/19 10:39 PM
Atlanta FalconsChris LindstromGOutFootLindstrom is out with foot9/11/19 9:45 PM
Baltimore RavensKenneth DixonRBOut for seasonUndisclosedDixon is out for season with undisclosed 9/2/19 3:12 PM
Baltimore RavensTavon YoungCBOut for seasonNeckYoung is out for season with neck9/2/19 3:12 PM
Baltimore RavensJimmy SmithCBOutKneeSmith is out with knee9/13/19 8:39 PM
Buffalo BillsJason CroomTEOutHamstringCroom is out with hamstring9/2/19 3:45 PM
Buffalo BillsMike LoveDEOutPecLove is out with pectoral9/2/19 3:54 PM
Buffalo BillsVosean JosephOLBOut for seasonShoulderJoseph is out for season with shoulder9/2/19 3:54 PM
Buffalo BillsSenorise PerryRBOutQuadPerry is out with quad9/2/19 3:57 PM
Buffalo BillsAndre RobertsWROutQuadRoberts is out with quad9/13/19 5:33 PM
Buffalo BillsTaron JohnsonCBOutHamstringJohnson is out with hamstring9/13/19 5:33 PM
Buffalo BillsTyler KroftTEOutFootKroft is out with foot9/15/19 3:39 PM
Buffalo BillsLaAdrian WaddleTOutQuadWaddle is out with quad8/5/19 3:48 PM
Carolina PanthersGraham GanoKOut for seasonKneeGano is out for season with knee9/2/19 4:03 PM
Carolina PanthersDestiny VaeaoDTOut for seasonQuadVaeao is out for season with quad9/2/19 4:03 PM
Carolina PanthersBruce IrvinOLBOutHamstringIrvin is out with hamstring9/11/19 5:03 PM
Chicago BearsT.J. ClemmingsTOut for seasonQuadClemmings is out for season with quad9/2/19 4:09 PM
Cincinnati BengalsRodney AndersonRBOut for seasonTorn ACLAnderson is out for season with knee9/2/19 4:12 PM
Cincinnati BengalsDarqueze DennardCBOutKneeDennard is out with knee9/2/19 4:21 PM
Cincinnati BengalsJonah WilliamsTOutShoulderWilliams is out with shoulder9/4/19 10:51 PM
Cincinnati BengalsCordy GlennTOutConcussionGlenn is out with concussion9/13/19 7:45 PM
Cincinnati BengalsA.J. GreenWROutAnkleGreen is out with ankle9/13/19 7:45 PM
Cincinnati BengalsTrayveon WilliamsRBOutFootWilliams is out with foot9/15/19 3:48 PM
Cincinnati BengalsJustin EvansTOutUndisclosed Evans is out with undisclosed 8/7/19 9:51 PM
Cincinnati BengalsNiles ScottNTOut for seasonFootScott is out for season with foot8/8/19 4:15 PM
Cleveland BrownsJoel BitonioGQuestionableAbdomenBitonio is questionable with abdomen9/12/19 11:45 PM
Cleveland BrownsRashard HigginsWRQuestionableKneeHiggins is questionable with knee9/12/19 11:48 PM
Cleveland BrownsDrew ForbesTOutKneeForbes is out with knee9/2/19 4:39 PM
Cleveland BrownsKendall LammTOutKneeLamm is out with knee9/14/19 10:45 PM
Cleveland BrownsDontrell HilliardRBOutConcussionHilliard is out with concussion9/14/19 10:45 PM
Cleveland BrownsAdarius TaylorOLBOutAnkleTaylor is out with ankle9/14/19 10:48 PM
Cleveland BrownsDamarious RandallFSOutHamstringRandall is out with hamstring9/15/19 12:39 PM
Dallas CowboysNoah BrownWROutKneeBrown is out with knee9/2/19 4:57 PM
Dallas CowboysTavon AustinWROutConcussionAustin is out with concussion9/13/19 7:24 PM
Denver BroncosTheo RiddickRBOutShoulderRiddick is out with shoulder9/2/19 5:00 PM
Denver BroncosJa'Wuan JamesTOutKneeJames is out with knee9/13/19 7:18 PM
Denver BroncosAndy JanovichFBOutPectoralJanovich is out with pectoral9/13/19 7:18 PM
Denver BroncosJoe JonesILBOutTricepsJones is out with triceps9/13/19 7:18 PM
Denver BroncosBilly WinnDEOutTricepsWinn is out with triceps8/3/19 6:54 PM
Denver BroncosAustin FortTEOut for seasonKneeFort is out for season with knee8/9/19 9:00 PM
Denver BroncosTodd DavisILBOutCalfDavis is out with calf9/15/19 6:57 PM
Denver BroncosBryce CallahanCBOutFootCallahan is out with foot9/15/19 6:57 PM
Denver BroncosTim PatrickWROutHandPatrick is out with hand9/12/19 1:09 AM
Denver BroncosJake ButtTEOutKneeButt is out with knee9/12/19 1:18 AM
Detroit LionsJermaine KearseWROut for seasonLegKearse is out for season with leg9/2/19 5:27 PM
Detroit LionsChris LacyWROutLegLacy is out with leg9/2/19 5:27 PM
Detroit LionsAustin BryantDEOutPecBryant is out with pectoral9/2/19 5:24 PM
Detroit LionsTaylor DeckerTOutBackDecker is out with back9/15/19 3:36 PM
Detroit LionsJarrad DavisMLBOutAnkleDavis is out with ankle9/15/19 3:36 PM
Detroit LionsDa'Shawn HandDEOutElbowHand is out with elbow9/15/19 3:36 PM
Green Bay PackersEquanimeous St. BrownWROut for seasonAnkleSt. Brown is out for season with ankle9/2/19 5:33 PM
Green Bay PackersJason SpriggsTOut for seasonAbdomenSpriggs is out for season with abdomen9/2/19 5:48 PM
Green Bay PackersJace SternbergerTEOutAnkleSternberger is out with ankle9/5/19 2:51 AM
Green Bay PackersOren BurksILBOutChestBurks is out with chest9/13/19 7:09 PM
Green Bay PackersDarrius ShepherdWROutHamstringShepherd is out with hamstring9/13/19 7:09 PM
Houston TexansLamar MillerRBOut for seasonKneeMiller is out for season with knee9/2/19 5:57 PM
Houston TexansJordan ThomasTEOutRibThomas is out with ribs9/3/19 6:06 PM
Houston TexansGreg ManczCOutAnkleMancz is out with ankle9/15/19 3:39 PM
Houston TexansLogan PaulsenTEOutUndisclosed Paulsen is out with undisclosed 9/9/19 9:45 PM
Indianapolis ColtsJabaal SheardDEOutKneeSheard is out with knee9/13/19 7:21 PM
Indianapolis ColtsJonathan WilliamsRBOutRibsWilliams is out with ribs9/13/19 7:21 PM
Indianapolis ColtsKemoko TurayDEOutNeckTuray is out with neck9/14/19 10:57 PM
Indianapolis ColtsSpencer WareRBOutAnkleWare is out with ankle8/3/19 8:57 PM
Indianapolis ColtsDevin FunchessWROutCollarboneFunchess is out with collarbone9/9/19 9:33 PM
Indianapolis ColtsSteve IshmaelWROut for seasonKneeIshmael is out for season with knee8/7/19 1:15 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsAlfred BlueRBOutAnkleBlue is out with ankle9/2/19 6:21 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsYannick NgakoueDEOutFootNgakoue is out with foot9/13/19 5:36 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsJosh OliverTEOutHamstringOliver is out with hamstring9/13/19 6:36 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsA.J. BouyeCBOutHipBouye is out with hip9/14/19 11:12 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsCam RobinsonTOutKneeRobinson is out with knee9/14/19 11:12 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsMarqise LeeWROutKneeLee is out with knee9/14/19 10:57 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsNick FolesQBOutCollarboneFoles is out with collarbone9/9/19 3:30 PM
Jacksonville JaguarsJames OnwualuOLBOut for seasonUndisclosed Onwualu is out for season with undisclosed 8/6/19 10:48 PM
Kansas City ChiefsChad HenneQBOut for seasonAnkleHenne is out for season with ankle9/2/19 6:30 PM
Kansas City ChiefsBreeland SpeaksDBOut for seasonKneeSpeaks is out for season with knee9/2/19 6:33 PM
Kansas City ChiefsKeith ReaserCBOut for seasonAchillesReaser is out for season with achilles8/3/19 3:48 PM
Kansas City ChiefsTyreek HillWROutCollarboneHill is out with collarbone9/11/19 6:54 PM
Los Angeles ChargersDerwin JamesFSOutFootJames is out with foot9/2/19 6:45 PM
Los Angeles ChargersRussell OkungTOutPulmonary embolismOkung is out with heart8/3/19 3:54 PM
Los Angeles ChargersJatavis BrownOLBOutAnkleBrown is out with ankle9/15/19 3:51 PM
Los Angeles ChargersMichael BadgleyKOutGroinBadgley is out with groin9/15/19 3:51 PM
Los Angeles ChargersTrevor WilliamsCBOutQuadWilliams is out with quad9/11/19 6:57 PM
Los Angeles ChargersHunter HenryTEOutTibia FractureHenry is out with tibia9/11/19 7:33 PM
Los Angeles RamsMicah KiserILBOutPecKiser is out with pectoral9/2/19 6:36 PM
Miami DolphinsRobert NkemdicheDTOutKneeNkemdiche is out with knee9/2/19 6:54 PM
Miami DolphinsRicardo LouisWROut for seasonKneeLouis is out for season with knee9/2/19 6:54 PM
Miami DolphinsCordrea TankersleyCBOutKneeTankersley is out with knee9/2/19 6:54 PM
Miami DolphinsJulien DavenportTOutKneeDavenport is out with knee9/13/19 6:30 PM
Miami DolphinsReshad JonesFSOutFootJones is out with foot9/13/19 6:51 PM
Miami DolphinsAlbert WilsonWROutCalfWilson is out with calf9/13/19 6:54 PM
Miami DolphinsJonathan LedbetterDEOutAnkleLedbetter is out with ankle9/13/19 6:57 PM
Miami DolphinsTrent HarrisOLBOutFootHarris is out with foot9/15/19 3:45 PM
Miami DolphinsMike HullILBOut for seasonUndisclosed Hull is out for season with undisclosed 8/5/19 8:30 PM
Minnesota VikingsDavid Morgan IITEOutKneeMorgan is out with knee9/2/19 6:57 PM
Minnesota VikingsTashawn BowerDEOut for seasonAchillesBower is out for season with achilles9/2/19 6:57 PM
Minnesota VikingsMackensie AlexanderCBOutElbowAlexander is out with elbow9/13/19 7:15 PM
Minnesota VikingsBen GedeonOLBOutGroinGedeon is out with groin9/15/19 3:33 PM
Minnesota VikingsMike HughesCBOutKneeHughes is out with knee9/15/19 3:33 PM
Minnesota VikingsPat ElfleinGOutKneeElflein is out with knee9/15/19 3:33 PM
Minnesota VikingsJosh DoctsonWROutLegDoctson is out with leg9/12/19 3:51 PM
New England PatriotsYodny CajusteTOutQuadCajuste is out with quad9/2/19 7:09 PM
New England PatriotsN'Keal HarryWROutAnkleHarry is out with ankle9/2/19 7:03 PM
New England PatriotsDavid AndrewsCOut for seasonBlood ClotAndrews is out for season with blood clot 9/2/19 7:12 PM
New England PatriotsHjalte FroholdtGOut for seasonShoulderFroholdt is out for season with shoulder9/2/19 7:12 PM
New England PatriotsCameron MeredithWROutKneeMeredith is out with knee8/3/19 4:00 PM
New England PatriotsDemaryius ThomasWRQuestionableHamstringThomas is questionable with hamstring9/9/19 4:18 PM
New England PatriotsMarcus CannonTOutShoulderCannon is out with shoulder9/15/19 3:36 PM
New Orleans SaintsSheldon RankinsDTOutAchillesRankins is out with achilles9/13/19 8:09 PM
New Orleans SaintsJavorius AllenRBOutUndisclosed Allen is out with undisclosed 8/3/19 3:57 PM
New Orleans SaintsKeith KirkwoodWROutHamstringKirkwood is out with hamstring9/15/19 8:30 PM
New York GiantsGeorge Asafo-AdjeiTOutUndisclosedAsafo-Adjei is out with undisclosed 9/2/19 7:48 PM
New York GiantsBrittan GoldenWROutGroinGolden is out with groin9/2/19 7:39 PM
New York GiantsSam BealCBOutHamstringBeal is out with hamstring9/2/19 7:39 PM
New York GiantsRod SmithRBOut for seasonHipSmith is out for season with hip9/2/19 7:45 PM
New York GiantsSterling ShepardWROutConcussionShepard is out with concussion9/13/19 4:39 PM
New York GiantsDarius SlaytonWROutHamstringSlayton is out with hamstring9/13/19 4:39 PM
New York GiantsScott SimonsonTEOutAnkleSimonson is out with ankle9/5/19 2:54 AM
New York GiantsQuinnen WilliamsTEOutAnkleWilliams is out with ankle9/14/19 10:42 PM
New York GiantsCorey ColemanWROut for seasonKneeColeman is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:21 PM
New York JetsKelvin BeachumTQuestionableAnkleBeachum is questionable with ankle9/13/19 12:00 AM
New York JetsSteve McLendonNTQuestionableHipMcLendon is questionable with hip9/13/19 12:03 AM
New York JetsBrian WintersGQuestionableShoulderWinters is questionable with shoulder9/13/19 12:03 AM
New York JetsBraxton BerriosWRQuestionableHamstringBerrios is questionable with hamstring9/13/19 12:03 AM
New York JetsBrent QvaleTOutKneeQvale is out with knee9/3/19 6:09 PM
New York JetsC.J. MosleyILBOutGroinMosley is out with groin9/14/19 10:42 PM
New York JetsQuincy EnunwaWROut for seasonNeckEnunwa is out for season with neck9/11/19 3:51 PM
New York JetsLe'Veon BellRBQuestionableShoulderBell is questionable with shoulder9/12/19 2:39 PM
New York JetsSam DarnoldQBOutIllnessDarnold is out with illness9/12/19 2:36 PM
Oakland RaidersIsaiah CrowellRBOut for seasonAchillesCrowell is out for season with achilles9/2/19 8:06 PM
Oakland RaidersJustin EllisDTOut for seasonKneeEllis is out for season with knee9/2/19 8:03 PM
Oakland RaidersDenzelle GoodGOutBackGood is out with back9/2/19 8:03 PM
Oakland RaidersNathan PetermanQBOutElbowPeterman is out with elbow9/3/19 6:03 PM
Oakland RaidersGabe JacksonGOutKneeJackson is out with knee9/13/19 7:39 PM
Oakland RaidersJ.J. NelsonWROutAnkleNelson is out with ankle9/13/19 7:39 PM
Oakland RaidersCorey LiugetDTOutKneeLiuget is out with knee9/15/19 6:45 PM
Oakland RaidersJohnathan AbramFSOut for seasonShoulderAbram is out for season with shoulder9/11/19 8:18 PM
Philadelphia EaglesJalen MillsCBOutFootMills is out with foot9/2/19 8:27 PM
Philadelphia EaglesKamu Grugier-HillOLBOutKneeGrugier-Hill is out with knee9/13/19 7:00 PM
Philadelphia EaglesJoe OstmanDEOut for seasonKneeOstman is out for season with knee8/6/19 2:39 PM
Philadelphia EaglesMalik JacksonDTOut for seasonFootJackson is out for season with foot9/10/19 9:27 PM
Pittsburgh SteelersRyan ShazierILBOut for seasonBackShazier is out for season with back9/2/19 8:39 PM
San Francisco 49ersJerick McKinnonRBOut for seasonKneeMcKinnon is out for season with knee9/2/19 8:48 PM
San Francisco 49ersTrent TaylorWROutFootTaylor is out with foot9/13/19 6:48 PM
San Francisco 49ersJalen HurdWROutBackHurd is out with back9/13/19 6:48 PM
San Francisco 49ersTevin ColemanRBOutAnkleColeman is out with ankle9/13/19 6:45 PM
San Francisco 49ersGarrett CelekTEOutBackCelek is out with back9/5/19 12:30 AM
San Francisco 49ersJimmie WardFSOutFingerWard is out with finger9/15/19 3:39 PM
Seattle SeahawksEzekiel AnsahDEQuestionableShoulderAnsah is questionable with shoulder9/13/19 8:15 PM
Seattle SeahawksDavid MooreWROutShoulderMoore is out with shoulder9/13/19 8:15 PM
Seattle SeahawksNeiko ThorpeCBOutHamstringThorpe is out with hamstring9/15/19 3:54 PM
Seattle SeahawksTedric ThompsonFSOutHamstringThompson is out with hamstring9/15/19 3:54 PM
Seattle SeahawksPoona FordNTOutCalfFord is out with calf9/15/19 3:54 PM
Seattle SeahawksEd DicksonTEOutKneeDickson is out with knee8/5/19 7:57 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJason Pierre-PaulDEOutNeckPierre-Paul is out with neck9/2/19 9:12 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersJustin EvansSSOutAchillesEvans is out with achilles9/10/19 2:42 AM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersMichael LiedtkeGOut for seasonShoulderLiedtke is out for season with shoulder8/7/19 3:24 PM
Tennessee TitansCam BatsonWROut for seasonUndisclosedBatson is out for season with undisclosed 9/2/19 9:27 PM
Tennessee TitansRyan SuccopKOutKneeSuccop is out with knee9/4/19 2:12 PM
Tennessee TitansKevin PamphileGOutKneePamphile is out with knee9/13/19 7:03 PM
Washington RedskinsZach VigilILBQuestionableThighVigil is questionable with thigh3/13/19 5:21 PM
Washington RedskinsRyan AndersonOLBOutHamstringAnderson is out with hamstring3/13/19 5:22 PM
Washington RedskinsAlex SmithQBOutLegSmith is out with leg9/2/19 9:45 PM
Washington RedskinsJordan ReedTEOutConcussionReed is out with concussion9/13/19 5:42 PM
Washington RedskinsBryce LoveRBOutKneeLove is out with knee9/5/19 2:57 AM
Washington RedskinsJonathan AllenDEOutKneeAllen is out with knee9/13/19 7:36 PM
Washington RedskinsQuinton DunbarCBOutKneeDunbar is out with knee9/15/19 3:42 PM
Washington RedskinsFabian MoreauCBOutAnkleMoreau is out with ankle9/15/19 3:42 PM
Washington RedskinsReuben FosterILBOut for seasonKneeFoster is out for season with knee8/3/19 4:24 PM
Washington RedskinsDerrius GuiceRBOutKneeGuice is out with knee9/12/19 6:18 PM
UnsignedGreedy WilliamsOut for seasonPersonalWilliams is out for season with personal3/13/19 5:26 PM
UnsignedBranden OliverRBOutNoneOliver is out3/13/19 5:20 PM
UnsignedJeremy KerleyWROutReleasedBills release WR Jeremy Kerley. 3/13/19 5:20 PM
UnsignedKaelin ClayWRQuestionableAnkleClay is questionable with ankle3/13/19 5:20 PM
UnsignedMalcolm MitchellWRQuestionableKneeMitchell is questionable with knee3/13/19 5:21 PM
UnsignedNevin LawsonCBOutSuspensionLawson is out with suspension9/2/19 8:06 PM
UnsignedAaron NearyCOutSuspensionNeary is out with suspension9/2/19 6:39 PM
UnsignedRichie IncognitoGOutSuspensionIncognito is out with suspension9/2/19 8:03 PM
UnsignedMelvin Gordon IIIRBOutHoldoutGordon is out with personal9/8/19 11:42 AM
UnsignedTrent WilliamsTOutHoldoutWilliams is out with personal8/3/19 4:09 PM
UnsignedDamarcus LodgeQuestionableHamstringLodge is questionable with hamstring8/3/19 5:36 PM
UnsignedRodney AndersonOutKneeAnderson is out with knee8/8/19 5:21 PM