NFL Futures

Odds to Win Super Bowl LIII
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Los Angeles Rams+450
Kansas City Chiefs+800
New England Patriots+1000
Philadelphia Eagles+1200
Minnesota Vikings+1400
New Orleans Saints+1400
Jacksonville Jaguars+1400
Pittsburgh Steelers+1600
Chicago Bears+2000
Atlanta Falcons+2500
Green Bay Packers+2500
San Diego Chargers+2500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+2500
Miami Dolphins+3300
Baltimore Ravens+3300
Carolina Panthers+3300
Detroit Lions+4000
Seattle Seahawks+4000
New York Giants+4000
Tennessee Titans+5000
Washington Redskins+5000
Cincinnati Bengals+5000
Cleveland Browns+5000
Dallas Cowboys+6600
Denver Broncos+6600
Houston Texans+8000
Indianapolis Colts+8000
New York Jets+10000
Oakland Raiders+15000
Buffalo Bills+15000
Arizona Cardinals+100000
Odds to Win 2018 NFC Conference
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Los Angeles Rams+250
Minnesota Vikings+700
Philadelphia Eagles+700
New Orleans Saints+800
Chicago Bears+1200
Atlanta Falcons+1400
Green Bay Packers+1400
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+1400
Carolina Panthers+2000
New York Giants+2500
Seattle Seahawks+2500
Detroit Lions+2500
Washington Redskins+3300
Dallas Cowboys+4000
Arizona Cardinals+50000
Odds to Win 2018 AFC Conference
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Kansas City Chiefs+450
New England Patriots+450
Jacksonville Jaguars+600
Pittsburgh Steelers+800
San Diego Chargers+1000
Baltimore Ravens+1200
Miami Dolphins+1400
Cincinnati Bengals+2000
Cleveland Browns+2000
Tennessee Titans+2000
Denver Broncos+2500
Houston Texans+3300
Indianapolis Colts+3300
New York Jets+4000
Oakland Raiders+6600
Buffalo Bills+6600
Odds to Win AFC East
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New England Patriots-250
Miami Dolphins+300
New York Jets+800
Buffalo Bills+3300
Odds to Win AFC North
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Pittsburgh Steelers+175
Baltimore Ravens+200
Cincinnati Bengals+300
Cleveland Browns+550
Odds to Win AFC South
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Jacksonville Jaguars-150
Tennessee Titans+300
Indianapolis Colts+600
Houston Texans+800
Odds to Win AFC West
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Kansas City Chiefs-200
San Diego Chargers+350
Denver Broncos+450
Oakland Raiders+2500
Odds to Win NFC East
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Philadelphia Eagles-150
Washington Redskins+400
Dallas Cowboys+550
New York Giants+550
Odds to Win NFC North
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Minnesota Vikings+140
Green Bay Packers+225
Chicago Bears+250
Detroit Lions+1000
Odds to Win NFC South
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New Orleans Saints+200
Atlanta Falcons+275
Carolina Panthers+300
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+300
Odds to Win NFC West
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Los Angeles Rams-800
Seattle Seahawks+600
Arizona Cardinals+10000