Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Party with the Family NFL Parlay

Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Party with the Family NFL Parlay article feature image

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Mark Ingram and Cameron Jordan on Thanksgiving 2018.

So, you don’t like a side or total in the first game on Thanksgiving and need a reason to suffer through Mitch Trubisky vs David Blough in order to avoid small talk. I get it.

You also want to ensure nobody tries to change the channel on you. I get that as well.

Well, I have the perfect solution that can involve the whole family — even those who hate football and just want to ask you about how your job is going and why you are still single.

Here’s the easy three-step plan:

  1. Ask anybody who would be willing and able to bet at your Thanksgiving party. You know who these people are. Feel free to get others involved that aren’t there as well.
  2. Each person in this group would then contribute a predetermined small amount of money. Call it $20, but this could be whatever you feel best for your situation.
  3. You as the bettor of the family with a betting account then put one big lottery ticket parlay in on each side and total for all three games.

If you can get just five total people (including yourself) in for just 20 bucks each, your $100 parlay pays out close to five grand for you to split.

You are most likely going to lose this parlay but it’s simply a lottery ticket to create some family betting bonding and spice up the afternoon. And plus, things will get very exciting if the first two hit.

Before you say, why doesn’t everyone just put in their own bets. First, this is not meant as a bet to win money…it’s a six-team parlay after all (don’t do these as a serious investment unless it’s for pure entertainment in a situation like this).

And this is meant to include those in your family who don’t usually bet or don’t have betting accounts and want to get involved in some Turkey Day football action.

How do you choose the three sides and three totals for the parlay? You can approach that a few ways:

  • You simply choose as the bettor of the family
  • If you have six people, everybody picks their favorite in some  predetermined order (oldest to youngest?)
  • Flip coins for every one. After all, it’s a six-team parlay! Just hope it’s your day to hit the lottery.

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck!

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