MLB Thursday Weather: Miserable Conditions in Chicago for Battle of the Sox

MLB Thursday Weather: Miserable Conditions in Chicago for Battle of the Sox article feature image

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Guaranteed Rate Field.

  • None of the eight MLB games on the board today feature a Weather Rating north of 50, with Washington D.C. (49) and Atlanta (47) right on the fence.
  • Minnesota and Chicago both have terrible hitting conditions, and the over/under has fallen a half-run for each game.
  • The Cardinals-Nats and Red Sox-White Sox games will have about a 35-degree temperature difference, but both may be impacted by rain.

Thursday mini-slate incoming! There are just eight games on the day and just a measly two at night … there’s no draft tonight, either. Two hockey games, one basketball game and two baseball games tonight — that has to be the fewest number of games on a given night in a dog’s age.

I’d like to tell you that all these day games would bring lots of great hitting weather, but that’s not the case. Give it time, folks.

Highest Weather Ratings

  • Rockies at Brewers: 50 (Closed Roof)
  • Cardinals at Nats: 49
  • Padres at Braves: 47

Weather Ratings are a proprietary number created by FantasyLabs, which are on a 0-100 scale, with 100 being the best hitting atmosphere and 0 being the best pitching atmosphere. Weather Rating takes into account temperature, wind speed, wind direction, stadium elevation, humidity and atmospheric pressure. 

With a handful of day games in May, you’d expect to see some nice Weather Ratings in the 60s or 70s, but nope! The best weather to be had is inside the friendly confines of Miller Park, where fans can slurp down ice cold Millers in perfectly neutral conditions.

It will be warm in the nation’s capital, but also wet. More on the potential rain at the bottom of the article.

Atlanta could have a good Weather Rating if it weren’t for the wind blowing in. It’ll be a lovely, sunny day with temps in the low 80s, but a 6-mph breeze will try its best to limit offensive production. Flip that wind from in to out and I imagine we’d have ourselves a nice 65 Weather Rating.

Lowest Weather Ratings

  • Astros at Twins: 12
  • Red Sox at White Sox: 16

Playing during the day isn’t going to help the Minneapolis weather, as the rating is hovering around 10, like it has been all week. More than 60% of bets are on the over, but dollars are split and a reverse line move was triggered on the under. This sharp activity has caused the over/under to fall from 8.5 to 8.

Chi-Town is looking nice and miserable tonight. After a washout of a day, rains will be moving out around game time. This should allow the pair of Sox to play on a damp, raw and windy 45-degree evening. This total has dropped too, from 9 to 8.5.

Inclement Weather

  • Cards at Nats: A 4 p.m. ET start time was a bad choice, as that’s precisely when the worst weather of the day will be rolling through Washington D.C. It’s not a terrible outlook, but there will be about a 50% chance of rain and thundershowers in the 4-8 p.m. range. That will go down later in the evening, so even if there is a delay, it’s highly unlikely that there will be a postponement.
  •  Red Sox at White Sox: These two teams picked the correct time to play, as heavy rain in the morning and afternoon will be moving on out by the time the game starts. There’s still a chance of remnants toward the beginning of the game, so we could potentially see a late start.