MLB Injury Report

Arizona DiamondbacksKetel MarteIFOut for seasonLower back stress reactionKetel Marte to miss rest of season.9/20/19 9:48 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksStarling MarteOFOut for seasonSprained left wristStarling Marte to miss rest of season.9/25/19 8:24 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksDavid PeraltaOFOut indefinitelyRight shoulder surgeryDavid Peralta to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.8/27/19 9:42 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksJon JayOFOut for seasonRight hip surgeryJon Jay to undergo season-ending hip surgery.8/30/19 8:18 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksLuke WeaverPOut for seasonShut downWeaver is out for season with coach's decision9/25/19 6:39 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksZac GallenPOut for seasonShut downGallen is out for season with coach's decision9/25/19 6:39 PM
Atlanta BravesPeter O'BrienOFOut indefinitelyLeft ribcage contusionPeter O'Brien placed on 10-day IL.5/11/19 7:45 PM
Atlanta BravesEnder InciarteOFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstring, quadEnder Inciarte likely out for season.10/2/19 9:27 PM
Atlanta BravesCharlie CulbersonOFOut for seasonFractured cheekboneCharlie Culberson to miss rest of season.9/15/19 9:00 PM
Atlanta BravesJohan CamargoIFOut indefinitelyFractured right shinJohan Camargo diagnosed with fractured shin.9/13/19 5:12 PM
Baltimore OriolesAlex CobbPOut for seasonRight hip surgeryAlex Cobb to undergo season-ending hip surgery.6/11/19 9:00 PM
Baltimore OriolesMason WilliamsOFOut for seasonHead, sore left kneeWilliams is out for season with head9/27/19 9:27 PM
Baltimore OriolesAnthony SantanderOFOutUndisclosedSantander is out with undisclosed 9/29/19 4:09 PM
Boston Red SoxDustin PedroiaIFOut indefinitelyLeft knee discomfortDustin Pedroia to be placed on 10-day IL.4/19/19 12:00 AM
Boston Red SoxChris SalePOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationChris Sale placed on 10-day IL.8/17/19 9:33 PM
Boston Red SoxMichael ChavisIFOut indefinitelySprained left AC jointMichael Chavis placed on 10-day IL.8/12/19 6:27 PM
Boston Red SoxCésar PuelloOFOut indefinitelyStrained left hipCesar Puello placed on 10-day IL.8/5/19 5:12 PM
Boston Red SoxAlex VerdugoOFOut indefinitelyStrained right obliqueAlex Verdugo placed on 10-day IL.8/6/19 9:30 PM
Chicago CubsSteven Souza Jr.OFOut indefinitelyTorn left ACL, LCLSouza is injured with knee3/26/19 10:33 PM
Chicago CubsJason KipnisIFOut for seasonFractured hamate boneJason Kipnis to miss rest of season with fractured wrist.9/17/19 6:45 PM
Chicago CubsJavier BáezIFOutLeft thumb hairline fractureBaez is out with thumb9/26/19 2:27 AM
Chicago CubsKris BryantIFOutSprained right ankleBryant is out with ankle9/25/19 6:42 PM
Chicago CubsAnthony RizzoIFOutSprained right ankleRizzo is out with ankle9/29/19 3:24 PM
Chicago CubsAlbert Almora Jr.OFOutRight kneeAlmora is out with knee9/29/19 3:27 PM
Chicago White SoxCarlos RodónPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationCarlos Rodon placed on 10-day IL.5/2/19 8:03 PM
Chicago White SoxNomar MazaraOFOutRight thumbMazara is out with thumb9/29/19 4:12 PM
Chicago White SoxLucas GiolitoPOut indefinitelyStrained latLucas Giolito to miss rest of season.9/17/19 2:36 AM
Chicago White SoxMichael KopechPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryKopech is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Chicago White SoxNicky DelmonicoOFOut for seasonLeft shoulder surgeryNicky Delmonico underwent season-ending shoulder surgery.6/4/19 10:00 PM
Chicago White SoxDylan CeasePOut for seasonStrained left hamstringCease is out for season with hamstring9/28/19 8:06 PM
Cincinnati RedsNick CastellanosOFOutTight right groinCastellanos is out with groin9/29/19 3:27 PM
Cincinnati RedsSonny GrayPOut for seasonRight elbow surgerySonny Gray underwent season-ending elbow surgery.9/25/19 7:48 PM
Cincinnati RedsFreddy GalvisIFOutKnee, illnessGalvis is out with knee9/29/19 2:09 PM
Cincinnati RedsDerek DietrichIFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder surgeryDerek Dietrich underwent shoulder surgery.9/27/19 8:36 PM
Cincinnati RedsNick SenzelOFOut for seasonTorn right labrumNick Senzel to miss rest of season with torn labrum.9/13/19 1:12 AM
Cincinnati RedsJesse WinkerOFOut indefinitelyStrained cervicalJesse Winker placed on 10-day IL.8/22/19 11:42 PM
Cleveland IndiansJosé RamírezIFOutSore right handRamirez is out with hand9/29/19 3:45 PM
Cleveland IndiansTyler NaquinOFOut for seasonTorn right ACLTyler Naquin diagnosed with torn ACL.8/31/19 6:42 PM
Cleveland IndiansChristian ArroyoIFOut indefinitelyRight forearm tendinitisChristian Arroyo placed on 10-day IL.6/13/19 7:57 PM
Colorado RockiesElias DíazCOut for seasonSprained right kneeElias Diaz to miss rest of season.9/25/19 8:27 PM
Colorado RockiesNolan ArenadoIFOutSore sideArenado is out with side9/29/19 4:09 PM
Colorado RockiesJon GrayPOut indefinitelyFractured left footJon Gray placed on 60-day IL.8/21/19 5:09 PM
Colorado RockiesGerman MárquezPOut indefinitelyRight arm inflammationGerman Marquez placed on 10-day IL.8/26/19 6:06 PM
Colorado RockiesDavid DahlOFOut for seasonSprained right ankleDavid Dahl said he'll miss rest of season.9/13/19 8:48 PM
Colorado RockiesBrendan RodgersIFOut for seasonRight shoulder surgeryBrendan Rodgers to miss rest of season.7/17/19 1:45 AM
Detroit TigersMichael FulmerPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryFulmer is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Detroit TigersJaCoby JonesOFOut indefinitelyFractured left wristJaCoby Jones likely to miss rest of season due to fractured wrist.8/11/19 1:21 AM
Detroit TigersNiko GoodrumIFOut indefinitelyStrained left groinNiko Goodrum to be placed on 10-day IL.8/24/19 4:00 AM
Detroit TigersHarold CastroIFOutAnkleCastro is out with ankle9/29/19 4:54 PM
Houston AstrosLance McCullers Jr.POut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryMcCullers is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsSalvador PérezCOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryPerez is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsAdalberto MondesiIFOut for seasonSore left shoulderAdalberto Mondesi to miss rest of season.9/22/19 10:36 PM
Kansas City RoyalsBrad KellerPOut for seasonShut downBrad Keller shut down for rest of season.8/28/19 8:57 PM
Los Angeles AngelsJustin UptonOFOut for seasonRight knee patellar tendinitisJustin Upton to miss rest of season.9/14/19 5:45 AM
Los Angeles AngelsMike TroutOFOut for seasonRight foot surgeryTrout is out for season with foot9/15/19 6:54 PM
Los Angeles AngelsMax StassiCOut for seasonRight hip surgeryMax Stassi to undergo hip surgery; out 4-6 months.9/24/19 11:09 PM
Los Angeles AngelsFélix PeñaPOut for seasonTorn right ACLPena is out for season with knee8/4/19 3:42 PM
Los Angeles AngelsLuis RengifoIFOut for seasonFractured left handLuis Rengifo diagnosed with fractured hand.9/18/19 10:06 PM
Los Angeles AngelsGriffin CanningPOut for seasonRight elbow inflammationGriffin Canning to miss rest of season.8/22/19 9:54 PM
Los Angeles AngelsShohei OhtaniDHOut for seasonLeft knee surgeryShohei Ohtani to undergo season-ending knee surgery.9/12/19 8:48 PM
Los Angeles DodgersDavid PricePOut indefinitelyLeft wristDavid Price to miss rest of season.9/18/19 9:03 PM
Los Angeles DodgersTyler WhiteIFOut indefinitelyStrained trap muscleTyler White placed on 10-day IL.8/13/19 8:51 PM
Miami MarlinsCorey DickersonOFOut for seasonFractured left footCorey Dickerson to miss rest of season with fractured foot.9/17/19 7:45 PM
Miami MarlinsLewis BrinsonOFOutRight foot contusionBrinson is out with foot9/29/19 4:21 PM
Miami MarlinsMagneuris SierraOFOut for seasonStrained left hamstringSierra is out for season with hamstring9/23/19 12:24 AM
Miami MarlinsChad WallachCOut indefinitelyConcussionChad Wallach placed on 10-day IL.5/24/19 7:39 PM
Miami MarlinsBrian AndersonOFOut indefinitelyFractured left fifth metacarpalBrian Anderson diagnosed with fractured hand.8/24/19 3:36 AM
Miami MarlinsGarrett CooperIFOutJammed left kneeCooper is out with knee9/29/19 4:21 PM
Miami MarlinsJordan YamamotoPOut indefinitelyStrained right forearmJordan Yamamoto placed on 10-day IL.8/28/19 7:21 PM
Milwaukee BrewersKeon BroxtonOFOutOne-game suspensionBroxton is out with suspension9/2/19 12:57 AM
Milwaukee BrewersChristian YelichOFOut for seasonFractured right kneecapChristian Yelich to miss rest of season due to fractured kneecap.9/11/19 2:48 AM
Milwaukee BrewersRyon HealyIFOut indefinitelyLower back inflammation, hipRyon Healy placed on 10-day IL.7/24/19 7:09 PM
Minnesota TwinsByron BuxtonOFOut for seasonLeft shoulder subluxationByron Buxton to miss rest of season.9/10/19 8:06 PM
New York MetsYoenis CéspedesOFOut for seasonRight ankle surgeryYoenis Cespedes undergoes season-ending ankle surgery.5/23/19 7:33 PM
New York MetsJeff McNeilIFOut indefinitelyFractured right wristJeff McNeil diagnosed with fractured wrist.9/26/19 1:45 AM
New York YankeesDomingo GermánPOut for seasonAdministrative leaveDomingo German to remain on administrative leave through end of playoffs.9/25/19 10:09 PM
New York YankeesMiguel AndújarIFOut for seasonTorn right labrumMiguel Andujar to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.5/16/19 12:45 AM
New York YankeesMike TauchmanOFOut indefinitelyStrained left calfMike Tauchman to miss rest of regular season.9/9/19 9:00 PM
Oakland AthleticsChad PinderOFOutLegPinder is out with leg10/2/19 8:33 PM
Oakland AthleticsDaniel GossettPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryGossett is injured with arm3/25/19 11:54 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesLogan ForsytheIFOutTight left intercostalForsythe is out with back9/29/19 4:09 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesAndrew McCutchenOFOut for seasonTorn left ACLAndrew McCutchen to miss rest of season with torn ACL.6/4/19 10:18 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesJean SeguraIFOutSprained right ankleSegura is out with ankle9/29/19 4:09 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesJake ArrietaPOut for seasonRight elbow surgeryJake Arrieta to undergo season-ending elbow surgery.8/17/19 6:57 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesRoman QuinnOFOut indefinitelyStrained right groinRoman Quinn placed on 10-day IL.8/17/19 6:33 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesJ.T. RealmutoCOut for seasonRight knee surgeryJ.T. Realmuto to undergo season-ending knee surgery.9/25/19 8:00 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesScott KingeryIFOutBlurry visionKingery is out with eye9/29/19 12:03 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesChris ArcherPOut for seasonRight shoulder inflammationChris Archer shut down for rest of season.9/15/19 5:42 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJosh BellIFOut for seasonStrained left groinJosh Bell to miss rest of season.9/25/19 8:27 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesGregory PolancoOFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder inflammationGregory Polanco placed on 10-day IL.6/22/19 5:42 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJameson TaillonPOut indefinitelyStrained right elbow flexorJameson Taillon placed on the 10-day IL.5/4/19 6:51 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesColin MoranIFOutHip discomfortMoran is out with hip9/29/19 2:36 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesBryan ReynoldsOFOutRight hamstring discomfortReynolds is out with hamstring9/29/19 2:36 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesChad KuhlPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryKuhl is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJT RiddleIFOut indefinitelyStrained right forearmJ.T. Riddle placed on 10-day IL.7/18/19 1:27 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJason MartinOFOut for seasonDislocated left shoulderJason Martin to miss rest of season.9/4/19 8:33 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesCole TuckerIFOut for seasonStrained left kneeCole Tucker to miss rest of season.9/25/19 8:30 PM
San Diego PadresAbraham AlmonteOFOutStrained left hamstringAlmonte is out with hamstring9/29/19 3:54 PM
San Diego PadresFernando Tatis Jr.IFOut indefinitelyLower back spasmFernando Tatis Jr. to be placed on 10-day IL.8/15/19 1:06 AM
San Diego PadresJacob NixPOut indefinitelyStrained right UCLNix is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
San Francisco GiantsPablo SandovalIFOut indefinitelyRight elbow inflammationSandoval is injured with elbow9/2/19 9:54 PM
San Francisco GiantsHunter PenceOFOut indefinitelyStrained lower backHunter Pence to be placed on 10-day IL.8/27/19 10:33 PM
San Francisco GiantsTyson RossPOut indefinitelyUlnar nerveTyson Ross placed on 10-day IL.5/12/19 9:39 PM
San Francisco GiantsSteven DuggarOFOut indefinitelySprained left shoulderSteven Duggar to be placed on 10-day IL.8/8/19 9:33 PM
Seattle MarinersKendall GravemanPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryGraveman is injured with arm3/25/19 10:48 PM
Seattle MarinersMitch HanigerOFOut indefinitelyRuptured testicleMitch Haniger placed on 10-day IL.6/7/19 8:54 PM
Seattle MarinersJake FraleyOFOut for seasonSprained right thumbJake Fraley to miss rest of season.9/11/19 11:00 PM
St. Louis CardinalsLane ThomasOFOut indefinitelyFractured right wristLane Thomas diagnosed with fractured wrist.8/30/19 6:48 PM
Tampa Bay RaysYandy DíazIFOutSore left footDiaz is out with foot10/10/19 5:24 PM
Texas RangersJesse ChavezPOut for seasonRight elbow surgeryChavez is out for season with elbow9/11/19 8:57 PM
Texas RangersGreg BirdIFOut indefinitelyPlantar fascia tearGreg Bird placed on 10-day IL.4/16/19 2:48 PM
Texas RangersCorey KluberPOut indefinitelyFractured right ulnaCorey Kluber diagnosed with fractured forearm.5/2/19 2:03 AM
Texas RangersJoey GalloOFOut indefinitelyRight wrist surgeryGallo is injured with wrist8/3/19 10:09 PM
Texas RangersJeff MathisCOutStrained lower backMathis is out with back9/29/19 4:09 PM
Texas RangersTaylor HearnPOut indefinitelyTight left elbowTaylor Hearn placed on 10-day IL.4/26/19 11:45 PM
Texas RangersBrock BurkePOut for seasonShut downBrock Burke shut down for rest of season.9/25/19 9:00 PM
Toronto Blue JaysMatt ShoemakerPOut for seasonTorn left ACLMatt Shoemaker to miss rest of season with torn ACL.4/21/19 11:42 PM
Toronto Blue JaysLourdes Gurriel Jr.OFOut for seasonAppendicitisLourdes Gurriel to miss rest of season.9/24/19 4:48 AM
Toronto Blue JaysRyan BoruckiPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationRyan Borucki placed on 10-day IL.7/31/19 4:36 PM
Toronto Blue JaysVladimir Guerrero Jr.IFOutSore right kneeGuerrero Jr. is out with knee9/29/19 3:42 PM
Toronto Blue JaysBo BichetteIFOut for seasonConcussionBo Bichette shut down for rest of season.9/28/19 4:51 PM
Washington NationalsKurt SuzukiCOutHipKurt Suzuki scratched Wednesday.10/30/19 9:15 PM