MLB Injury Report

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Arizona DiamondbacksSteven Souza Jr.OFOut indefinitelyTorn left ACL, LCLSouza is injured with knee3/26/19 10:33 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksWilmer FloresIFQuestionableRight foot contusionFlores is questionable with foot5/20/19 12:00 AM
Arizona DiamondbacksJake LambIFOut indefinitelyStrained left quadJake Lamb placed on the 10-day IL.4/5/19 7:03 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksTaijuan WalkerPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryWalker is injured with arm3/25/19 10:45 PM
Arizona DiamondbacksJarrod DysonOFQuestionableHand contusionDyson is questionable with hand5/19/19 11:12 PM
Atlanta BravesEnder InciarteOFOut indefinitelyStrained lower backEnder Inciarte placed on 10-day IL.5/15/19 8:21 PM
Baltimore OriolesAlex CobbPOut indefinitelyStrained lumbarAlex Cobb (abdominal) placed on 10-day IL.4/28/19 2:48 PM
Baltimore OriolesNate KarnsPOut indefinitelyStrained right forearmNate Karns placed on 10-day IL.4/9/19 5:42 PM
Baltimore OriolesMark TrumboDHOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryTrumbo is injured with knee3/25/19 10:45 PM
Boston Red SoxNathan EovaldiPOut indefinitelyRight elbowNathan Eovaldi placed on 10-day IL.4/20/19 3:36 PM
Boston Red SoxSandy LeónCProbablePaternityLeon is probable with personal5/19/19 11:12 PM
Boston Red SoxBrock HoltIFOut indefinitelyRight eye scratched corneaBrock Holt placed on 10-day IL.4/6/19 3:36 PM
Boston Red SoxDustin PedroiaIFOut indefinitelyLeft knee discomfortDustin Pedroia to be placed on 10-day IL.4/19/19 12:00 AM
Boston Red SoxTzu-Wei LinIFOut indefinitelySprained left kneeTzu-Wei Lin placed on 10-day IL.5/4/19 3:54 AM
Chicago CubsKendall GravemanPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryGraveman is injured with arm3/25/19 10:48 PM
Chicago CubsJavier BáezIFQuestionableHeel contusionBaez is questionable with heel5/20/19 2:21 AM
Chicago CubsBen ZobristIFOutPersonalBen Zobrist placed on restricted list.5/8/19 8:09 PM
Chicago White SoxManny BañuelosPOut indefinitelyStrained left shoulderManny Banuelos placed on 10-day IL.5/17/19 8:30 PM
Chicago White SoxCarlos RodónPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationCarlos Rodon placed on 10-day IL.5/2/19 8:03 PM
Chicago White SoxJon JayOFOut indefinitelyStrained right hipJay is injured with hip3/27/19 7:24 PM
Chicago White SoxEloy JiménezOFQuestionableHigh sprained right ankleJimenez is questionable with ankle5/19/19 11:57 PM
Chicago White SoxMichael KopechPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryKopech is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Cincinnati RedsMatt KempOFOut indefinitelyChest wall contusionMatt Kemp placed on 10-day IL.4/23/19 7:06 PM
Cincinnati RedsScooter GennettIFOut indefinitelyStrained right groinGennett is injured with groin3/25/19 11:00 PM
Cincinnati RedsYasiel PuigOFQuestionableSprained right shoulderPuig is questionable with shoulder5/19/19 8:51 PM
Cincinnati RedsAlex BlandinoIFOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryBlandino is injured with knee3/25/19 10:57 PM
Cincinnati RedsAlex WoodPOut indefinitelySore lower backWood is injured with back3/25/19 10:57 PM
Cleveland IndiansBradley ZimmerOFOut indefinitelyRight shoulder surgeryZimmer is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:00 PM
Cleveland IndiansHanley RamírezDHOutDesignated for assignmentRamirez is out with dismissed4/20/19 4:12 PM
Cleveland IndiansDanny SalazarPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder surgerySalazar is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:00 PM
Cleveland IndiansMike ClevingerPOut indefinitelyStrained upper backMike Clevinger placed on the 10-day IL.4/9/19 2:21 PM
Cleveland IndiansTyler NaquinOFOut indefinitelyStrained left calfTyler Naquin placed on 10-day IL.5/14/19 3:06 PM
Cleveland IndiansCorey KluberPOut indefinitelyFractured right ulnaCorey Kluber diagnosed with fractured forearm.5/2/19 2:03 AM
Colorado RockiesNoel CuevasOFOut indefinitelyStrained left quadCuevas is injured with quad4/16/19 9:36 PM
Detroit TigersTyson RossPOut indefinitelyUlnar nerveTyson Ross placed on 10-day IL.5/12/19 9:39 PM
Detroit TigersJordy MercerIFOut indefinitelyStrained right quadJordy Mercer placed on 10-day IL.5/9/19 1:51 PM
Detroit TigersMatt MoorePOut for seasonRight knee surgeryMatt Moore to miss rest of season.4/17/19 7:27 PM
Detroit TigersMichael FulmerPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryFulmer is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Detroit TigersJordan ZimmermannPOut indefinitelySprained right elbow UCLJordan Zimmerman placed on 10-day IL.4/26/19 8:06 PM
Houston AstrosAledmys DíazIFQuestionableLeft hamstring discomfortDiaz is questionable with hamstring5/19/19 11:12 PM
Houston AstrosGeorge SpringerOFOutStiff lower backSpringer is out with back5/19/19 11:57 PM
Houston AstrosJose AltuveIFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringJose Altuve to be placed on 10-day IL.5/12/19 3:39 AM
Houston AstrosLance McCullers Jr.POut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryMcCullers is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsJesse HahnPOut indefinitelyRight elbow surgeryHahn is injured with elbow3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsSalvador PérezCOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryPerez is injured with arm3/25/19 11:03 PM
Kansas City RoyalsLucas DudaIFOut indefinitelyStrained lumbarLucas Duda placed on 10-day IL.4/26/19 11:45 PM
Los Angeles AngelsAndrew HeaneyPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow inflammationHeaney is injured with elbow3/25/19 11:06 PM
Los Angeles AngelsJC RamírezPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryRamirez is injured with arm3/25/19 11:06 PM
Los Angeles AngelsMichael HermosilloOFOut indefinitelySports hernia surgeryHermosillo is injured with hernia3/25/19 11:06 PM
Los Angeles AngelsJustin UptonOFOut indefinitelyTurf toeJustin Upton to miss 8-12 weeks.3/30/19 12:24 AM
Los Angeles DodgersA.J. PollockOFOut indefinitelyRight elbow surgeryA.J. Pollock to undergo elbow surgery.5/2/19 12:15 AM
Los Angeles DodgersKenta MaedaPOut indefinitelyThighKenta Maeda to be placed on 10-day IL.5/17/19 12:03 AM
Miami MarlinsJorge AlfaroCQuestionableStrained left calfAlfaro is questionable with calf5/19/19 11:12 PM
Miami MarlinsPeter O'BrienOFOut indefinitelyLeft ribcage contusionPeter O'Brien placed on 10-day IL.5/11/19 7:45 PM
Miami MarlinsJon BertiIFQuestionableStrained left obliqueBerti is questionable with oblique5/19/19 11:12 PM
Milwaukee BrewersJimmy NelsonPOut indefinitelySore right shoulderNelson is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:21 PM
Milwaukee BrewersManny PiñaCOut indefinitelyRight hamstring discomfortManny Pina to be placed on 10-day IL.5/16/19 2:51 AM
Milwaukee BrewersTravis ShawIFOut indefinitelyStrained right wristTravis Shaw placed on 10-day IL.5/14/19 5:36 PM
Milwaukee BrewersBrent SuterPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgerySuter is injured with arm3/25/19 11:21 PM
Minnesota TwinsNelson CruzDHOut indefinitelyLeft wristNelson Cruz placed on 10-day IL.5/17/19 5:12 PM
Minnesota TwinsMitch GarverCOut indefinitelySprained left ankleMitch Garver placed on 10-day IL.5/15/19 3:00 PM
New York MetsYoenis CéspedesOFOut indefinitelyRight heel, left heel surgeryCespedes is injured with heel3/25/19 11:24 PM
New York MetsJason VargasPOut indefinitelyLeft hamstringJason Vargas placed on 10-day IL.5/6/19 11:12 PM
New York MetsMichael ConfortoOFOut indefinitelyConcussionMichael Conforto to be placed on 7-day concussion list.5/16/19 8:42 PM
New York MetsJed LowrieIFOut indefinitelyStrained hamstringLowrie is injured with hamstring5/14/19 7:57 PM
New York YankeesJacoby EllsburyOFOut indefinitelyPlantar fasciitis, left hip surgeryEllsbury is injured with hip3/25/19 11:48 PM
New York YankeesAaron JudgeOFOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueAaron Judge placed on 10-day IL.4/21/19 2:57 PM
New York YankeesGreg BirdIFOut indefinitelyPlantar fascia tearGreg Bird placed on 10-day IL.4/16/19 2:48 PM
New York YankeesLuis SeverinoPOut indefinitelyRight rotator cuff inflammationSeverino is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:51 PM
New York YankeesJordan MontgomeryPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryMontgomery is injured with arm3/25/19 11:48 PM
New York YankeesDidi GregoriusIFOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryGregorius is injured with arm3/25/19 11:48 PM
New York YankeesJames PaxtonPOut indefinitelyLeft knee inflammationJames Paxton placed on the 10-day IL.5/4/19 3:45 PM
New York YankeesTroy TulowitzkiIFOut indefinitelyStrained left calfTroy Tulowitzki expected to be placed on the 10-day IL.4/3/19 10:54 PM
New York YankeesMiguel AndújarIFOut for seasonTorn right labrumMiguel Andujar to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.5/16/19 12:45 AM
New York YankeesJonathan LoaisigaPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderJonathan Loaisiga placed on 10-day IL.5/13/19 7:24 PM
New York YankeesGiancarlo StantonDHOut indefinitelyStrained left shoulderStanton is injured with shoulder5/14/19 9:15 PM
Oakland AthleticsChris HerrmannCOut indefinitelyRight knee surgeryHerrmann is injured with knee3/25/19 11:54 PM
Oakland AthleticsSean ManaeaPOut indefinitely Left shoulder surgeryManaea is injured with shoulder3/25/19 11:54 PM
Oakland AthleticsNick MartiniOFOut indefinitelySprained right kneeMartini is injured with knee3/25/19 11:54 PM
Oakland AthleticsDaniel GossettPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryGossett is injured with arm3/25/19 11:54 PM
Oakland AthleticsMarco EstradaPOut indefinitelyStrained lumbarMarco Estrada placed on 10-day IL.4/17/19 10:42 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesRoman QuinnOFOut indefinitelyStrained right groinRoman Quinn placed on 10-day IL.4/25/19 7:36 PM
Philadelphia PhilliesVince VelasquezPOut indefinitelyStrained right forearmVince Velasquez placed on 10-day IL.5/11/19 7:09 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesTrevor WilliamsPOut indefinitelyStrained right sideTrevor Williams placed on 10-day IL.5/17/19 10:42 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJameson TaillonPOut indefinitelyStrained right elbow flexorJameson Taillon placed on the 10-day IL.5/4/19 6:51 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesErik GonzálezIFOut indefinitelyFractured left clavicleErik Gonzalez placed on 60-day IL.4/20/19 6:45 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesCorey DickersonOFOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderCorey Dickerson placed on 10-day IL.4/4/19 7:42 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJung Ho KangIFOut indefinitelyStrained left sideJung-ho Kang placed on 10-day IL.5/13/19 10:48 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesJacob StallingsCOut indefinitelyCervical neck strainJacob Stallings placed on 10-day IL.4/21/19 3:36 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesChad KuhlPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryKuhl is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
Pittsburgh PiratesLonnie ChisenhallOFOut indefinitelyFractured right index fingerReport: Lonnie Chisenhall out 4-6 weeks.3/28/19 3:21 PM
San Diego PadresTravis JankowskiOFOut indefinitelyRight wrist surgeryJankowski is injured with wrist3/25/19 11:57 PM
San Diego PadresFrancisco MejíaCOut indefinitelySprained left kneeFrancisco Mejia placed on 10-day IL.5/11/19 6:27 PM
San Diego PadresFranchy CorderoOFOut indefinitelySore right elbowFranchy Cordero placed on 10-day IL.4/8/19 9:39 PM
San Diego PadresDinelson LametPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryLamet is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
San Diego PadresFernando Tatis Jr.IFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringFernando Tatis Jr. placed on 10-day IL.4/30/19 7:18 PM
San Diego PadresJose PirelaIFOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueJose Pirela placed on 10-day IL.4/24/19 5:06 PM
San Diego PadresJacob NixPOut indefinitelyStrained right UCLNix is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
San Diego PadresGarrett RichardsPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryRichards is injured with arm3/25/19 11:57 PM
San Francisco GiantsJohnny CuetoPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryCueto is injured with arm3/26/19 12:00 AM
Seattle MarinersDylan MooreIFOut indefinitelyRight wrist contusionMoore is injured with wrist5/11/19 2:54 AM
Seattle MarinersKyle SeagerIFOut indefinitelyLeft hand surgerySeager is injured with hand3/25/19 11:57 PM
Seattle MarinersFélix HernándezPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderFelix Hernandez placed on 10-day IL.5/12/19 2:09 PM
Tampa Bay RaysMichael PerezCOut indefinitelyTight right obliqueMichael Perez placed on 10-day IL.5/8/19 2:06 PM
Tampa Bay RaysTyler GlasnowPOut indefinitelyMild strained forearmTyler Glasnow to miss 4-6 weeks.5/11/19 3:15 PM
Tampa Bay RaysJosé De LeónPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryDe Leon is injured with arm3/26/19 12:00 AM
Tampa Bay RaysYandy DíazIFQuestionableLeft hand contusionDiaz is questionable with hand5/19/19 8:30 PM
Tampa Bay RaysMike ZuninoCOut indefinitelyTight left quadMike Zunino placed on 10-day IL.5/10/19 2:15 PM
Tampa Bay RaysAnthony BemboomCOut indefinitelySprained left kneeAnthony Bemboom to be placed on 10-day IL.5/16/19 2:39 AM
Tampa Bay RaysJoey WendleIFOut indefinitelyFractured right wristJoey Wendle diagnosed with fractured wrist.4/24/19 7:45 PM
Tampa Bay RaysMatt DuffyIFOut indefinitelyLeft hamstring discomfortDuffy is injured with hamstring3/26/19 12:00 AM
Texas RangersDanny SantanaIFQuestionableBruised right ankleSantana is questionable with ankle5/19/19 11:12 PM
Texas RangersTaylor HearnPOut indefinitelyTight left elbowTaylor Hearn placed on 10-day IL.4/26/19 11:45 PM
Texas RangersElvis AndrusIFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringElvis Andrus placed on 10-day IL.5/15/19 8:33 PM
Texas RangersYohander MéndezPOut indefinitelySprained left elbow ligamentMendez is injured with elbow3/26/19 12:00 AM
Texas RangersScott HeinemanOFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder surgeryHeineman is injured with shoulder3/26/19 12:00 AM
Toronto Blue JaysDalton PompeyOFOut indefinitelyConcussionPompey is injured with concussion3/27/19 7:30 PM
Toronto Blue JaysDevon TravisIFOut indefinitelyLeft knee surgeryTravis is injured with knee3/26/19 12:03 AM
Toronto Blue JaysRyan BoruckiPOut indefinitelySore left elbowBorucki is injured with elbow3/26/19 8:15 PM
Toronto Blue JaysMatt ShoemakerPOut for seasonTorn left ACLMatt Shoemaker to miss rest of season with torn ACL.4/21/19 11:42 PM
Toronto Blue JaysClay BuchholzPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder inflammationClay Buchholz placed on 10-day IL.5/10/19 8:21 PM
Toronto Blue JaysClayton RichardPOut indefinitelyStress reaction in his right kneeClayton Richard to be placed on the 10-day IL.3/31/19 3:30 PM
Washington NationalsAníbal SánchezPOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringAnibal Sanchez to be placed on 10-day IL.5/16/19 8:48 PM
Washington NationalsMatt AdamsIFOut indefinitelyStrained left shoulderMatt Adams placed on 10-day IL.5/5/19 4:27 PM
Washington NationalsAndrew StevensonOFOut indefinitelyBack spasmsAndrew Stevenson placed on 10-day IL.5/9/19 10:45 PM
Washington NationalsRyan ZimmermanIFOut indefinitelyPlantar fasciitisRyan Zimmerman placed on 10-day IL.4/28/19 4:21 PM
UnsignedJharel CottonPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryCotton is injured with arm3/25/19 11:51 PM