MLB Injury Report

DiamondbacksJosh ReddickOFOutIllnessReddick is out with illnessJul 31
DiamondbacksLuke WeaverPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder discomfortLuke Weaver to be placed on 10-day IL.May 18
DiamondbacksSeth FrankoffPOut indefinitelySore right forearmSeth Frankoff placed on 10-day IL.Jun 4
DiamondbacksPavin SmithOFOutHealth and safety protocolsPavin Smith placed on injured list.Jul 30
DiamondbacksJosh RojasIFOut indefinitelyDislocated left fingerJosh Rojas placed on 10-day IL.Jul 24
BravesEddie RosarioOFOut indefinitelyStrained abdominalEddie Rosario placed on 10-day IL. Jul 7
BravesTravis d'ArnaudCOut indefinitelyLeft thumb surgeryTravis d'Arnaud to undergo thumb surgery.May 2
BravesMarcell OzunaOFOut indefinitelyDislocated left ring, middle fingerOzuna is injured with fingerMay 30
BravesIan AndersonPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder inflammationIan Anderson placed on 10-day IL.Jul 16
BravesMike SorokaPOut indefinitelyTorn right Achilles tendonSoroka is injured with achillesMay 28
BravesRonald Acuña Jr.OFOut for seasonTorn right ACLRonald Acuna Jr. to undergo season-ending ACL surgery.Jul 11
BravesTucker DavidsonPOut indefinitelyStrained left forearmTucker Davidson to be placed on 10-day IL.Jun 16
BravesHuascar YnoaPOut indefinitelyBroken handHuascar Ynoa out a couple months with broken hand from punching dugout bench.May 17
OriolesChris DavisIFOut for seasonLeft hip surgeryChris Davis underwent season-ending hip surgery.May 19
OriolesKeegan AkinPProbableCOVID-19 listAkin is probable with illnessJul 31
OriolesBruce ZimmermannPOut indefinitelyLeft bicep tendonitisBruce Zimmermann placed on 10-day IL.Jun 18
Red SoxDanny SantanaOFOut indefinitelyStrained left groinDanny Santana to be placed on IL.Jul 22
Red SoxMarwin GonzalezIFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringMarwin Gonzalez placed on 10-day IL.Jul 16
Red SoxKyle SchwarberOFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringKyle Schwarber to miss time with significant hamstring strain.Jul 3
Red SoxChristian ArroyoIFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringChristian Arroyo placed on 10-day IL.Jul 19
CubsAustin RomineCOut indefinitelySprained left wristAustin Romine placed on 10-day IL.Apr 26
CubsJose LobatonCOut indefinitelySprained right shoulderJose Lobaton placed on 60-day IL.Jun 30
CubsP.J. HigginsCOut indefinitelyStrained right forearmP.J. Higgins (forearm) placed on 10-day IL.Jun 11
CubsJohneshwy FargasOFOut indefinitelySprained AC jointFargas is injured with shoulderMay 26
CubsNick MadrigalIFOut for seasonRight hamstring surgeryNick Madrigal underwent season-ending hamstring surgery.Jun 15
CubsNico HoernerIFOut indefinitelyStrained right obliqueNico Hoerner placed on 10-day IL.Jul 29
White SoxYasmani GrandalCOut indefinitelyTorn left knee tendonYasmani Grandal diagnosed with torn knee tendon.Jul 6
White SoxJake LambOFOut indefinitelyStrained right quadJake Lamb placed on 10-day IL.Jun 29
White SoxEloy JiménezOFOutTight right groinJimenez is out with groinJul 31
White SoxLuis RobertOFOut indefinitelyStrained hip flexorLuis Robert (hip) to miss 12-16 weeks.May 3
RedsMike MoustakasIFOut indefinitelyRight heel contusionMoustakas is injured with heelJul 15
RedsNick CastellanosOFOut indefinitelyRight wrist microfractureNick Castellanos could be out a couple weeks.Jul 22
RedsNick SenzelOFOut indefinitelyLeft knee surgeryNick Senzel to undergo knee surgery; expected to miss 4-6 weeks.May 26
RedsAlex BlandinoIFOut indefinitelyBroken right handAlex Blandino placed on 10-day IL.Jun 5
IndiansJosh NaylorOFOut indefinitelyFractured, dislocated right ankleJosh Naylor diagnosed with fractured ankle.Jun 28
IndiansBobby BradleyIFOutBereavement listBobby Bradley placed on bereavement list.Jul 30
IndiansAaron CivalePOut indefinitelySprained right middle fingerAaron Civale to miss 4-5 weeks with sprained finger.Jun 23
IndiansShane BieberPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderShane Bieber to be placed on IL.Jun 14
RockiesIan DesmondOFOut for seasonPersonalDesmond is out for season with personalMar 30
RockiesChi Chi GonzálezPOut indefinitelyCovid-19 protocolsChi Chi Gonzalez placed in COVID-19 protocols.Jul 28
RockiesChris OwingsIFOut indefinitelyLeft thumb mallet fingerChris Owings placed on 10-day IL.Jul 20
RockiesAntonio SenzatelaPOutCOVID-19 protocolsAntonio Senzatela scratched from start Friday.Jul 16
RockiesPeter LambertPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryLambert is injured with elbowMar 30
RockiesYonathan DazaOFOutCOVID-19 listYonathan Daza placed on COVID-19 IL.Jul 16
TigersMatthew BoydPOut indefinitelyLeft arm discomfortMatthew Boyd placed on 10-day IL.Jun 15
TigersJosé UreñaPOut indefinitelyStrained right groinJose Urena placed on 10-day IL.Jul 17
TigersJulio TeheranPOut indefinitelyStrained right shoulderJulio Teheran placed on 10-day IL.Apr 10
TigersSpencer TurnbullPOut for seasonTommy John surgerySpencer Turnbull to undergo Tommy John surgery.Jul 20
TigersDaz CameronOFOut indefinitelyRight toeDaz Cameron placed on 10-day IL.Jul 7
TigersNiko GoodrumOFOut indefinitelyLeft calf contusionNiko Goodrum placed on 10-day IL.Jul 17
TigersIsaac ParedesIFOut indefinitelyStrained right hipIsaac Paredes placed on 10-day IL.Jul 22
AstrosJustin VerlanderPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryVerlander is injured with armMar 30
AstrosAlex BregmanIFOut indefinitelyStrained left quadAlex Bregman placed on 10-day IL.Jun 17
AstrosJosé UrquidyPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder discomfortJose Urquidy placed on 10-day IL.Jun 30
RoyalsAdalberto MondesiIFOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueAdalberto Mondesi placed on 10-day IL.Jun 21
RoyalsBrady SingerPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder fatigueBrady Singer placed on 10-day IL.Jul 20
RoyalsEmmanuel RiveraIFOut indefinitelyFractured left hamateEmmanuel Rivera diagnosed with fractured wrist.Jun 30
AngelsAlex CobbPOut indefinitelyRight wrist inflammationAlex Cobb placed on 10-day IL.Jul 31
AngelsMike TroutOFOut indefinitelyStrained right calfMike Trout placed on 10-day IL.May 18
AngelsDexter FowlerOFOut indefinitelyTorn ACLDexter Fowler diagnosed with torn ACL.Apr 11
AngelsAnthony RendonIFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringAnthony Rendon placed on 10-day IL.Jul 6
AngelsFranklin BarretoIFOut for seasonTommy John surgeryFranklin Barreto to undergo Tommy John surgery.May 11
AngelsJared WalshIFOut indefinitelyStrained right intercostalJared Walsh placed on 10-day IL.Jul 28
DodgersMookie BettsOFOut indefinitelyRight hip inflammationMookie Betts placed on 10-day IL.Jul 25
DodgersDanny DuffyPOut indefinitelyStrained left flexorDanny Duffy placed on 10-day IL.Jul 20
DodgersTrevor BauerPOutLegalTrevor Bauer placed on administrative leave.Jul 2
DodgersCorey SeagerIFOutRestSeager is out with restJul 31
DodgersClayton KershawPOut indefinitelyLeft forearm inflammationClayton Kershaw placed on 10-day IL.Jul 7
DodgersTrea TurnerIFOutCOVID-19Turner is out with illnessJul 28
DodgersGavin LuxIFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringGavin Lux placed on 10-day IL.Jul 19
DodgersEdwin RíosIFOut for seasonTorn labrumEdwin Rios to undergo season ending surgery.May 12
DodgersDustin MayPOut for seasonTommy John surgeryDustin May to undergo Tommy John surgery.May 3
DodgersTony GonsolinPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder inflammationTony Gonsolin placed on 10-day IL.Jul 31
DodgersYoshi TsutsugoOFOut indefinitelyStrained right calfYoshitomo Tsutsugo placed on 10-day IL.Jun 9
MarlinsCody PoteetPOut indefinitelySprained right kneeCody Poteet placed on 10-day IL.Jun 29
MarlinsSixto SánchezPOut for seasonRight shoulder surgerySixto Sanchez to undergo season-ending shoulder surgery.Jul 5
MarlinsJon BertiIFOut indefinitelyConcussionJon Berti diagnosed with concussion.Jul 23
MarlinsGarrett CooperOFOut for seasonElbow surgeryGarrett Cooper to undergo season-ending surgery.Jul 28
MarlinsPablo LópezPOut indefinitelyStrained right rotator cuffPablo Lopez placed on 10-day IL.Jul 17
MarlinsJosé DeversIFOut indefinitelyRight shoulder discomfortJose Devers placed on IL.Jun 14
MarlinsElieser HernandezPOut indefinitelyStrained quadElieser Hernandez (quad) to be placed on 10-day IL.Jun 4
MarlinsJesús SánchezOFOut indefinitelyUndisclosedJesus Sanchez placed on IL.Jul 16
BrewersTravis ShawIFOut indefinitelyDislocated left shoulder Shaw is injured with shoulderJun 13
BrewersDaniel VogelbachIFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringDan Vogelbach to be placed on IL.Jun 23
BrewersChristian YelichOFOut indefinitelyCOVID-19Christian Yelich tests positive for COVID-19; placed on IL.Jul 27
BrewersJace PetersonIFOut indefinitelyCOVID-19 ILJace Peterson placed on COVID-19 IL.Jul 27
TwinsJosh DonaldsonIFOutTight right hamstringDonaldson is out with hamstringJul 31
TwinsRob RefsnyderOFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringRob Refsnyder placed on 10-day IL.Jun 14
TwinsByron BuxtonOFOut indefinitelyFractured left handByron Buxton diagnosed with fractured hand.Jun 22
TwinsKeon BroxtonOFOutOne-game suspensionBroxton is out with suspensionSep 2
TwinsAlex KirilloffOFOut indefinitelyRight wrist surgeryAlex Kirilloff to undergo wrist surgery.Jul 21
TwinsKyle GarlickOFOut indefinitelySports herniaKyle Garlick to be placed on IL.Jun 9
TwinsRandy DobnakPOut indefinitelyStrained right middle fingerRandy Dobnak placed on 10-day IL.Jun 24
MetsFrancisco LindorIFOut indefinitelyStrained right obliqueFrancisco Lindor placed on 10-day IL.Jul 17
MetsJosé PerazaIFOut indefinitelyFractured right middle fingerJose Peraza placed on 10-day IL.Jul 20
MetsBrandon NimmoOFOutTight hamstringNimmo is out with hamstringJul 31
MetsJacob deGromPOut indefinitelyTight right forearmJacob deGrom placed on 10-day IL.Jul 18
MetsNoah SyndergaardPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgerySyndergaard is injured with elbowMar 30
MetsThomas SzapuckiPOut for seasonUlnar nerve transposition surgerySzapucki is out for season with armJul 13
MetsDavid PetersonPOut indefinitelySore right sideDavid Peterson placed on 10-day IL.Jul 2
MetsRobert StockPOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringRobert Stock placed on 10-day IL.Jul 21
MetsJoey LucchesiPOut for seasonTorn left UCLJoey Lucchesi to undergo Tommy John surgery.Jun 22
MetsJordan YamamotoPOut indefinitelySore right shoulderJordan Yamamoto placed on 10-day IL.May 25
YankeesAaron HicksOFOut for seasonLeft wrist surgeryAaron Hicks expected to miss the rest of the season.May 27
YankeesLuis SeverinoPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgerySeverino is injured with elbowMar 30
YankeesGio UrshelaIFOutTight hamstringUrshela is out with hamstringJul 31
YankeesCorey KluberPOut indefinitelyStrained subcapCorey Kluber expected to miss more than 4 weeks.May 26
YankeesDJ LeMahieuIFOutStrained tricepsLeMahieu is out with tricepsJul 31
YankeesLuke VoitIFOut indefinitelyLeft knee bone bruiseLuke Voit placed on 10-day IL.Jul 16
YankeesTim LocastroOFOut indefinitelyTorn right ACLTim Locastro diagnosed with torn ACL.Jul 18
YankeesClint FrazierOFOut indefinitelyVertigoClint Frazier placed on 10-day IL.Jul 2
YankeesMiguel AndújarOFOut indefinitelyStrained left wristMiguel Andujar placed on 10-day IL.Jul 10
YankeesGreg AllenOFOutSore right kneeAllen is out with kneeJul 31
YankeesTrey AmburgeyOFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringTrey Amburgey placed on 10-day IL.Jul 20
YankeesMichael KingPOut indefinitelyRight middle finger contusionMichael King placed on 10-day IL.Jul 8
YankeesChris GittensIFOut indefinitelyAnkleChris Gittens to be placed on 10-day IL.Jul 25
AthleticsMike FiersPOut indefinitelySprained right elbowMike Fiers placed on 10-day IL.May 8
AthleticsChad PinderOFOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringChad Pinder placed on 10-day IL.Jul 8
AthleticsJames KaprielianPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder impingementJames Kaprielian placed on 10-day IL.Jul 31
PhilliesFreddy GalvisIFOut indefinitelyStrained right quadFreddy Galvis placed on 10-day IL.Jun 27
PhilliesRoman QuinnOFOut for seasonRuptured left AchillesRoman Quinn to undergo season-ending Achilles surgery.May 31
PhilliesMatt JoyceOFOut indefinitelyStrained low backMatt Joyce placed on 10-day IL.Jun 19
PhilliesZach EflinPOut indefinitelyRight patellar tendinitisZach Eflin placed on 10-day IL.Jul 20
PhilliesAndrew KnappCOutPaternity listAndrew Knapp placed on paternity list.Jul 29
PhilliesRhys HoskinsIFOutTweaked left groinHoskins is out with groinJul 31
PiratesErik GonzálezIFOut indefinitelyRight side discomfortErik Gonzalez to be placed on 10-day IL.Jul 2
PiratesTrevor CahillPOut indefinitelyFractured right footCahill is injured with footJul 28
PiratesColin MoranIFOut indefinitelyFractured left pisiformColin Moran diagnosed with fractured hand.Jul 1
PiratesSteven BraultPOut indefinitelyStrained latBrault is injured with backMar 30
PiratesChase De JongPOut for seasonLeft knee surgeryChase De Jong underwent season-ending knee surgery.Jul 28
PiratesKa'ai TomOFOut indefinitelyStrained lower backKa'ai Tom placed on 10-day IL.Jul 3
PadresMike ClevingerPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryClevinger is injured with armMar 30
PadresFernando Tatis Jr.IFOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder subluxationFernando Tatis Jr. to be placed on 10-day IL.Jul 31
PadresChris PaddackPOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueChris Paddack placed on 10-day IL.Jul 31
PadresAdrian MorejonPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryAdrian Morejon to undergo Tommy John surgery.Apr 20
PadresDinelson LametPOut indefinitelyRight forearm inflammationDinelson Lamet placed on 10-day IL.Jun 27
GiantsEvan LongoriaIFOut indefinitelySprained left shoulderEvan Longoria to be placed on 10-day IL.Jun 6
GiantsTommy La StellaIFOut indefinitelyFractured right thumbLa Stella is injured with thumbJun 26
GiantsBrandon BeltIFOut indefinitelyRight knee inflammationBrandon Belt (knee) placed on 10-day IL.Jun 25
GiantsJaylin DavisOFOut indefinitelyStrained left hamstringJaylin Davis placed on 10-day IL.Jul 6
GiantsSammy LongPOut indefinitelyStrained low backSammy Long placed on 10-day IL.Jul 5
MarinersJames PaxtonPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryJames Paxton to undergo Tommy John surgery.Apr 13
MarinersKyle LewisOFOut indefinitelyTorn right meniscusKyle Lewis diagnosed with torn meniscus.Jun 1
MarinersJustin DunnPOut indefinitelyRight shoulder inflammationJustin Dunn placed on 10-day IL.Jun 18
MarinersJustus SheffieldPOut indefinitelyStrained left forearmJustus Sheffield placed on 10-day IL.Jul 8
MarinersJake FraleyOFOutCOVID-19 listJake Fraley placed on injured list.Jul 18
MarinersEvan WhiteIFOut for seasonHip flexorEvan White to undergo season-ending surgery.Jul 16
MarinersLjay NewsomePOut indefinitelyRight elbow inflammationLjay Newsome placed on 10-day IL.May 9
MarinersSam HaggertyOFOut indefinitelyRight shoulder inflammationSam Haggerty placed on 10-day IL.May 25
MarinersNick MargeviciusPOut indefinitelyLeft shoulder inflammationNick Margevicius placed on 10-day IL.Apr 26
CardinalsMax MoroffIFOut for seasonShoulder surgeryMax Moroff to undergo season-ending surgery.Jun 6
CardinalsCarlos MartínezPOut for seasonRight thumb surgeryCarlos Martinez likely out for season.Jul 19
CardinalsDakota HudsonPOut indefinitelyTommy John surgeryHudson is injured with elbowMar 30
CardinalsWade LeBlancPOut indefinitelyLeft elbow stress reactionWade LeBlanc placed on 60-day IL.Aug 25
CardinalsJack FlahertyPOut indefinitelyStrained left obliqueJack Flaherty to be placed on IL.Jun 2
CardinalsMiles MikolasPOut indefinitelyTight forearmMiles Mikolas placed on 10-day IL.May 23
RaysChris ArcherPOut indefinitelyTight right forearmChris Archer placed on 10-day IL.Apr 10
RaysTyler GlasnowPOut for seasonPartially torn right UCLTyler Glasnow expected to undergo Tommy John surgery.Jul 31
RaysYonny ChirinosPOut indefinitelyStrained right elbowChirinos is injured with elbowMar 30
RangersWillie CalhounOFOut indefinitelyFractured left forearmWillie Calhoun diagnosed with fractured forearm.Jun 27
RangersRonald GuzmánIFOut for seasonTorn right meniscusRonald Guzman to miss rest of season.Apr 23
RangersJacob RogersIFOut indefinitelySore right armJake Rogers placed on 10-day IL.Jul 19
RangersKohei AriharaPOut indefinitelyRight middle finger contusionKohei Arihara placed on 10-day IL.May 9
Blue JaysCorey DickersonOFOut indefinitelyLeft foot contusionDickerson is injured with footJun 15
Blue JaysDanny JansenCOut indefinitelyStrained right hamstringDanny Jansen placed on 10-day injured list.Jul 23
NationalsStarlin CastroIFSuspended30-game suspensionStarlin Castro suspended for 30 games.Jul 30
NationalsAlex AvilaCOut indefinitelyStrained bilateral calfAlex Avila placed on 10-day IL.Jul 3
NationalsJordy MercerIFOut indefinitelyStrained left calfJordy Mercer placed on 10-day IL.Jul 24
NationalsStephen StrasburgPOut for seasonThoracic outlet surgeryStephen Strasburg to undergo season-ending thoracic outlet surgery.Jul 27