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Rays vs. Dodgers Game 2 Sharp Pick: Pros Betting World Series Moneyline (Oct. 21)

Rays vs. Dodgers Game 2 Sharp Pick: Pros Betting World Series Moneyline (Oct. 21) article feature image

Kelly Gavin/MLB Photos via Getty Images. Pictured: Kevin Kiermaier

As you could probably have guessed, a Game 1 Dodgers blowout that went over the total was not the desired outcome for sharps — or sportsbooks — last night.

Both the Dodgers and the over were popular sides, and sharps had taken a clear liking to the under at the opening number, which was still three runs short of the final score.

So what’s in store for sharp bettors in Game 2? Well, they certainly haven’t waited around to let us know.

Rays vs. Dodgers Game 2 PRO Report

Some clear morning sharp action, which has been brought to light in part by a bet-vs.-money discrepancy, has landed on the Rays. And this line is falling because of it.

Sharp Action

Opening Rays numbers were as high as the low +140s. Now, Tampa is being found at a consensus of +125.

Sharps have been the driving force in that significant move, as confirmed by two Sports Insights Bet Signals in the form of steam moves. Steam refers to a heavy dose of money hitting the same side of a bet over a very short period of time causing a sudden, market-wide line move and is a strong indication of sharp action.

In this case, two such moves were triggered on Tampa at +138 and +133 — the latter coming just after 9:15 a.m. ET.

Sharp Action edge: Rays

Big Money

Further confirming the Rays to be the sharp side, their 59% early backing has generated 83% of the money thus far, meaning bigger bets are landing on the underdogs.

And while big bets can technically come from anyone, they’re far more likely to come from professional bettors over a large sample. So a discrepancy such as this one certainly serves as another hint toward the pros’ pick.

Big Money edge: Rays

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