Diamondbacks-Marlins Prop: Godley Fishing for God-like Strikeout Total

Jun 26, 2018 8:50 AM EDT

Arizona Diamondbacks at Miami Marlins, 7:10 p.m. ET

  • Diamondbacks (Zack Godley): -167
  • Marlins (Elieser Hernandez): +150
  • Over/Under: 8

Bet to Watch

Before I begin, I’m just going to pat myself on the back for that headline. Just hitting it on a bunch of different levels. Proud of myself.


Anyway, I’ve been betting on strikeout props with good success all season using the FantasyLabs prop tool. This thing has been cash money in football, basketball, and baseball.

However, I’ve have had a handful of aggravating outcomes the past few weeks. Last night’s Felix Hernandez prop was a prime example. He had a strikeout over/under of five, managed four strikeouts through four innings, but had zero in his final two frames. Can’t leave me hanging like that, Felix!

Oh well. There are a handful of nice props for tonight, too, and the best-looking one is down in Miami, where the Marlins host the Diamondbacks.

Godley has had his ups and downs this season and has at times had serious struggles with control. The Arizona righty has posted three consecutive solid starts, however, and hopes to keep it going against a lowly Marlins team. Snakes > Fish, after all.

The props tool is projecting him to get more than 8 strikeouts tonight, while his prop is just 5.5. At Bovada, the juice on the over has gone from -115 to -130, which has taken away some of the value. However, Bookmaker is still posting 5.5 (over -110), which suggests Godley will get just 5.7 strikeouts — 2.5 fewer than FantasyLabs is projecting.

THE PICK: Zack Godley over 5.5 strikeouts, -110 (Bookmaker)


Joe Camporeale -USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Zack Godley

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