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You may have already experienced that joyous feeling of cashing a Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky sports bet in person at the retail book located in the Red Mile Gaming & Racing. Retail legal sports betting launched in the Bluegrass State on September 7th.

Now, as of September 28, 2023, you’ll be able to get that same great emotion online, since online sports betting is now live in Kentucky! That means you can use promo code ACTION1000 and grab the Caesars KY Sportsbook promotion of Get up to $1,000 Back in Bonus Bets if Your First Bet Doesn't Win.

Caesars KY Sportsbook Promo Code Key Takeaways

📲 Caesars KY Promo Code:


💰 Caesars Sportsbook KY Offer Details:

Get up to $1,000 Back in Bonus Bets if Your First Bet Doesn't Win!

🗓 Available in KY?:

September 28th, 2023

🏉 Sports Offered:

NFL, NBA, MLB, Golf, NHL, UFC/MMA, Soccer, Esports, CFB, CBB

The future is bright for Kentucky sports betting and everything needed to take advantage of the Caesars KY Sportsbook promo right here. When you can bet, who can wager, and everything you can ask about online sports betting in Kentucky will get answered-- shades are optional!

What's the Caesars Kentucky Promo Code?

As of Thursday, September 28th, users are now able to wager on a sporting event from anywhere in the state of Kentucky. Sports bettors can sign up for a Caesars KY Sportsbook account immediately, and when they do using our Caesars Sportsbook KY promo code ACTION1000, they can get up to $1,000 back in bonus bets.

All you have to do is use the Caesars Sportsbook KY promo code ACTION1000 when creating your own account and take advantage of their welcome bonus. 

Caesars KY is Now Live!

Retail sportsbooks began taking sports bets in Kentucky on September 7th. On Thursday, September 28th, Kentucky online sportsbooks launched in the Bluegrass State, with Caesars KY becoming available online on this date. Five years after PASPA was overturned and states were afforded the option of legalizing sports betting, it’s coming to Kentucky.

Kentucky’s politicians have been discussing legal sportsbooks since 2017. Finally, after making its way through their state’s House, Senate, and Governor’s office, the law legalizing sports betting in Kentucky was signed.

Caesars Kentucky Launch Timeline

Sports betting legislation has been discussed in the state’s capital of Frankfort for years. Here’s a timeline of the path legal sports betting took to be passed in Kentucky.

  • 2023 - Kentucky sportsbooks are granted retail licenses at all nine of the state’s horse racing tracks.

  • 2023 - The State Senate passes House Bill 551 and Governor Andy Beshear signs it into law.

  • 2022 - Kentucky’s House of Representatives approves HB 551 which would legalize sports betting.

  • 2022 - Caesars KY Sportsbook and the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers announce a partnership.

  • 2022 - Multiple sports betting bills are presented to the Kentucky state legislature, but none are successful.

  • 2021 - Caesars Entertainment purchases the William Hill sportsbook for $3.7 billion.

  • 2021 - State Representative Adam Koenig’s attempt to get a Kentucky sports betting bill passed is unsuccessful.

  • 2020 - Rep. Koenig introduced his sports betting bill again, but it doesn’t pass.

  • 2019 - Rep. Koenig attempts to get a sports betting bill through the House but it fails.

  • 2018 - The US Supreme Court overturns PASPA in a victory for the State of New Jersey.

  • 2017 - The very first sports betting bill is introduced in the state of Kentucky.

How to Sign Up for the Caesars Kentucky Promo Code

Signing up for a Caesars KY Sportsbook account to take advantage of the promo code ACTION1000 is very easy. Especially in the state of Kentucky where horse race betting markets has been popular for a long time. You only need to go to the Caesars KY Sportsbook website.

Many of the state bettors that are signing up with the new Caesars Sportsbook in Kentucky have created an online account elsewhere. Those who are unfamiliar with the creating a new account process can follow these basic steps.

  1. Register for Caesars Kentucky Sportsbook.

  2. Go online or download the Caesars KY Sportsbook app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

  3.  Enter all your information into the Create Your Sports Betting Account form.

  4. Create a username and password. Normally the login will be your email address and you will have certain requirements for your password to keep your account safe.

  5. Customers who have already created an account in another state will need to confirm their location. Everyone else will have to provide proof of their identity.

  6. To be eligible for the Caesars KY welcome bonus new players must be in the state of Kentucky when you are creating your account and when wagering.

  7. Remember to use the Caesars Kentucky Promo Code ACTION1000 to be eligible for the bonus bet promo.

Caesars Kentucky Existing Promotions

The promotions that are offered when you have the Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky app continue even after getting the welcome bonus bet. They have daily and weekly promos and bonus opportunities. It could be rewards points or wagering bonuses for both your account and your wagers. The sportsbook's referrals program offers another way to get bonus bets.

Caesars KY Promos for March 02, 2024

  • Caesars KY's Rewards Program is one of the strongest in the gambling industry. You earn reward points that are redeemable at all their properties. These points can be credited to your account when you bet in the online sportsbook or spend any money at their resorts or casinos. There are also businesses that are part of the partners network, spending money with those firms also earns you reward points here.

  • Odds Boosts are when Caesars KY increases the odds that are posted on wagers. This increases the money you win when you cash a ticket. When a sports bettor gets higher odds on their wagers it allows them to still be profitable even at a lower winning percentage.

  • Profit Boosts are like odds boosts but for parlays. Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky profit boosts increase the odds for specific parlays. When a parlay is eligible for a profit boost, your account is notified, and you can apply that boost to your wager.

  • Referral Programs are offered by most sports books. The Caesars KY Sportsbook referral program is highly regarded in the sports betting industry. When you refer a friend to Caesars KY Sportsbook and they wager $50 or more, you get $100 in bonus bets. You can earn up to 10 of these bonus bets.

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Caesars Sportsbook Mobile App Screenshots

Caesars Kentucky App Review

The experience that Caesars Sportsbook in Kentucky has had with online sports betting shows in its app. They started with online gaming in 2013 and those 10 years of experience will benefit Kentucky sports bettors. Having the technology to run a mobile sportsbook and being licensed in many states allowed the Caesars KY Sportsbook application to evolve. It’s one of the best in the business.

Caesars KY Apple App Reviews

The information on Apple’s app store shows iPhone users have made over 45 thousand downloads of the Caesar KY sports betting app. The average review shows the app getting 4.6 stars and it’s ranked as the 34th most popular sports app. Here’s what a few of those users have written.

Roberto - There’s a lot to like here. I keep telling myself to not bet on the props. But, William Hill has a way of making them palatable. I mean, some of them are such long shots that you would be a fool to bet them. But, there are enough props that are intriguing that it makes it fun. 

👍 Positive User Reviews

bbb777662 - Sportsbook review, I do like this new app and the promos that come with it. I do not like how long it takes for bets to leave the bets especially when you know you’ve lost a parlay they stay in there for multiple days. 

datkidtone00101 - Love this book for the most part but very buggy. Love winning money on this book as for some reason I have the best luck with all my bets placed here so maybe that’s why I’m bias in giving 4 stars…

ğŸ‘Ž Negative User Reviews

Most apps have some type of issues that leave them less than perfect. Here’s some feedback from iPhone users in their own words.

Dreewweyy - App glitches They will never help you or give you the benefit. This app glitches and crashes all the time, just now I made a tennis bet for $275 to win $500. The app started showing double my bet that I had made 2 bets. I tried refreshing and closing it and then both were gone and my account was credited $300 right before the match ended and my bet won.

 Zhenel827 - Blackjack is rigged so much it’s insane. It doesn’t pay out your winnings almost every time you win 20 or more. And no lie anytime you get an ace and another card, (not blackjack) say a 6 and you hit it will give you a Jack king queen or 10 so you end up with the same number u had before you hit!

  • Write 1-2 negative user reviews that you found in the app store.

Caesars KY Android App Reviews

Android users also benefit from the Caesars KY Sportsbook's online sports betting experience. Their app has been downloaded over 500 thousand times on Google Play. The reviews posted online total over 21 thousand respondents with an average rating of 4.2 stars. Here are a few of those reviews found online.

👍 Positive User Reviews

Blake - Switched to Ceasars from Fanduel, and absolutely love it. (I do wish there were more props to bet on in NFL games, maybe more creative ones) but it is awesome. Easy to navigate, easy to place bets, and easy to get paid. Definitely staying with Ceasars

Brice - Caesars Sports book has this amazing platform that is super easy to navigate. Plus, they have some seriously appealing rewards and promos up for grabs. It's definitely worth checking out!

ğŸ‘Ž Negative User Reviews

Brendan - Soooooooo SSSLLOOWWWW The slowest app ever. Every time I hit a button it takes 60+ seconds for anything to happen, and sometimes I randomly get signed out while I'm waiting for the app to do something. It's impossible to get a bet in on-time. By the time the app tries to submit the bet the odds have changed, then I have to hit "place bet" again and it takes at least 3 or 4 tries before it goes thru. The new update sucks even more than before. MGM app is much faster.

Cotton - Horrible... horrible....horrible! Constant issues with this app. This time, it's login/location issues. The app keeps making me log in over and over. So far, 8 times yesterday and 4 times already in the last 20 mins. I haven't even played because every time I put the security code in, it circles, and then I land back on the home page to log in again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times.

Caesars Kentucky Bet Types

The Caesars Kentucky sportsbook app has more than enough betting options to satisfy any sports betting style. There are usually more choices with online sports betting than you’ll find at your local casino. The sportsbook doesn’t disappoint in giving their customers plenty of action. Here are some of the most popular wagering formats you’ll find at Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky.


When you make your wager against the spread, the point spread is included in deciding the winner. Moneyline wagers are made using different odds for each team and do not include the point spread. The team that’s favored will have lower odds and the underdog’s odds will be higher.


Most games have point spreads in their betting options. That’s the number that the Caesars KY Sportsbook app establishes as the anticipated difference between the points each team will score. Many times, this point spread will include a half point which eliminates the game ending in a push.


Total wagers are exactly what their name implies. Betting totals only include the points in the game and not which team wins. These are bets that are made on whether the total amount of points scored in the game will go over or under the number posted by the sportsbook.

Same Game Parlays

Wagers that include plays that are all from the same game are called same-game parlays. All same game parlays are required to have at least two plays. However, to win a parlay, every single play on the ticket must be correct. The final betting odds of a same-game parlay are determined by the competitive odds of the individual wagers.

Check out our hedging calculator for some advanced betting metrics! 

Caesars KY Daily Boosts

There are some notifications that are more important than others. Having a Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky account will have you paying more attention to those notices. Caesars KY Daily Boosts are arbitrary opportunities to get the odds boosted on specific wagers. The update may come as an email or a message in the app. Either way, it’ll tell you about all the Daily Boosts promotions that are active now.

Caesars KY Profit Boosts

Caesars KY Profit Boosts are promotions that allow you to get increased odds on parlay wagers. Check your parlays when you’re placing them online in Kentucky. You’ll be notified when your parlays are eligible to get their odds increased. That’s one promo that can really help your bankroll.

What Sports Can I Bet On at Caesars Kentucky?

There isn’t a professional football team located in Kentucky. Neither the NHL nor Major League Baseball have a member headquartered in the state. That won’t stop Kentucky Sports fans from finding local teams for sports wagers on from their new Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky account.

Here are some of the sports that are available in the Kentucky sports betting market.

  • NFL Regular Season
  • NFL Playoffs

  • Pro Bowl

  • Super Bowl 

  • NCAA Football Conference Championships

  • Army/Navy Game

  • NCAA Bowl Games

  • CFP Playoffs

  • NCAA National Championship

  • NHL Regular Season

  • NHL Playoffs

  • Stanley Cup Finals 

  • NBA Regular Season

  • NBA Playoffs

  • NBA Finals 

  • College Basketball Regular Season

  • College Basketball Tournaments

  • March Madness

  • Final Four

What are the Payment Options at Caesars Kentucky?

There are plenty of online banking options for making deposits with Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky. Whichever works best for you, remember to use that ACTION1000 Caesars Kentucky bonus code to get your welcome bonus. That will get you a total of $1,000 in bonus bets if you follow the terms and conditions in the promo.

Depositing on Caesars Kentucky

Here are some online banking choices you have for funding your Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky account. If you have any questions on the various deposit options, check with Caesars KY customer service.

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • PayPal

  • Apple Pay

  • Bank Wire

  • Check

Withdrawing from Caesars Kentucky

Winning money is the best part of Kentucky sports betting. All of the same online banking options for depositing into your Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky account are available for you to withdraw as well.

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • PayPal

  • Apple Pay

  • Bank Wire

  • Check

Popular Caesars Kentucky Sports Teams

The state of Kentucky is only 140 miles at its widest point. Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee are all within a short drive, and that offers Kentucky sports bettors many choices when they’re looking for a home team to follow with both their heart and wallet.

Here are some of the teams that could have their fans wagering on Caesars KY Sportsbook account. These local teams are perfect for fans to use their promo code ACTION1000 and get bonus bets on launch day. Based on how Caesars Entertainment has handled partnerships so far, it’s possible many of these teams could also be promoting Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky at any point moving forward.

Kentucky Wildcats

The Kentucky Wildcats have every right to have a large fan base in their home state. Their hops program is in the national championship conversation almost every year and they’ve taken home 13 basketball NCAA national championships. That trails only the UCLA Bruins for the most in NCAA history.

University of Louisville

The Louisville Cardinals have seen their own share of success with men’s basketball. The school has won three of those March Madness tournaments and the national championship that comes with it. Playing in the ACC allows local fans to regularly see schools like Florida State, Clemson, and North Carolina.

Cincinnati Reds

There isn’t an MLB club in Kentucky, but Cincinnati is only a couple hours drive and the Reds have many fans in the state. There’s a good reason for that too. The Cincinnati Reds have a proud winning tradition. They’ve made it to nine World Series and brought home the trophy five times.

Cincinnati Bengals

If you’re a Cincinnati Reds fan, there’s a decent chance you’ll be rooting for the Bengals too. They’ve got one of the best young quarterbacks in the league. Joe Burrow has made back-to-back playoff appearances and took his team to Super Bowl LVI.

Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzlies have been in Memphis since 2001 and it’s only a couple of hours from the Kentucky border to the FedExForum. The last two seasons have since the Grizzlies and their young stars making a run for a championship. They’ve won their division in back-to-back seasons and have been playoff participants for three straight years.

Louisville City FC

Soccer is represented in the Kentucky sports program with Louisville City FC. This men’s team plays in the USL Championship league. The team originally started in the USL and the last six seasons has seen the team as one of the top teams in whatever league they were in. They’ve averaged over 10,000 in attendance two tears in a row.

Racing Louisville FC

The women’s soccer team in Kentucky is the Racing Louisville FC and they’ve only been in existence for two seasons. They play in the National Women’s Soccer League and have yet to have a winning season or playoff appearance.

Caesars Kentucky Horse Racing

Horse racing in the state of Kentucky can trace its history back to ovals that were established in the 1700s. There are nine different racetracks located in the Bluegrass state and that includes Churchill Downs. The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission controls the sport.

That’s the track where the horse race called the greatest two minutes in sports is run on the first Saturday in May. Crowds of up to 150,000 people show up each year to watch the Derby. The 2024 Run for the Roses will be the 150th in history.

Caesars KY Horse Racing

Horseplayers have hundreds of race tracks across the USA available to wager on from Caesars Racebook Kentucky. Every day there’s a race track holding a meet somewhere in the country and horseplayers at Caesars Kentucky will have access to all of them on the separate racebook app.

Most of these race tracks have marquee races that are the biggest events held at the various racetracks each year and are always well bet by horseplayers in Kentucky. These races are held at the same time each year and include one of the first big days of racing each year, the Pegasus World Cup, run in January.

There are many races that make up the Derby prep races and those are held throughout the spring. That first weekend in May at Churchill Downs includes the Kentucky Oaks, the Derby for female horses. The Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes are the other two contests that along with the Derby make up the Triple Crown Of Horse Racing.

Finally, early in November the Breeders Cup is held. This is the biggest day in thoroughbred horse racing and the winners of their divisions are usually named horse of the year.

The Kentucky Derby

The first Kentucky Derby was run in 1875 and next year’s 2024 running will be the 150th in that illustrious race’s history. It’s a distance of a mile and a quarter for three-year-olds. That’s a longer distance than most of the entrants have never gone horses and the carries a $3 million purse.

This is the first leg of The Triple Crown earned by winning the Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes in the same year. That achievement has only been accomplished by 13 horses in all those years.

Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky Retail Location

Caesars KY Sportsbook at Red Mile Gaming & Racing is the only retail sportsbook in Central Kentucky. This state-of-the-art Vegas-style sportsbook includes five betting windows, an elevated bar, wall-to-wall televisions, and 14 kiosks where sports bettors can use the self-service terminals to place their wagers.

Caesars Entertainment partnered with both Keeneland and Red Mile Gaming & Racing on this retail location and it marked the 17th state where the Caesars KY Racebook app is live.

Responsible Gambling at Caesars Kentucky

Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky is required, as are all US-based casinos and sportsbooks, to have responsible gaming programs. Their mission, as stated on the company’s website, is to guarantee that gamblers enjoy their gaming in a responsible manner as part of a form of entertainment.

To protect against the risks of gaming becoming a problem for some individuals, they maintain one of the most robust Responsible Gaming programs in the industry. Caesars KY has been committed to Responsible Gaming for over 30 years. 

Caesars Kentucky Customer Service

Caesars Entertainment, Inc. lists multiple options for reaching their customer service department which is available 7/24. Their statement says that the company focuses on building value with its guests through a unique combination of impeccable service, operational excellence, and technological leadership.

Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky offers these ways to get assistance with your account:

Online Form: Submit a question on the website and get a response within 24 hours

Live Chat is always available, and you can get help from a member of their team

Call Toll Free For Help: (855) 474-0606

Caesars Kentucky Promo Code Conclusion

This sportsbook's name was well known in the gambling long before the Mannings joined the party. It’s the quality of that brand along with the years of experience with online gaming that make the Caesars KY Sportsbook mobile app a wise choice when Kentucky sportsbooks launch.

Knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable company that knows what they’re doing is a big part of being a customer on the platform. If you still need some reasons to take advantage of the Caesars KY Sportsbook, they’re giving you 1,000 of them.

When you open your Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky online sports betting account, you’re getting a welcome bonus. Use the Caesars KY Promo Code ACTION1000 and they’ll give you $1,000 in bonus bets based on how you follow the terms and conditions of the promo. 

Then, every week on Monday for the next four weeks you’ll get another $50 bonus bet loaded into your account. That means, with these Caesars KY Sportsbook offers, no matter whether you win or lose, you’ll have some action for an entire month. That’s a promo that keeps on giving.

Here are some resources to get you started once the sportsbook launches in Kentucky:

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The Vegas Refund is an experienced bettor with over 6K total bets in the Action App and over 100K app followers. Favorable pick records include NFL, NCAAF, NBA, and NCAAB. 

Chas has been covering sports since graduating from San Diego State. When he’s not covering MNF and TNF for the Vegas Insider, you can read his sports betting thoughts on Sports Betting Weekly. During the NFL season he’s a regular contributor to Belly Up Sports and the World Wide Sports Radio Network. Saturday morning you can hear him visit Sportsrap on 93.1 The Fan in Lima and Saturday Evenings he joins The Weekend Crunch on 103.9 on Long Island.

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Caesars Kentucky Promo Code FAQs
What is the Caesars Kentucky bonus code?

You can create your Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky account right using promo code ACTION1000 and take advantage of the Caesars KY welcome bonus of Get up to $1,000 Back in Bonus Bets if Your First Bet Doesn't Win

Can I bet on the Kentucky Derby with Caesars Kentucky?

Caesars Entertainment has a horse wagering app called Racebook. Caesars KY Racebook is the best way to make horse racing bets if you’re in the state of Kentucky. You will have access to all the major horse racing tracks, including the nine racetracks located in the Bluegrass state.

When does Caesars launch in Kentucky?

Retail sports betting launched in Kentucky on September 7th. Caesars KY Sportsbook at Red Mile Gaming & Racing is the only retail sportsbook in Central Kentucky. The Caesars KY Online Sportsbook launched on September 28th.

Can I bet on college sports at Caesars Kentucky?

Kentucky is home to eight Division I schools and three of them have football teams that you’ll see regularly in the Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky wagering options. The Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals have both won multiple NCAA Basketball championships. The Bluegrass State is a hotbed for college sports, and you can wager on most of them with Caesars Sportsbook Kentucky.