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GA Online Sports Betting Legalization Updates May 2024


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Georgia Sports Betting Update:

SR579 was passed in the Georgia Senate in late February 2024, moving now to the House for debate. This is one of a few current options in the Georgia state government to bring a constitutional amendment this year to legalize sports betting.

SB386, a recent attempt to legalize sports betting in Georgia, was filed on the 24th of January, 2024, and then passed in the State Senate in early February with an amendment. The recent amendment changed the bill to require a constitutional amendment to become law in Georgia. SB386 now moves to the State House, where it needs 2/3 support to move to Governor Brian Kemp's desk. If the bill is approved by Governor Kemp, then the citizens of Georgia would vote in November to decide if the state legalizes sports betting.

SR538, a new Georgia senate resolution, passed in the state government as a potential constitutional amendment in late February of 2024. SR538 aimed to legalize sports betting and retail casinos in Georgia. 

However, as the 2024 legislative session came to a close in March, SB 386 and SR 579 both failed to pass through the House Rules Committee. 

If sports betting in Georgia is back on the table in 2025, we expect big mobile operators like Fanatics Sportsbook, FanDuel, ESPN BET, BetMGM, bet365, Caesars Sportsbook and more to apply to the state.

PrizePicks Georgia

While the legality of sports betting continues to be debated, Georgians can play PrizePicks, an Atlanta-based Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) provider. PrizePicks offers users a quick and simple way to play DFS with their favorite players across a variety of sports leagues. Unlike other DFS sites, though, users are not competing with other players, but are simply required to pick more/less options for a given contest.

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Georgia Sports Betting Overview, Timeline, and Background

Georgia Sports Betting Background

Georgia sports betting has not been legalized as of 2024, though lawmakers have at least considered it. In the meantime, DFS apps and social casino sites are available to players in the state.

SR579 is a recent resolution passed by the Georgia senate in an attempt to legalize sports betting in the state. It now moves to the state House.

SB386—another recent bill brought in by the state government—would legalize sports betting in GA by having it be a constitutional amendment. This means the Georgia House, Senate and Governor would all need to approve of SB386 before it is voted on by Georgia citizens. 

The Georgia Senate recently approved of this bill, but amended it to add that constitutional amendment. It needs 2/3 support in the Georgia House to move on to the desk of Governor Kemp. There would be 16 mobile operators in the state if this bill becomes law. 

SR538 is another attempt at legalizing sports betting in the state at this moment. The Georgia senate resolution passed in the state government as a potential constitutional amendment in late February of 2024. SR538 aims to legalize sports betting and retail casinos in Georgia. 

The Georgia state session ends on March 28th, so there is little time left for the state politicians to agree on the future of one of these propositions to finally bring legal sports betting to GA. We at Action Network will closely follow what the state government decides in 2024.

Looking back, at the end of the 2022 legislative session lawmakers tired to pass two separate vehicles to legalization, though their last minute efforts fell short when the House declined to take up either. Each would have legalized online and retail sports betting under a 20% tax. One would have bypassed the need for a conditional amendment, which requires more votes, by legalizing through the existing state lottery. The other would have created a ballot question, letting voters decide in November if all types of gaming should be legal.

It was a similar story in 2021, where a near identical effort fell short in the last weeks of session.

The movement toward this legalization comes after years of debate over legalized wagering and other types of gaming. However, sports betting has garnered approval from professional sports teams including the Atlanta Falcons, Hawks and Braves, among others, pushing this discussion into the forefront of the political docket.

Georgia is a strict state when it comes to the gaming industry. They do not have a single casino in the state and the only legalized form of gambling comes from the lottery. If sports betting becomes legal, it'd likely follow Tennessee's path of mobile sports betting — at least to start. The recent bills raised through the Senate do, however, open the door for retail sportsbook stations in-state. Despite the movement, constant attempts have fallen short in the past and Gov. Brian Kemp has previously been opposed to the expansion of gaming in Georgia. He has the power to veto any bill even if passed through the House and Senate.

Georgia's Legalization Timeline

Here's the history behind Georgia's efforts to bring sports betting to the state:

February 2024

  Georgia Senate Bill 386 has been amended by the Georgia State Senate, making it a constitutional amendment. The bill next moves to the Georgia House, where it needs 2/3 support to stay alive. [Feb. 1]

January 2024

  Senate Bill 386 has been filed in the Georgia state government, which would legalize GA sports betting by making it part of the state lottery. If this bill becomes law, then 16 mobile operators would be coming to the state in the future. [Jan. 25]

February 2023

  Senate Bill 57 has been approved by the Georgia Committee. This is great news for Georgia, as they are one step closer to legalizing sports betting in the Peach State. The Georgia Senate is scheduled to hold a vote to approve or decline Senate Bill 57. [Feb. 21]

April 2022

  The Georgia legislative session for 2022 closes without Georgia House lawmakers voting on SB 142, killing the bill. SB 135 is stripped and replaced for a timber tax bill before making it to the House floor.

March 2022

  Rep. Ron Stephens amends SB 142 and SB 135, making them eligible for passage in the final weeks of the 2022 session.

March 2021

 The Georgia legislative session for 2021 closes without Georgia House lawmakers voting on SB 142, which marks the death of the bill and any hope of sports betting legalization this year. This also officially marks the death of HB 86, which was postponed in the House multiple times. [SB 142, March 31]

 Senate Passes SB 142. The Georgia Senate easily passed the sports betting constitutional amendment bill. This sends the bill to the Georgia House, where it faces a more difficult journey forward. [Georgia Sports Betting Bill, March 5]

February 2021

  Georgia lawmakers introduce SB 142 to Senate. SB 142 constitutional amendment bill that would allow Georgia voters to legalize online sports betting on the 2022 ballot. [SB 142, Feb. 9]

January 2021

 Georgia lawmakers introduce sports betting bill HB 86 to the House. This bill would authorize the Georgia Lottery to manage an online sports wagering system. [HB 86, Jan. 14]

Georgia Sports Betting Tips

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Georgia Daily Fantasy Sports & Social Casinos

The state of Georgia does not have online sports betting or online casinos just yet, but they do have similar options for those in the state that are interested. Georgia residents can use DFS apps like PrizePicks or Underdog to play pick'em style games. Or, they could choose social casinos like High 5 or Pulsz to play casino games with a social currency. 

Read below as we review our favorite Georgia DFS apps and social casinos.

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The DFS app known for sprouting from celebrity Jake Paul is actually a great choice for GA players to think about. Betr Picks is known for having a great app userface with quick gaming options for players to try daily. 

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Georgia Highlights

Georgia Senate Approves SB386β€”But Only After Amending It

Early February brought the passage of SB386 through the Georgia Senate, and it now moves to the State House, where it needs 2/3 support to stay alive. The Senate amended the original bill, making a constitutional amendment needed to legalize Georgia sports betting.

Georgia Sports Betting Bill Dies as House Adjourns

Georgia lawmakers adjourned their 2021 legislative session without voting on sports betting legislation, again killing voters’ chance to legalize wagering.

Georgia Senate Advances Sports Betting Constitutional Amendment

The Georgia Senate advanced a sports betting constitutional amendment that would allow voters to legalize wagering in 2022. There are more hurdles to clear, but legal sports betting took a big step forward.

Georgia’s Legal Sports Betting Hopes Continue to Grow

Slowly but surely, Georgia — which has one of the nation’s most politically conservative legislatures — is closing in on legal sports betting.

Georgia Senate Files Bill to Legalize Online Sports Betting

Georgia's state Senate filed a bill that would legalize sports gambling to online platforms, expanding beyond the state's lottery. The bill includes a 10% state tax and the opportunity for potential retail sportsbook locations in-state.

Georgia Senate Brings SB538 Through Committee

In late February of 2024, a state senate committee approved SB538, a bill that would be a constitutional amendment to legalize sports betting and retail casinos in the state. To become law it would need to be approved by the Georgia House, Senate, Governor and their citizens in a vote. 

Georgia Teams
Atlanta United FC logoAtlanta United FC
Atlanta Dream logoAtlanta Dream

Georgia Teams to Bet On

Pro Sports Teams

The Peach State does not allow in-state betting on college athletics. The state does have four professional sports teams, all of which play in or around the Atlanta metropolitan area.

NFL Logo NFL Betting in Georgia

Atlanta Falcons logoAtlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl in its two appearances but most recently appeared in the championship in 2016. The Falcons play their games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which opened in 2017.

Raheem Morris is now the head coach of the Falcons after they let Arthur Smith go at the end of the 2023-24 NFL season.

Falcons Odds

Recommended resources to help you bet on football:

NBA Logo NBA Betting in Georgia

Atlanta Hawks logo Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks' origin began in 1946, joining the National Basketball League (NBL) as the Buffalo Bisons before quickly moving to Illinois 38 days later and rebranding its franchise as the Tri-Cities Blackhawks. Three years later, they would join the NBA as part of the NBL-BAA merger and would bounce around multiple cities before landing in Atlanta in 1968.

The Hawks currently play their home games at State Farm Arena in downtown Atlanta.

Trae Young is the current star for Atlanta, as the Hawks are coached by Quin Snyder and play in the Southeast Division of the NBA's Eastern Conference.

Hawks Odds

Recommended resource to help you bet on basketball:

MLB logo MLB Betting in Georgia

Atlanta Braves logo Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves were founded in 1871 and are the oldest continuously operating professional sports franchise in America. They are one of two remaining National League charter franchises and have been in Atlanta since 1966. The Braves are four-time World Series champions, their most recent coming in 2021.

The Braves have become a playoff regular over the last few years. Led by star outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr., Atlanta is geared up for success. The Braves play their home games at Truist Park, which opened in 2017, and are managed by Brian Snitker. 

Braves Odds

Recommended resource to help you bet smartly on baseball in Georgia:

MLS Logo MLS Betting in Georgia

Atlanta United FC logo Atlanta United FC

This is the newest professional sports franchise in Atlanta after being founded in 2014 and named an expansion team to the MLS in 2017. This team quickly became a fan favorite and has set several league records in both average attendance and highest single-match attendance. It took the club just two years to secure its first title, winning the MLS Cup in 2018. It is Atlanta's first major sports championship since the Braves in 1995.

Atlanta United plays their home games at Mercedes-Benz Stadium and are coached by Gonzalo Pineda.

Soccer Odds

Recommended resource to help you bet on soccer in Georgia:

WNBA logoWNBA Betting in Georgia

Atlanta Dream logo Atlanta Dream

The Atlanta Dream joined the WNBA in 2008 and, after a brutal inaugural season that ended with a 4-30 record, reeled off six consecutive postseason appearances including three conference championships in four years starting in 2010. The Dream play in the Eastern Conference and are coached by Tanisha Wright.

College Sports Teams

College Football Betting in Georgia

Georgia Bulldogs logo Georgia Bulldogs Football

Georgia football is one of the most storied athletic programs in college football history. The Bulldogs play their home games at Sanford Stadium on the school's campus in Athens, the ninth-largest college stadium with a capacity of 93,246.

They are currently led by head coach Kirby Smart who has won two national titles in recent years for Georgia.

Bulldogs Odds

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets logo Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Football

Georgia Tech football has experienced its fair share of ups and downs since its first season in 1892 but has four claimed National Championships and 16 conference titles to its resume. The Yellow Jackets have had plenty of legendary head coaches including John Heisman and Bobby Dodd, both of whom have awards named after them. 

The Yellow Jackets have the most lopsided win in football history, 222-0, and have been to many bowl games. They are currently led by Brent Key, and play their home games at Bobby Dodd Stadium on campus in Atlanta, which has a capacity of 55,000.

Yellow Jackets Odds

Georgia State Panthers logoGeorgia State Panthers Football

A relatively new program, Georgia State football was founded in 2010 and, after two years in the FCS, joined the Sun Belt Conference in 2012. The Panthers initially struggled to gain their footing at the FBS level, going 1-23 over the first two seasons. After Shawn Elliott took over as head coach in 2017, Georgia State has found success, finishing three years above .500 and winning two bowl games in the process. The Panthers play at Center Parc Stadium in Atlanta.

Panthers Odds

Georgia Southern Eagles logo Georgia Southern Eagles Football

Georgia Southern found plenty of success in the FCS before joining the Sun Belt Conference and moving up to the FBS in 2014. While in the FCS, the Eagles claimed six national titles and, upon joining the Southern Conference from 1993 to 2013, took home 10 conference championships. The Eagles play their home games at Paulson Stadium in Statesboro and are coached by Clay Helton.

Eagles Odds

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College Basketball Betting in Georgia

Georgia Bulldogs logo Georgia Bulldogs Men's Basketball

Known more for its football team, Georgia basketball has not been able to find similar success. The team has more NIT appearances than NCAA Tournament berths and has just one Final Four appearance (1983). The team's first postseason berth came in that 1983 season under head coach Hugh Durham. That year, the Bulldogs upset both Chris Mullin's St. John's squad and Michael Jordan's North Carolina team. Georgia would eventually fall in the semifinals to Jim Valvano's championship-winning North Carolina State. The most notable player out of Georgia is Dominique Wilkins, though he never competed in the NCAA Tournament.

The Bulldogs play in the SEC and are coached by Mike White.

Bulldogs Odds

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets logo Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Men's Basketball

Like their in-state counterpart Georgia, the Yellow Jackets have never won the NCAA Tournament. They have, however, been to the finals, a 2004 loss to Connecticut. 

The Yellow Jackets currently play in the ACC, though they were in the SEC up until the 1979 season. Georgia Tech plays its home games at McCamish Pavilion on campus in Atlanta and is coached by Damon Stoudamire.

Yellow Jackets Odds

Georgia State Panthers logo Georgia State Panthers Men's Basketball

Georgia State is the most successful mid-major program in the state. They are coached by former Jonas Hayes and play home games at the Georgia State Convocation Center in Atlanta.

Panthers Odds

Georgia Southern Eagles logo Georgia Southern Eagles Men's Basketball

Georgia Southern competes in the Sun Belt Conference where its basketball success came in the late 1980s, early 1990s. That's where the Eagles won four regular-season championships including back-to-back years in 1988-89.

The Eagles play their home games at Hanner Fieldhouse in Statesboro and are led by head coach Charlie Henry.

Southern Eagles Odds

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Other Events

Georgia has a few notable events that extend beyond its in-state teams for sports fans and bettors alike to enjoy, including:

The Masters Tournament

Unlike the three other major championships in golf, The Masters is held at Augusta National Golf Club every year. The Masters, the smallest field of the major championships, was established in 1934. The winner of the tournament is awarded the famed green jacket each year. 

SEC Championship

The SEC Championship has been hosted annually in Atlanta since 1992 and has been held at Mercedes-Benz Stadium since its opening in 2017.  The game is sponsored by Dr. Pepper and is typically held on the first Saturday in December. 

Peach Bowl

This annual bowl game often consists of two teams that fell just shy of the College Football Playoffs. Every third year, however, it serves as one of the semifinal matchups in the CFP. The Peach Bowl was added as a New Year's Six Bowl back in 2014 and is sponsored by Chick-fil-A (often referred to as the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl). 

Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500

This NASCAR stock car race is hosted at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia. This annual event is the fifth race of the Sprint Cup Series, covering 325 laps and 500.5 miles.

Atlanta Open

This professional men's tennis tournament has been played annually around July or August in Atlanta since 2010. It is part of the US Open Series and is played on outdoor hard courts. 

More Reading on Georgia

Additional Local Sports News

To supplement Action, you can find local sports news coverage at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Georgia Sporting Locations

Hudson Grille

Local sports-bar chain serving a menu of burgers, wings, steaks & seafood in a stylish setting.

656 Sports Bar & Grille

Contemporary sports bar & grill offering a menu of pub grub & seafood baskets, plus multiple TVs.

Sports Bar Atlanta | Buckhead Saloon

High-energy watering hole with sports on the TVs, pool, music, patio seating & an American menu.

Georgia stadium

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