Simon Hunter
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Simon Hunter
4 Posts
NFL Betting
Senior Analyst
18 years
New Jersey


Simon is a Co-Host of the "The Favorites" podcast with Chad Millman, sponsored by FanDuel, and a Senior Analyst for The Action Network. Lived in Las Vegas on and off for 7 years until moving back to New Jersey in 2018 once sports betting was legalized. Joined The Action Network in 2019.


Started sports betting as a hobby in the early 2000s before becoming a runner in 2011. After a few years I was hired as a full time NFL bettor in the summer of 2014. Met Chad in 2019 and started joining the favorites to give out NFL picks. Was added as a Co host of the show in 2020.


Spent one year at WVU before dropping out to work for 495 Productions. While working in Vegas in 2011, met my future boss that would hire me to be a runner for his syndicate. 10 years of the best sports betting education one could ever ask for!

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Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
Having Eagles +6 vs the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. It was the largest bet I’ll ever make/win for the rest of my life.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
Had the Green Bay -3.5 in the Fail Mary game. Seahawks won 14-12 on the final play. Was one of my first big bets as a professional.Took me the whole off-season to get over it!
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