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You'll have plenty of choices regarding the best free bingo games online. You can play through Android and iOS apps or a Facebook account.

Legal online casinos don't typically offer free bingo games. So, we've listed some alternatives to help you find the most popular options.

You can try several sites to find the best free bingo games online. You'll notice a decent variety of tournaments, matches, and contests.

For example, you can play multiplayer bingo for free online. Or you may find a site where you can play solo bingo.

The most popular online bingo games attract players from around the world. You might get access to welcome bonuses when you sign up for a new account.

Once you get started with free online bingo games, you may come across certain paywalls. After using up coins, bonuses, or power-ups—you might have to pay to play.

Let's take a closer look at the best bingo games to play online.


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Best Free Online Bingo Games

Last Updated February 23, 2024

Absolute Bingo

Absolute Bingo comes from developer Absolute Gaming (a subsidiary of PENN Entertainment). You'll find available options for both Android and iOS users. The Google Play version maintains a 4.7 rating from 305K reviews, with over 10 million downloads.

On Apple's App Store, Absolute Bingo ranks #86 in Casino. It has an average score of 4.8 and 40.6K ratings. Games are free, and you can even play offline. Get free bingo coins every four hours and play up to eight cards at once. You can also change gameplay speed by making games faster or slower.

Absolute Bingo is a perfect option for players who want to enjoy the best free bingo games online at their own pace. (It's also a good sign that the developer responds to comments and feedback on their product.)

Positives: One Android user praised the "variety of graphics, power-ups, freebies, and levels." They said they'd "won thousands of coins and hundreds of power-ups" for free.

An iOS user appreciated being able to pause their games and mark bingo at the end if necessary. Other users left positive feedback about the relaxing style of gameplay.

Negatives: There were a few mild complaints about a lack of power-ups. One user said they would have liked to receive more free rewards.

Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is a subsidiary of Playtika, an international mobile gaming company that went public in January 2021. Two years later, the company sought to acquire Rovio Entertainment — the famous Angry Birds series developer.

You'll find Bingo Blitz versions for Android, iOS, and Facebook users. The Google Play version has over 1 million reviews and 50 million downloads. It maintains a 4.6 rating.

On Apple's App Store, Bingo Blitz ranks #11 in Casino. The app sustains a 4.7 average from almost 300K ratings. The game has over 5.6 million likes on Facebook.

Famous Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore is also associated with Bingo Blitz. She appears in-game as a cartoon version of herself.

We found Bingo Blitz as one of the best free bingo games online. Many features include collectible items, daily fortunes, power-ups, and quests. Engage in multiplayer matchups throughout a traveling storyline by visiting famous cities worldwide. That adds a cultural aspect with accents and dialects from hosts calling each game. Power up to six different levels from Classic to Majestic. Get a free Power Pack from the Bingo Store every two hours. Risk coins and shake the tree before each round.

You can play with up to four cards. We recommend playing with as many cards as possible to increase your chances of winning. If you run out of credits, spin the dice as a side game to earn more.

There's also a Friends Center where you can exchange gifts. The Playtika Reward System ranges from Bronze to Silver and Gold.

Positives: One Android user said, "...the graphics are great." Another said they'd been playing since 2011 and loved the game while only playing the free version. A third said the games were "fun and authentic," while another enjoyed the extras and new quests.

An iOS user praised the changes associated with buying credits. They also said there were more in-game prizes. Another said the games were "enjoyable," while a third said they appreciated the ability to interact with other players.

Negatives: There was negative feedback from long-term players who wanted better experiences. One claimed that the rewards began to decrease at a new level. They said that made it more challenging to win and advance.

There were more negative comments from Android users based on having to pay for credits. Others said they had trouble loading the app or that technical issues led to a loss of credits.

As for iOS users, one claimed they deleted the app after 11 years. They were unhappy with having to pay to get power-ups. Another long-time player also decried having to pay for credits.


Arkadium is another top selection for free online bingo game enthusiasts. The gaming site offers other options, including Family Feud, Mahjong, crosswords, and puzzles.

On the main screen, for free online bingo, you'll choose the number of cards to play and the numbers to extract. Select anywhere from one to four cards. Play 35, 45, or 55 numbers. The paytable differs when you change the numbers to extract.

You'll start with $100 in play money. Choose coin values from $0.25 to $1 for a max bet of $4. Then click Play.

You'll see your cards under the central bingo tracker on the game screen. Click the settings to turn the sound on, then Start. Follow along as the numbers get called, marking them manually.

You may only choose one direction for your bingo(s). For example, if you get a diagonal bingo and then a horizontal one—you can only keep one. The same rule applies to vertical versus horizontal bingos.

To get "BINGO!" you'll need to cover each space on any card.

At max bet, the game pays out for:

  • Any Diagonal: x1

  • Any Column: x1

  • Any Row: x1

  • Any 2 Rows: x2

  • Any 3 Rows: x5

  • Any 4 Rows: x10

  • BINGO!: x20

The free online bingo game at Arkadium is a no-thrills option. There aren't any bonuses or power-ups. You can give someone a high five, though, as you'll see the number of people playing at the site. On the left-hand side of the screen, there are tabs for Leaderboard, Support, and Comments. You don't need an app to play at Arkadium. So, this is a perfect option to play among the best free bingo games online at any time.

Bingo Country Days

Bingo Country Days comes from Playcus, a software developer with 30 million users worldwide. Play the web version of BCD by logging in via Facebook. There are also mobile options on the App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Graphics and gameplay at BCD are akin to Bingo Blitz. You can click the settings at the top-left of the home page to change the language and more. You'll also see sound settings and an option to switch to full-screen mode.

You can buy tickets and boosters at the top of the page. You'll need tickets for bingo cards. Packages start as low as 50 tickets for $4.99 and go up to $79.99 for 1,000 tickets.

The Most Popular package for boosters is one that comes with 60 for $9.99. To get started, click Play Now! Change the Jackpot from one to five. You'll need at least two tickets to qualify for progressive jackpots. Select anywhere from one to four cards.

For a max Jackpot of 25,000, you'll need five tickets per card and four cards (20 tickets). Get access to all five Jackpots with four cards and two tickets per card.

If you're on a desktop, we recommend playing in full-screen mode. The game gets called quickly, so make sure you can focus.

You'll play in a tournament style. Keep track of your progress on the right-hand side of the screen. There are seven levels listed as follows:

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • 3rd Place

  • 2nd Place

  • 1st Place

Tourney Score comes from earned experience (EXP) points. You'll also see details for your next prize level, current place, and time to score resets. There are a few minor differences between Bingo Country Days and Bingo Blitz. In BCD, numbers get called faster, and you won't see them highlighted on your cards. Also, the chat for BCD only allows emojis, whereas, in BB, you can use the keyboard. BCD doesn't offer a dice game to get more tickets, either. If you run out of boosters, the ability to earn EXP points slows down quite a bit. (That applies to both games—so keep that in mind.)

If you'd like to play longer sessions, the free versions of BCD and BB only offer a little longevity with boosters and power-ups. A simple short- and long-term strategy might help to keep playing for free.

You'll begin with 50 tickets and 29 boosters. So, play with at least two cards to start. Maximize your ticket potential by betting up to 5% of your tickets on each round. As you gain EXP points, make sure you play four bingo cards. That helps to increase your chances of getting bingo(s) and receiving awards. Bingo Country Days has almost 12,000 likes on Facebook.

With over 100K downloads on Google Play, the app maintains a 4.3 average from almost 9,000 ratings. The iOS version on the App Store only has 45 ratings, with an average of 4.1 out of 5.

Positives: Two Android users said they "love" the game while offering feedback on improving it. Another said the game was "fun." A fourth said that it was "easy to retrieve tickets and power-ups" and that they enjoyed the tournaments.

One iOS user said they enjoyed the free version but wouldn't "throw away" money on a computer game.

Negatives: One Android user complained about the game not loading correctly, while another said the audio wouldn't work. A third said there were too many ads. An iOS user had a similar complaint—that ads froze their game. Other users said the app should offer more payouts and rewards.

Bingo Clash / Bingo Tour

Bingo Clash is a free online bingo game ranked #2 in Casino on the App Store. The developer is AviaGames, which also has titles for mobile pool, solitaire, and word puzzles. Their second bingo title is Bingo Tour, which ranks #7 in Casino.

Both titles are no longer available on Google Play or the Galaxy Store. (The Bingo Clash and Bingo Tour versions come from different developers on Google Play.)

With Bingo Clash, you can play for free with tickets. Extra features include minigames such as Fortuity Wheel, Dice Tour, and Lucky Box. You can also play free bingo games at Bingo Tour. Features include “smart matching” (starting against players with a similar skill level), power-ups, and multiplayer tournaments. There are also minigames like Dice Cruise and Scratchers.

Cash games are available for Bingo Clash and Bingo Tour in specific jurisdictions.

Bingo Clash - 4.4 out of 5 stars - 79.7K ratings - #2 in Casino.

Positives: One user said the game "does payout" and is "fair for all." They also appreciated the lack of in-game ads, other than a video ad before a spin on the Fortuity Wheel. Another user praised the payouts, saying the game was well-balanced.

Negatives: One user complained about changes to in-game ad pop-ups (December 2022). They were disappointed they had to spend money to keep playing at higher levels. A second user said they had "frequent issues with the app going blank."

Bingo Tour - 4.9 out of 5 stars - 77.7K ratings - #7 in Casino.

Positives: One user said, "incredible customer support" and that "it's wonderful to play a game I really love." Another said, "excellent legit game - super fun!" A third said they won $45 in a few months without depositing by "playing the ads and free games."

Negatives: One user complained about "false advertising" about losing their bonus money. A second user also said they lost their bonus money, the payout got delayed, or it was different from what they expected.

We recommend sticking to the free games at Bingo Clash and Bingo Tour!

Lucky Bingo

On Google Play, Lucky Bingo (Bingo: Play Lucky Bingo Games) maintains a 4.7 average rating from 73.2K reviews. The app has more than one million downloads.

An iPad version is also available on the App Store from the same developer, Theotino. With 15K ratings, the app maintains an average of 4.6 stars out of 5. Lucky Bingo also has almost 137,000 likes on Facebook. Win up to four bingos per card, with a max of eight cards.

Be wary of the subscription costs!

Bingo Abradoodle

Another popular option on Google Play is Bingo Abradoodle. With over five million downloads, 177K reviews, and a 4.7 rating—it's an outstanding choice. It's also popular on the App Store, with 20.8K ratings and an average of 4.8 stars.

The developer Abradoodle also offers their bingo game via Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Bingo Abradoodle features a wheel of fortune and free bingo cards. There are also themes, cat and dog mascots, teams, and mega bingos. Another unique in-game feature allows players to create art for avatars and daubers. When other players win, you can also see their artwork after each round.


From Storm8 studios, you'll find another option with over five million downloads on Google Play—and that's Bingo! The Android app maintains a 4.5 average score from almost 100K reviews. The iOS version on the App Store maintains a 4.4 score from 5.9K ratings.

Both versions showed that the developer had not updated the game since May - June 2021. Interested players may want to watch for bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bingo Games Offline: Bingo App (Bingo Heaven)

From Super Free Games, the Super Lucky Casino niche offers a bingo app on Google Play. The Bingo Games Offline: Bingo App has more than ten million downloads! That ranks it among the most popular free bingo games online.

The Bingo App maintains an average score of 4.8 from 495K reviews. The game's official name is Bingo Heaven on the developer's website. There's also an Amazon version.

An iOS version maintains an average score of 4.9 from 11.9K ratings. The latest update on the App Store comes from May 2021 (and the reviews need to be updated). One Google Play user from October 2022 commented that the game was fun but had too many commercials.

Another user said, "Per ad ratio to free power-ups and free tokens are quite nice." They also claimed it was the best free bingo game they had ever played.


We recommend trying various options to find the best free bingo games online. You'll get access to free versions that are fun to hook you in. If you catch a winning streak, that helps to boost power-ups and rewards.

An industry trend leans toward getting into a pay-to-play system. Game developers are businesses that need to turn a profit. You may have to deal with ads as a precursor to a subscription model. The growing interest in bingo games derives from COVID-19 lockdowns. So, you'll still get access to a large selection that you can enjoy anytime.

Good luck!

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