How to Protect Personal Information While Using an Online Casino

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Most users who use online casino gaming as their source of entertainment have to input their personal information to be able to use these platforms. With the onslaught of cyber security attacks over the last decade, sensitive personal information has never been more in danger.

Unfortunately, no amount of federal gambling laws can prevent your identity or card information from being stolen, so here are tips to protect your personal information while gaming online.

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Steps You can Take to Protect your Information

Keep your personal information to yourself

This first step is a given. Personal information that is used to register for an online casino should be kept to yourself and never shared with anyone.

Only use reputable online casinos

When looking for an online casino to play, always check if they are reputable. Well-known online casinos like BetMGM, PointsBet, Golden Nugget and Caesars would be examples of reputable gaming companies that users can completely trust with their personal information.

If you are using an offshore gambling site like xBet, your personal information is not considered secure due to the lack of federal or state regulation. Your information is not safe when using an offshore online casino.

An example of an online casino with trustworthy security is if they have a valid SSL certificate that is located to the left of their URL.

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Add a payment method through an e-wallet

When adding a payment method to your account, it's important to know that you have the ability to add your payment info through an e-wallet like Skrill, which generates a fake card number so hackers are unable to steal your information.

Use a VPN when gaming online

Another common anti-hack tip is to purchase a private VPN, which hides your IP address and web traffic from potential hackers. This protection is great for casino gaming, sports betting, casual web surfing, and even working from home.  However, most well-regulated online casinos have software that detects the use of VPNs and you could be subject to a ban or suspension from a given platform. This is because some people who are not in states or countries where a hypothetical online casino operates could use this same software to dupe the provider.

Use a strong password and set a schedule to change it often

This tip goes for all of your accounts. Create a unique hard-to-guess password that is NEVER shared with anyone and change it at least every couple of months to be preventative against hackers.

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