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How Does Live Dealer Roulette Work in Online Casinos?

Live dealer online casino games have become increasingly popular in the last few years since iGaming became legal in the United States.

But how does it work, exactly?

For a game like roulette, the online casinos will have a live dealer (or sometimes just a live wheel where the ball gets inserted automatically).

All your bets are placed on your phone screen but the wheel spins in real life, and then the result is seamlessly digitized, so you're paid out immediately.

How Do Casinos Have So Many Dealers and Roulette Wheels?

They don't. Every American online casino operator licenses tech from third-party providers like Evolution, which supply the infrastructure and live dealers for these games.

So, you'll notice that many of the casinos look similar, but have that operator's branding, like DraftKings or FanDuel.

What Are the Minimums for Live Dealer Roulette?

It depends on the table and casino you're playing at, just like it would at a brick-and-mortar casino.

Some casinos have higher bet minimums for playing 50/50 bets like colors or odd/even than for longshots like numbers.

Unlike live dealer blackjack, regular roulette can be playing by an infinite number of players without affecting the game.

Live dealer blackjack where you sit at a table and get your own hand often has a $25 minimum, while the "unlimited blackjack" mode is smaller, like $1 or $5.

Where Can I Play Live Dealer Roulette?

Just about every online casino will offer live dealer roulette. It's such an easy game to offer live because an infinite number of players can play without the game being changed.

That's not the case for something like craps, or even blackjack played in the traditional way.

The only reason in-person casinos don't allow an unlimited number of people at a roulette table is because there's not enough space. But online roulette opens up the possibilities of dozens and dozens of players to all play at once.

Online Roulette FAQ
Where can I play online roulette?

Legal online casino states include Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.