The Most Popular Legal Online Slot Games

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The most popular online slot games that should be available at many of your favorite casinos. For advanced players, you'll have plenty of options for more complex online slots. There might even be a few high-roller games, too.


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Best New Online Slot Games

Here's a breakdown of the most popular slots at the top online casinos, including DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM and Caesars.

DraftKings logo


If you're looking for popular online slot games, DraftKings Online Casino offers plenty of choices. With more than 730 slots, you'll get some of the best games in the industry.

One of the top options for online slots at DraftKings is 88 Fortunes.

88 Fortunes

This is one of the most recognizable slot games in brick-and-mortar establishments. It's also available on Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Players experience a Chinese-themed layout with red and gold colors and Asian music. Developed by SG Gaming (Light & Wonder) and Shuffle Master, 88 Fortunes offers 243 ways to win.

The game contains five reels and three rows. Bet credits break down as follows:

  • 1 Gold Symbol (8 credits)
  • 2 Gold Symbols (18 credits)
  • 3 Gold Symbols (38 credits)
  • 4 Gold Symbols (68 credits)
  • 5 Gold Symbols (88 credits)

From a minimum bet of $0.08, you can switch up your bet per spin to the following: X0.01, X0.02, X0.03, X0.06, X0.10, X0.20, X0.30, X0.60, or X1.00.

The max bet is $88 (5 Gold Symbols/88 credits at X1.00.)

The return to player (RTP) average for 8 credits is 95.93%. RTP for 18, 38, 68, and 88 credits is 96%.

How To Win

To win, you'll need three or more matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the left. The paytable resides under the "i" (information) button at the bottom right.

Trios of either 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace offer the lowest payouts. The Gong symbol provides the best payouts.

The FU BAT symbol is wild and it only shows on reels 2, 3, and 4.

The gold symbols in the Active Symbols area apply to alternate reels.

Jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand

One or more FU BAT symbols may trigger a jackpot attempt. To be eligible for the Mini Jackpot, you'll need to wager at least 18 credits.

The jackpots come as fixed amounts, depending on the size of your wager.

With 38 credits, you'll be eligible for Mini and Minor Jackpots. A bet of 68 credits makes you eligible for Mini, Minor, and Major Jackpots.

To be eligible for all jackpots, including the Grand Jackpot, you'll need to bet 88 credits.

Once you qualify for more than one jackpot, you'll get to a new screen. There will be 12 coins. You'll choose a coin to reveal the jackpot.

Match three coins and you'll win the corresponding jackpot.

Free Games

One of the primary features of 88 Fortunes comes from the free games. If you get three or more Gong symbols (starting from the left), you'll trigger 10 bonus rounds.

The 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace get removed from the free games feature. During those spins, you may also receive an extra 10 free games or trigger a jackpot.

Bonus rounds offer a great way to boost your winnings. If you can afford it, max bets also provide you with the best chance to win a 88 Fortunes Grand Jackpot of $200,000.

Bonus Offer: 100% deposit match up to $2,000 and a maximum $50 free credit. No bonus code required.

FanDuel logo


88 Fortunes is also available at FanDuel Online Casino (and at most casinos). They have plenty of other options from A to Z along with 24 jackpots.

One of FanDuel's most popular online slot games over the summer was Wheel of Fortune: Ruby Riches.

Wheel of Fortune: Ruby Riches

Wheel Of Fortune Triple Extreme resides at the top of FanDuel's slot list. But Ruby Riches might also be a good place to start.

From IGT, Ruby Riches offers five reels, four rows, and 30 paylines.

The RTP is 96.15% with medium volatility.

A minimum bet begins at $0.75 with a max bet of $30. The top win may come in at $1,000.


Features include bonus games, fixed jackpots, wild and scatter symbols, and free spins. You'll need three scatter symbols to trigger the Free Spins Bonus.

For a Wheel Bonus, you'll need:

  • Wheel of Fortune scatter symbol on reel 1
  • Free Spins scatter symbol on reel 5

This bonus gives you a shot at the $1,000 jackpot.

Switching up your bet amounts changes the Mini, Minor, Major, Mega, and Grand Jackpots.


Payouts for 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace:

  • X5 for three on a payline
  • X10 for four on a payline
  • X50 for five on a payline

Payouts for a Ruby Bird, Ring, and Gem:

  • X10 for three on a payline
  • X50 for four on a payline
  • X200 for five on a payline

Jackpot payouts at the minimum bet of $0.75:

  • $10 (Mini)
  • $30 (Minor)
  • $50 (Major)
  • $100 (Mega)
  • $150 (Grand)

Ca$hLink Deluxe

To trigger the Cas$hLink Deluxe feature, you'll need the following:

  • Treasure Chest scatter symbol on reel 5
  • NO Wheel of Fortune coin scatter symbol on reel 1

Coin scatter symbols without a jackpot offer a prize. If a jackpot gets revealed, you'll win that corresponding jackpot.

You may also have a chance at more than one jackpot by triggering the Ca$hLink Deluxe feature.

Free Spins

You'll get 10 free spins with three Free Spins scatter symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5.

During a Free Spins Bonus, you'll be eligible for more free spins (up to 200 in total).

Trigger a Ca$h Deluxe during your free spins and you'll get the prize values on each of the Coin scatter symbols.

Get more information about playing Ruby Riches via the Paytable and Game Rules tabs.

Bonus Offer: Up to $1,000 in no-sweat bets for the first day of gambling. No bonus code required.

BetMGM logo


BetMGM Online Casino offers hundreds of slots, with 88 Fortunes as another top pick among gamblers.

Back in 2021, the most popular option was Starburst.


The Starburst slot game at BetMGM remains a favorite among players. (It's also available on the Google Play store for mobile Android users.)

Developed by NetEnt Games, Starburst contains five reels, three rows, and 10 paylines.

The Starburst Wild symbol comes on the middle three reels. Three wilds trigger a re-spin (up to 3 max).

A fixed level from 1 to 10 corresponds to bet amounts from 10 to 100. For coin value, you'll choose from 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, and 1.00.

Bet level represents the number of coins wagered per bet line.


At bet level 1, you'll receive coin payout values from 5 to 60 for colored gemstones. (Purple, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.)

7 pays out:

  • 3 symbols - 25 coins
  • 4 symbols - 60 coins
  • 5 symbols - 120 coins

BAR pays out:

  • 3 symbols - 50 coins
  • 4 symbols - 200 coins
  • 5 symbols - 250 coins

At this level, a 0.01 coin value represents a minimum bet of $0.10.

A bet level of 2 pays X2. And so on.

Mixing Up Your Bet Level and Coin Value

A red gemstone pays 7 coins for three symbols on any 10 paylines. At bet level 2, get three red symbols on two paylines and you'll win 28.

(7 coins X 2 paylines = 14 coins. At bet level 2 -- 14 coins X 2 = 28.)

Bet Level 5 - 50 Coins

Bet level 5 with a coin value of 0.02 equates to a $1 bet (50 coins X 0.02 = $1.00).

The payout of 7 coins X bet level 5 = 35 coins X 2 paylines = 70 win -- 70 X 0.02 = $1.40.

Bet Level 10 - 100 Coins

At bet level 10, you'll multiply your win per payline by 10.

Bet level 10 with a coin value of 1.00 (100 coins X 1.00) = $100 bet.

So, three red gemstones at that level (7 coins X bet level 10 = 70 coins X 1.00 coin value) pay $70.

Consult the green "i" button at the bottom left of the screen for more information on paylines.

The RTP for Starburst is 96.09%.

Bonus Offer: Claim a 100% deposit match on up to $1,000 in addition to $25 free by entering promo code ACTIONCASINO.

Caesars logo


Caesars Online Casino offers over 250 online slots to choose from, including the previous games. The mobile app version has over 10 million downloads and 678,000 reviews.

With so many different options, you may want to consider playing demo versions first.

Among the site's current favorites is a featured option — The Green Machine Deluxe.

The Green Machine Deluxe

Developed by High Five, The Green Machine Deluxe is a simple 5x3 online slot game. Instead of paylines, there are only bonuses and cash prizes.

You'll win whenever they appear anywhere across the reels.

Bet amounts start at 25 which corresponds to a multiplier of x1. From there, they increase as follows:

  • 50 - x2
  • 75 - x3
  • 125 - x5
  • 250 - x10
  • 375 - x15
  • 500 - x20
  • 750 - x30
  • 1,250 - x50
  • 1,875 - x75
  • 2,500 - x100
  • 3,750 - x150
  • 5,000 - x200
  • 7,500 - x300

To get the most spins, you'll want to stick to a 1% - 5% per wager betting strategy.


Scatter symbols include green, yellow, and orange squares.

They offer these payouts times the total bet:

  • Green squares: 0.2, 0.4, 1
  • Yellow squares: 2, 4, 10
  • Orange squares: 20, 100, 200

Racking Up Riches

Three or more scatter symbols will trigger the Racking Up Riches Feature. When this occurs, any blank squares disappear.

For the next automatic spin, two new squares fall for each reel. You'll only keep squares with monetary value.

Blue squares offer multiplier values of x2, x3, x5, and x10. If they appear, they'll multiply the value of the stationary scatter symbols on that reel.

In this fashion, your green and/or yellow scatter symbols may turn into yellow and orange.

The process repeats while each reel allows a maximum of eight symbols. If no new squares get added, a random chance allows one more round to rack up riches.

Absent a random chance or any new scatter symbols, the feature stops.

Buy a Bonus

Depending on your location, you may also get access to a Buy a Bonus option.

You'll pay 40x your current bet amount. The Racking Up Riches Feature begins for your bonus round.

The RTP for The Green Machine Deluxe is 96%.

Bonus Offer: Enter promo code ACTIONCAS to get up to a $2,000 Deposit Match + a $100 Gas Card.


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Although online slots require more luck than skill, it's recommended to follow a strategy to maximize your earning potential. Here's a list of resources that can help you become more prepared when you are ready to play online slots.

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