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Online Bingo Generators

Make Your Own Bingo Cards With a Free Online Bingo Generator

Cut out the middleman and create your own bingo games using an online bingo generator. It’s a popular way to host home games or play online using video conferencing services. Start a group call using an app such as Zoom, Facebook Live or Google Meet, then add your friends. Use your imagination when creating your cards and your bingo games will be legendary!

How Does An Online Bingo Generator Work?

It starts you off with a blank board, and it’s up to you to design the title, text and theme. 

An online bingo card generator often includes the option to start with an existing template. Follow these steps to create your own bingo cards:

  1. Input a title that reflects the theme you’ve chosen.

  2. Either enter the type of card you’re making, such as 75 or 90-ball bingo.
  3. Or enter the number of rows and columns you’ve selected. Most players prefer 5 x 5.

  4. Decide whether to designate the center square as a free space.

  5. Input text or images. 

  6. Pick text and background color

  7. Click the Generate button

  8. Print your page of cards (optional).

  9. Invite friends!

How to Play Bingo Online With Friends

Invite friends to join the game via your shareable link. Send the group a single link they can click to claim their randomized bingo cards. Most online bingo generators include a virtual bingo caller. While some online bingo generators are always free, others charge after a limited number of cards. 

Online Bingo Generator’s Widespread Appeal

Type “free online bingo generator” in the Google search bar, and you’ll get more than 100 results. Interest in the software is soaring across players of all ages and backgrounds. 

Elementary school teachers in Georgia use a bingo online generator to design bingo cards used to teach vocabulary to children. Online bingo generators, specifically for educators, teach fractions, science and more. Several websites utilize online bingo generators to teach English as a Second Language (ESL). In the end, online bingo generators are still mainly used for social purposes.  

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Online Bingo Generator FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Online Bingo
How can I print bingo cards for free?

Choose one of the many free online bingo generators and create your cards. The first 30 are typically free.

Is online bingo safe?

Yes. All online bingo games are reviewed and approved by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Online casinos are held to the highest of standards when it comes to the security and safety of online gambling.

How long does it take to make your own bingo cards?

Making bingo cards on a bingo card generator is fast and easy. The whole process takes around five minutes. 

Can I use pictures with a bingo online generator?

Yes, many online bingo generators come with the option to upload an image from your computer.

How does the virtual bingo caller work?

The virtual bingo caller announces numbers, words or images at random. The caller declares the winners of the game in real time.

How do I host a live bingo game?

Start by choosing a theme and designing cards with the help of an online bingo generator. Email your friends your personal URL inviting them to join the game. Finally, print your bingo cards and get started.

How do I customize a bingo card?

In order to customize a bingo card, pick a theme and title your card accordingly. Accentuate the theme through the use of images, content, colors and text.