Online Blackjack Strategy and Tips

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When it comes to playing online blackjack, players have guidelines they should follow regardless of their skill level.

We put together a list of 10 tips every blackjack player should know for online casino gaming.

10 Online Blackjack Tips You Need to Know

1. Understand the difference between online and live blackjack

Despite the fact that the game itself is the same, there is one part of the game which cannot be performed online: counting cards. Due to the automated process in which hands are dealt in online blackjack, it is impossible for players to count cards. This is the exact opposite of what occurs when playing live blackjack.

2. Memorize card rankings

There are some notable differences in the rankings of cards in blackjack when compared to poker. It is imperative that you memorize the card rankings in order to understand what your next move will be when playing online blackjack.

Aces are worth one or eleven, while Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10. The remaining two through nine cards are worth their numerical value.

3. Exercise caution when deciding to Hit or Stand

In online blackjack, most outcomes are determined by chance, so it’s best to be aware of that when you decide which of the possible moves to make. These include a hit, stand, double down, split, and surrender.

In most cases, it is a formality to hit a hand that is valued under a hard 8 and below a 17 against a 7 or above. All hard hands above 17 are stands, but there are different ways to play soft hands that include an Ace and a 7 for example. 

There are plenty of opportunities to Double Down good positions for the player as well, including a player 11 against a dealer 5 or 6. Splitting only occurs when a player is dealt a pair, but they should not always split their pairs. While not all online casinos offer the option to surrender in blackjack, it is important to do so on 15s and 16s against a dealer’s 10 or Ace.

4. Stick to your favorite online blackjack game type

Our recommendation to new players of online blackjack is to thoroughly read the rules and test out the four primary variations available. You should stick with the type of blackjack game that you are most comfortable with, whether it is Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, or Bonus Bet Blackjack.

5. Don’t make insurance bets

A player may place an insurance bet on the dealer having blackjack, which represents half of the original bet and is only profitable if the dealer has an ace and a ten. When an insurance bet is won, the player does not earn additional money, but instead earns the amount that they initially bet. This is largely considered to be a bet that has a considerable house edge attached to it. In essence, the best bet here is to not make one at all. 

6. Learn and embrace blackjack’s basic strategy

Players at blackjack have the option of using a blackjack strategy card, which provides an outline of all outcomes and situations possible in the game. Learning the outline and following it will allow the player to make the most beneficial decisions, resulting in consistent and positive results. Basic strategy in blackjack is essentially the perfect mathematical solution to the game that minimizes the edge of the house over the player.

7. Hit on a soft 17

Hitting on a soft 17 is usually the smartest play unless the dealer is showing a bust card. In that case, the player is incentivized to double down their hand. Soft 17s provide a certain level of flexibility to the player as they essentially are given two chances to make a stronger hand by hitting. 

8. Set wagering limits

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must set daily wagering limits. Moderation in betting is a crucial strategy across all forms of casino gaming. Staying within your bankroll and the units you have set prior to a blackjack session are key to both short-term and long-term success in the game.

9. Choose wisely when splitting your hands

Blackjack players have the ability to split their hands and create multiple hands. Players should always split Aces and 8s with other hands being split in specific situations. 

For example, players should never choose to split their hands if they are dealt a pair of 10s because the total is 20, which gives them a great chance to win. On the other hand, players should always split a pair of aces because of the flexibility they offer. 

Please keep in mind, however, that when splitting Aces, a player does not get a Blackjack if they receive a 10 to give them a 21. This is just a hand ranking of 21, not a natural.

10. Avoid distractions

All types of casino games should follow this tip. In order for a player to be locked in and fully concentrated on having a winning blackjack session, they need to be distraction-free and willing to make the correct decisions to boost their chances of winning.

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