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Sign Up at BetMGM, Get a Free Year of Action PRO

Sign Up at BetMGM, Get a Free Year of Action PRO article feature image

BetMGM has made itself a player in the United States sports betting market. And if you haven’t gotten on board yet, now’s a great chance.

The Action Network is offering users a free year of Action PRO (normally $19.99 per month) if they sign up and deposit at BetMGM.

Click here to claim the offer.

MGM is available in Tennessee, Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana and West Virginia.

Tennessee sports betting started on Nov. 1, and MGM was one of four books to go live from the jump.

Why BetMGM?

You should be betting at multiple sportsbooks already, and BetMGM is an excellent one to add to your arsenal.

You’ll get a $500 deposit match (redeemable in free bets), plus access to a wide variety of props and unique bet types.

And if you bet golf, or think ever would bet golf as the Masters approaches, you need to do it at MGM. They’re the only United States book that doesn’t apply dead-heat rules to finishing position bets like Top 5 and Top 20.

Most books will cut your bet if there’s a tie — i.e. an 8-1 payout becomes 2-1 if four players tie for the No. 5 spot. But MGM pays out these bets in full.

This is a tangible advantage for bettors, and a unique situation since most sportsbooks follow the same rules.

Why Action PRO?

Writing about what to bet on can be challenging for a variety of reasons.

Lines move and news changes after the fact. Lines move and news changes while our analysts are writing, even.

So we’re committed to building tools that update in real-time to help make you a smarter bettor. That’s the goal of our PRO features.

PRO Projections

While finding profitable edges is easy with an advanced model, creating that model is extremely difficult.

That’s where our new PRO Projections feature comes in. (Try for FREE today!)

Our experts have created betting models for all of the major sports, the results of which are available for PRO subscribers on our website and (soon) in our app:

PRO Report

Ever wonder what you should bet and wish there was someone to tell you …fast!? That’s what we’ve built.

Using the millions of data points we’ve gathered for nearly 20 years, we’ve built a suite of software that offers users credible signals. We call it the PRO Report, and it is designed to make betting decisions easier.

For more information, visit our PRO Report and click on each highlighted icon to get details on that specific angle.

Sharp Action

Want to follow the world’s best sports bettors?

Based on Sports Insights’ Bet Signals data, Sharp Action alerts users to the games attracting money from bettors with the respect and winning track records to move lines across the market.

Whenever a Sharp Action indicator is illuminated, you can be sure that smart money from professional bettors has come down on that side.

Big Money

Using our proprietary NFL public betting data, including both ticket and real money betting percentages, Big Money signals the sides and totals seeing the biggest monetary wagers across the market.

Big bets can come from anyone, but by combining Sharp Action and Big Money indicators, users can quickly determine which bets the biggest (and sharpest) bettors in the world are making in real time.

PRO Systems

Looking for an edge based on historical betting data? PRO Systems are handpicked by our team of analysts from the portfolio of profitable angles derived from our Bet Labs software.

Our NFL database combines archived betting data since the start of the 2003 season with millions of other data points in order to find the biggest edges over the largest possible sample sizes.

And since our PRO Systems are constantly monitored by our analysts, you can be sure that every highlighted signal is based on a system that has produced consistent results through the years.

Model Projections

Model Projections are based on our proprietary NFL power ratings and provide true betting lines devoid of public perception, oddsmaker shading or any other subjective factors.

This icon will light up whenever a bet has at least a 5% difference between our projected line and the actual betting line.

Do you want to tail the sharps but are worried a line has already moved too much to offer value? Combine the Sharp Action indicator with a Model Projections indicator to find bets that the pros are making but also still have enough of an edge to play.

Top Experts

Are you interested in following bets made by our team of NFL experts? You can already receive notifications for your favorite experts via The Action Network’s mobile app, but if you want a real-time summary of the games our experts are lining up to bet, then this is the signal for you.

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