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Get $250 Deposit Match Instantly
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Use code 250MATCH
Get bonus funds right away
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BetRivers Review

BetRivers is online sportsbook that operates in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Indiana. BetRivers is owned Rush Street Gaming, which also owns sister sportsbook SugarHouse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, along with multiple casinos throughout the country.

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Not many sportsbooks can compete with BetRivers' promo code, which only requires a 1x rollover on a 100% deposit match. Here's an example of what that means: If you deposit $250 cash, you'll immediately get $250 in free bets -- and whatever you turn those free bets into becomes cash that you can withdraw at any point. While BetRivers' platform isn't as slick as some of its competitors, the new-customer bonus offer, in addition to key features for existing users (odds boosts, cash out, rewards points), makes BetRivers a no-brainer to have as part of your betting portfolio.

Sports you can bet at BetRivers

In addition to a bevy of props and pregame offerings, BetRivers has a robust live betting platform and user-friendly features like letting you cash out of an existing bet mid-game.


College Football
College Basketball
NHL + other hockey leagues
Motor Racing
Cricket and more

Registering at BetRivers

BetRivers is required to take the following information when you register so it can verify your identity and ensure you're of age to bet (21 years old in most states) and a U.S. citizen. The whole process doesn't take more than a minute or two.

Creating An Account Requires

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Cell Phone Number
Last 4 of SSN
2 Security Questions

How to Deposit at BetRivers

You can deposit into your BetRivers account via the following ways. PayPal and online banking are often the easiest. Some credit and debit cards will flag attempted transactions with sportsbooks, so don't be alarmed if you get declined initially.

Deposit Options

Online banking

Making Withdrawals at BetRivers

Whenever it's time to withdraw from BetRivers, you can be sure it'll be a quick process. Online banking and PayPal should only take a few days max -- and we've seen it take as little as 24 hours.

Withdrawal Options

Online Banking

BetRivers: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best promo code to use for BetRivers?

The best promo code to use for BetRivers is 250MATCH. You’ll want to click this link if you’re in Colorado and then insert code 250MATCH when you’re signing up to qualify for BetRivers’ new-customer offer. If you’re in Pennsylvania, click this link, then insert the promo code. If you’re in Indiana, click this link, then insert the promo code.

What bonus offers does BetRivers have for new customers?

BetRivers has one of the best bonus offers for new customers. As long as you use promo code 250MATCH and click the links above corresponding to your sign-up state, you’ll be eligible for a first-time customer bonus of a 100% deposit match, up to $250.

How does BetRivers’ bonus work?

Here’s the best thing about using our BetRivers promo code: You’ll receive the deposit match immediately after depositing, and it requires only a 1x rollover.

If you’re unfamiliar with what that means, here’s an example: Let’s say you deposit $250 of your own money into your BetRivers account; you’ll receive an additional $250 in free bets into your account right away. Those $250 in free bets are effectively in a different portion of your account from your $250 cash, but once you put the free bets into play once, any winnings from those wagers will go into the cash portion of your account, which you can withdraw at any time.

Plenty of sportsbooks require bettors to roll over their bonuses several times before allowing you to withdraw the funds, but that’s not the case at BetRivers. Another benefit: You’re not forced to use your free bets on a single wager. Using the example before, you could spread that $250 in free bets out into 10 different $25 bets if you wanted; you could also plop all $250 down on one wager. The choice is yours, which is all you can ask for as a bettor.

Can I use my bonus bets on any type of wager at BetRivers?

There are very few restrictions for how you can use the bonus funds you get from taking advantage of BetRivers’ deposit match offer. The one exception: You cannot use your free bets on any wager that has greater than -200 odds. In other words, a -205 bet would be ineligible, but a -195 would be eligible. This isn’t the worst news, though, as it’s often most profitable over the long term to use bonus bets on wagers that are plus-money and you’re getting a decent edge over the market.

How do I get free bets at BetRivers?

The easiest way to get free bets at BetRivers is to sign up for a new account through one of these links — Colorado | Pennsylvania | Indiana. Be sure to include promo code 250MATCH when you’re going through the registration flow as well.

Once you’ve registered, the next step to getting your free bets is to fund your account via one of the many methods BetRivers provides: online banking, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. (Important note: Some credit and debit cards will not allow you to deposit money into a sportsbook account, so your best bet is often online banking or PayPal.)

When choosing the amount to deposit into your BetRivers account, remember that your free bets are directly tied to your deposit amount. If you deposit $100, you’ll receive $100 in free bets. If you deposit $175, you’ll receive $175 in free bets. You get the picture. The important thing to be aware of is that BetRivers caps its deposit match at $250, so if you put $1,000 into your account, you’ll get $250 in free bets — the same amount you’d get if you opted to deposit $250.

Once you make your first deposit, you don’t get a second chance to claim that deposit match, so make sure you do it when you’re able to maximize your free bets. After all, one of the keys to being a successful bettor over the long haul is to take full advantage of new-customer offers like this, in addition to some of the daily odds boosts offered by BetRivers and other sportsbooks.

What happens if I forgot to put in the promo code when signing up?

As a reminder, you’ll want to click our links above and use the promo code 250MATCH in order to claim your 100% deposit match offer through BetRivers. But if you forgot to insert the promo code when signing up and depositing, BetRivers actually gives you the ability to add it after the fact. (How nice of them!) For more details on how to do this, check out BetRivers’ instructions here.

How fast can I withdraw money from my BetRivers account?

This is a great question and one of the least-discussed benefits of betting with the best online sportsbooks: You’ll receive your money within a few days of requesting a withdrawal from BetRivers. In many instances, you’ll have the money in your account within 24 hours, which we’ve observed when you use online banking or PayPal as your method of withdrawing.

What’s the minimum amount I can deposit into a BetRivers account?

The minimum amount you’re allowed to deposit into your BetRivers account is $10. But because of the way BetRivers’ new-customer offer works, it’s definitely beneficial to wait to deposit until you can maximize the 100% deposit match (up to $250).

If you deposit $10 using promo code 250MATCH and you’re a new customer, you’ll receive $10 in free bets. It’s better than $0, but BetRivers will put as much as $250 in free bets into your account, matching your deposit dollar-for-dollar.

Does BetRivers charge a fee?

BetRivers will not charge you a fee to maintain your account. As all sportsbooks do, BetRivers places some “juice” on each bet. This is effectively the book’s fee for accepting the wager. (For more details on the definition of juice, check out our sports betting glossary.)

Because the juice for a given bet can differ from sportsbook to sportsbook, it’s vital to always shop for the best price to be a profitable bettor over the long-term. Make sure to bookmark our best lines page, where you can always find the best book to use for any bet you’re hoping to place.

Do I have to go into a Rivers Casino to sign up for a BetRivers sportsbook account?

If you’re hoping to bet through BetRivers’ sportsbook in Colorado, Pennsylvania or Indiana, you do not need to physically go into a Rivers Casino to sign up for and fund your account. Luckily, you can register, deposit and bet on your phone or computer in those states.

BetRivers operates a large casino and sportsbook in Illinois, but as of early 2020, bettors still had to go into the casino before being able to place bets from home via a BetRivers sportsbook account. Luckily, that’s not the case in Colorado, Pennsylvania or Indiana, as it’s super convenient to be able to do everything you want from the comfort of your own home.

Do I have to be a resident of Colorado, Pennsylvania or Indiana to bet on BetRivers?

You do not need to be a resident of Colorado, Pennsylvania or Indiana to be able to bet through BetRivers in those states. You only have to be 21 years of age, a U.S. citizen and inside the state’s borders to place a bet on BetRivers’ platform. Because online sports betting is legal in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Indiana, BetRivers has the ability to verify that you’re within any of these states before accepting your wager.

A few examples to hammer the point home: Let’s say you live in California, which does not have legal sports betting, and you travel to Vail, Colorado, for a vacation with your family over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. While you’re in Colorado, you’re legally able to open a BetRivers sportsbook account, claim your $250 bonus using promo code 250MATCH using this link and bet on all the NFL playoff games over the weekend. Once it’s time to head home, you’re free to withdraw any funds remaining in your account — or you can leave them there for your next trip back to Colorado.

You don’t have to be in a given state for an extended period of time to register for a BetRivers account and place a bet, either. Indiana, for example, borders Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois, and plenty of bettors from those states have crossed into Hoosier land for the sole purpose of placing a bet before turning around and heading back home. Because it’s such an easy process to sign up for an account with the promo code, claim your bonus and bet, you can make a quick trip out of it, no problem.

If you open a BetRivers account in one state and travel to another one where it has an online sportsbook, you can use your same login credentials to bet, though the BetRivers sportsbooks in each state have their own distinct homepages.

Can I withdraw from my BetRivers account if I’m not in Colorado, Pennsylvania or Indiana?

You can actually withdraw funds from your BetRivers account when you’re not in Colorado, Pennsylvania or Indiana. The same goes for registering and making a deposit. The only thing you can’t do is place bets, as BetRivers is required to follow strict regulations to not allow mobile betting outside of regions where it’s legally allowed.

What type of devices can I create a BetRivers account and bet on while in Colorado, Pennsylvania or Indiana?

You can register for your BetRivers account on either your phone (iOS or Android) or your computer (Mac and PC). The same goes for depositing.

Can I deposit into my BetRivers account via PayPal?

Yes, you can deposit into your BetRivers account via PayPal. In fact, PayPal is often one of the quickest ways to fund and withdraw from sportsbook accounts, so we recommend using it.

Does BetRivers have an app?

BetRivers has an Android app, which you can download after signing up for your account. You’re not required to bet through the app, though. You can simply place your wagers on BetRivers’ mobile or desktop website. As of April 2020, BetRivers did not have an iPhone app.

Why does BetRivers need my social security number and other personal information?

As part of being a regulated sportsbook in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Indiana, BetRivers is required to verify your identity and ensure that you’re of legal betting age (21) before allowing you to create an account. BetRivers is also required to keep your information safe and says it ensures “our data privacy procedures and processes exceed the industry standards.”

How is BetRivers different from Bovada?

There are many, many important differences between BetRivers and Bovada. For one, Bovada is an illegal sportsbook in the United States. It is based outside the U.S., and perhaps most importantly, it is not regulated by the federal government or any specific state. This means that, as a bettor, you have very little protection or recourse against Bovada should it attempt to defraud you.

In contrast, BetRivers has to go through a rigorous regulatory process to become a legal online sportsbook in the states of Colorado, Pennsylvania and Indiana. It has to follow the rules set forth by those states. It’s required to report its betting handle to the state and to pay taxes like any other business.

Other huge benefits to using BetRivers as opposed to illegal sportsbooks:

1. You can deposit and bet with ease (within seconds of making your deposit).

2. The bonus you receive is not subject to arduous rollover requirements; you only have to roll over your free bets once before being able to withdraw the money from your account.

3. It won’t take you weeks and weeks to receive your money when you request a withdrawal. Instead, you’ll get the money in your account in just a few days max, and as soon as 24 hours if you use PayPal or have it transferred to your bank account.

Is BetRivers legit?

BetRivers is definitely legit. We’ll detail some other great benefits of betting through BetRivers in a bit, but its deposit match offer alone makes it a worthwhile sportsbook to have in your portfolio. Not many sportsbooks will offer to hand you up to $250 in free bets after depositing, but BetRivers does. And even better: You’re subject to only a 1x rollover, meaning you withdraw whatever you turn your free bets into. That’s one of the best rollover policies we’ve seen from any sportsbook.

[Get a $250 deposit match when you sign up here for BetRivers]

Who owns BetRivers?

BetRivers is owned by a company called Rush Street Gaming, which is based in Chicago and owns sportsbooks and casinos all over the country. Rush Street also owns SugarHouse Sportsbook, which is a sister company to BetRivers and operates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What internet browser is best when betting through BetRivers?

The sportsbook recommends using Google Chrome when registering for a BetRivers account and trying to place bets. It will also work on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Other BetRivers Benefits

Instant bonuses and fast withdrawals: Time is money in sports betting, which is why it’s key to choose a sportsbook that moves quickly. BetRivers definitely qualifies. When you deposit, your funds hit the account in a matter of seconds. Same thing with free bets, so long as you used the code 250MATCH and clicked our corresponding links for your state — Colorado | Pennsylvania | Indiana.

Buy Out: A popular feature as legal sports betting has spread across the United States is the ability to cash out of an existing bet while it’s in progress. BetRivers allows you to do this with a feature called Buy Out.

As an example, let’s say you bet $100 on the Broncos to beat the Chiefs at +250 odds. If they win the game outright, you stand to profit $250. But during the game, BetRivers will give you the opportunity to buy out of the bet. If Denver takes a second-half lead, your Buy Out price might be, say, $175, meaning you could lock in a decent profit and eliminate the risk of losing your wager should the Chiefs stage a comeback. You can see your Buy Out price in real-time under the My Bet History section of BetRivers’ website.

Loyalty points: This is not dissimilar from some of the loyalty programs you see with airlines or hotels. For every real-money bet you make (wagers with bonus bets do not qualify), you’ll receive a certain amount of iRR Loyalty Level Points. You can convert your points into tangible rewards such as more bonus bets or free-roll wheel spins. The more points you earn, the more rewards you’ll have access to.

Odds boosts: BetRivers has made a habit of offering daily odds boosts for particular bets. If you’re unfamiliar, odds boosts are simply regular bets offered at more enticing odds than you’ll find elsewhere. The best thing about these boosts is that they’re available to ALL customers, so even if you’ve been betting on BetRivers for a year, you can still take advantage. For more information on odds boosts, check out our hub here.

More offers and bonuses after your initial deposit: BetRivers will occasionally surprise you with an enticing offer around a big event, or give you the chance to claim another deposit offer. It will often communicate these to you via email, but you can also check the My Account tab to see what bonuses you qualify for at any given time.

BetRivers Customer Service

BetRivers’ customer support is available from 9:30 a.m. ET to 2 a.m. ET every day. You can access their help center here or email support here.