NorthStar Bets Canada Review

NorthStar Bets Canada July 2024


The sportsbook distinguishes itself with a blend of traditional and modern betting options, catering to a wide range of tastes from classic sports betting to contemporary online casino games. This versatility is complemented by a deep understanding of the Canadian market, ensuring that the offerings are not only diverse but also relevant to the local audience. In our NorthStar Bets review, we'll take a good look at everything the new NorthStar betting platform has to offer. 

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NorthStar Bets Review & Sportsbook Key Takeaways

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🍁 Available in:

Canada (except Ontario)

🏉 Betting Sports Offered:

Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Golf, MMA, Tennis, Specials, eSports, Motor racing, Football, Curling, Boxing, Table Tennis, Lacrosse, Horse Racing, Virtual Sports and Cricket

✅ Last Verified On:

July 22, 2024

How to Sign Up for NorthStar Bets Canada

Signing up for NorthStar Bets Canada is a straightforward process, designed to be quick and hassle-free whether you're on desktop or mobile versions of the site. Here's what users can expect:

  1. First, users are required to provide some basic personal information, which includes their name, address, email, and date of birth.

  2. Next, users create a unique username and a secure password. Make sure your password is strong enough since it will be your primary protection against unauthorized account access.

  3. Now, you'll need to read and agree to the terms and conditions and acknowledge that you'll play responsibly.

  4. Finally, the process involves identity verification, which is usually just uploading a utility bill or ID photo.

NorthStar Bets Canada Review Review Summary
  • Mobile App & Website

  • Registering & Cashiering

  • Betting Options

  • NorthStar Bets Canada Review vs Other Sportsbooks

NorthStar Bets Canada App Review, owned and operated by the Conseil des Abénakis de Wôlinak, stands as a beacon in the Canadian online betting scene, especially given its licensure by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. With its roots firmly planted in Quebec, NorthStar Bets extends its reach to various other Canadian provinces like British Columbia or Manitoba under the regulatory umbrella of tribal authorities, excluding Ontario due to its distinct regulatory framework.

As 2023 progresses, NorthStar Bets continues to evolve, adapting to the changing dynamics of the online betting landscape while maintaining its core values of integrity, transparency, and customer focus. Click below to get started or scroll down to learn more about what makes NorthStar Bets an outstanding choice for Canadian bettors.

NorthStar Bets Canada Sportsbook Pros & Cons

No NorthStar Bets review would be complete without some pros and cons. NorthStar Bets Canada's sportsbook has some notable strengths, but there are some areas where they could see some improvement. Other NorthStar bets reviews tend to leave these aspects out, but we wanted to give you a fuller, more comprehensive review.

NorthStar Bets Canada Website Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Diverse Betting Options

  • Strong Partnerships

  • Unique Features

  • Responsive Customer Service

NorthStar Bets Canada Website Cons

  • Lack of a Dedicated Mobile App

  • Limited Promotions other than the Get $100 Bonus Bet

  • Relatively New Brand

NorthStar Bets Canada Website Platform


NorthStar Bets Canada has developed a user-friendly desktop platform that stands out in the online sports betting landscape. Its interface is designed with the user in mind, ensuring that navigation is intuitive and that all the essential features are easily accessible. The layout is clean and uncluttered, making it simple for both seasoned bettors and newcomers to find their way around.

However, one noticeable gap in NorthStar Bets' offering is the absence of a dedicated mobile app for Canadian users. Despite this, the website is optimized for mobile browsers, ensuring that users can still enjoy a near-seamless experience on various devices. Whether on a tablet or smartphone, the website adjusts to fit the screen size, maintaining functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Unique Sportsbook Features

NorthStar Bets Canada elevates the sports betting experience with its Daily Bet Boosters. These boosters are carefully chosen, covering a range of sports and events, which ensures that there's always something exciting for every type of bettor. NorthStar Specials allow bettors to engage in unique betting options that are not typically found on other platforms, including customized bets and exclusive wagering opportunities.

The Super Stars feature is another unique aspect of NorthStar Bets Canada. It provides expert recommendations, offering insights and tips from seasoned sports analysts. Additionally, NorthStar Bets encourages its users to spread the word through its Refer-a-Friend program.

Daily Bet Boosters

Daily Bet Boosters add an exciting dimension to sports betting by offering enhanced odds on select events daily. Whether it's a big football match or an important hockey game, bettors can find boosted odds that offer the potential for greater returns.

NorthStar Specials

These specials might include exclusive bets on specific events, unique combinations, or custom wagering options that aren't available elsewhere. This is perfect not only for seasoned bettors to try something new but for new bettors to broaden their horizons.

Super Stars

NorthStar Bets Super Stars is a section of the platform that offers recommendations and tips from sports betting professionals, providing an invaluable resource for making informed choices.


NorthStar Bets Canada's Refer-a-Friend program is designed to reward its users for bringing new members into the fold. When existing users refer friends to the platform, both parties benefit from bonuses or other incentives.

Betting Types on NorthStar Bets

NorthStar Bets Canada offers a variety of betting types, catering to the preferences of different bettors.

Match Parlays: Match parlays at NorthStar Bets allow bettors to combine multiple bets from a single match into one larger bet.

Moneylines: Moneyline betting is straightforward and one of the most popular types of sports bets. Bettors simply pick the team or player they believe will win a match.

Futures: Futures bets involve wagering on the outcome of a future event, like the winner of the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals. These bets can be placed well in advance of the event and offer the opportunity for significant payouts, especially if an underdog team or player triumphs.

Parlays: Parlays let bettors combine multiple bets from different matches into one larger bet. While riskier, as all selections must win for the parlay to pay out, the potential for large payouts makes this an exciting option for many bettors.

Props: Prop bets are wagers made on specific events within a game that don't necessarily relate to the outcome. These can include bets on individual player performances, specific game occurrences, or statistical milestones.

Pre-Packs: Pre-Packs are pre-arranged parlay bets curated by NorthStar Bets. These can be an excellent option for bettors who prefer a more guided betting experience, as they offer a combination of bets that are strategically put together by the sportsbook.

Team Specials: Team specials are unique bets focused on specific team performances or achievements. These bets often include odds on a team reaching certain milestones or outperforming certain expectations within a season or a specific game.

NorthStar Bets Canada Odds

NorthStar Bets Canada is known for offering competitive odds across a variety of sports, including popular leagues like the NFL, NHL, and NBA.

The platform's odds are reflective of real-time market trends and statistical analysis, ensuring that bettors have access to some of the most current and competitive odds in the industry.

NorthStar Bets NFL Odds

The NFL section of NorthStar Bets Canada features a wide range of betting options with competitive odds. Bettors can engage in traditional betting types like moneylines and point spreads, as well as more intricate prop bets and futures.

NorthStar Bets NHL Odds

For hockey enthusiasts, NorthStar Bets Canada offers comprehensive betting options for the NHL. The odds for NHL games are among the best in the market, covering everything from straight-up winners to over/under scores and player performance bets.

NorthStar Bets NBA Odds

The NBA betting segment at NorthStar Bets Canada is bolstered by its partnership with the league, providing bettors with top-notch odds. This partnership allows for a deeper insight into the games, reflected in the nuanced odds offered for various betting types, including live betting.

Current NorthStar Bets Canada Events to Bet On

NorthStar Bets Canada offers a diverse range of betting options, primarily featuring major league sports.

However, NorthStar Bets Canada also covers a variety of international sports events, offering users the chance to explore major and niche events.

NorthStar Bets players can enjoy:

  • AFL Grand Final

  • World Series

  • NBA Finals

  • World Boxing Championships

  • ICC Cricket World Cup Final

  • Tour de France

  • PDC World Darts Championship

  • League of Legends World Championship

  • FIH Hockey World Cup

  • NFL Super Bowl

  • Formula 1 World Championship

  • The Masters

  • IHF World Men's Handball Championship

  • Stanley Cup Finals

  • MotoGP World Championship

  • Summer/Winter Olympics various events

  • Rugby World Cup Final

  • World Snooker Championship

  • FIFA World Cup Final

  • World Surf League Championship

  • ITTF Table Tennis World Cup

  • Wimbledon Championships

  • UFC Championship Bouts

  • FIVB Volleyball World Championship

  • Winter X Games

Betting & Sports Market Coverage With NorthStar Bets

The platform's market coverage is comprehensive, encompassing major Canadian sports leagues and extending to international sports events. This coverage ensures that bettors have access to a wide spectrum of betting opportunities.

Collaboration with major leagues and local teams is a standout feature of NorthStar Bets Canada. Bettors can immerse themselves in the intricacies of each sport, leveraging insights and data that enhance the betting experience. Here are all of the sports available to wager on:

  • Aussie Rules

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Cycling

  • Darts

  • Esports

  • Field Hockey

  • Football

  • F1

  • Golf

  • Handball

  • Hockey

  • Motorsports

  • Olympic Games

  • Rugby

  • Snooker

  • Soccer

  • Surfing

  • Table Tennis

  • Tennis

  • MMA

  • Volleyball

  • Winter Sports

NorthStar Bets Canada Sportsbook NBA Partnership

As an Authorized Gaming Operator of the NBA, NorthStar Bets Canada has solidified its position in the sports betting arena. This partnership allows the platform to offer real-time data and live streaming of NBA games, and by integrating real-time data directly from one of the world's premier basketball leagues, NorthStar Bets ensures that its users receive accurate and timely information, crucial for live betting and keeping up with the fast-paced nature of basketball games.

NorthStar Bets Canada Sportsbook and Kambi Partnership

The partnership between NorthStar Bets Canada and Kambi Group is a big step in enhancing the overall online sportsbook experience. Kambi, renowned for its cutting-edge sports betting technology, brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to the platform. Their technology ensures that bettors have access to real-time odds, comprehensive statistics, and seamless in-play betting experiences.

Banking with NorthStar Bets

Banking with NorthStar Bets Canada is streamlined and user-friendly, offering several popular deposit and withdrawal options such as Visa, Mastercard, iDebit, Interac, and Bank Transfer. These methods cater to a wide range of preferences among Canadian bettors.

The platform ensures accessibility with a minimum deposit requirement of just $10, and it's known for efficient payouts, making the financial aspects of betting both convenient and reliable for users.

Customer Service With NorthStar Bets

The platform has a comprehensive FAQ section, which can be a quick and effective way for users to find answers to common questions. For more immediate assistance, the live chat feature is available, offering real-time support from knowledgeable staff. The email support system is also in place for less urgent queries or detailed issues.

This commitment to robust customer support reflects NorthStar Bets' dedication to user satisfaction and a seamless betting experience. They ensure that users have the necessary support to navigate the platform confidently and responsibly.

NorthStar Bets Canada vs. Other Top Canadian Sportsbooks

Compared to other top sportsbooks in Canada, NorthStar Bets stands out with its unique features like Daily Bet Boosters and NorthStar Specials, which offer bettors enhanced betting options and personalized experiences. What sets NorthStar Bets apart is its commitment to creating a user-centric platform.

In comparison, other Canadian sportsbooks may offer similar betting options and market coverage, but NorthStar Bets’ unique selling points lie in its innovative features and strategic collaborations. NorthStar Bets' approach to sports betting is characterized by a balance of traditional and modern elements, appealing to a broad spectrum of bettors.

Our Overall Thoughts of NorthStar Bets Sportsbook

NorthStar Bets Sportsbook impresses with its strong focus on the Canadian market, particularly with its strategic partnerships like the one with the NBA. The platform offers a wide range of betting options across various sports, complemented by a user-friendly interface and robust customer service.

However, the absence of a dedicated mobile app and limited promotions are areas where it falls short compared to some competitors. Overall, NorthStar Bets delivers a quality betting experience, meriting an 8.5/10 rating for its commitment to user experience, innovative features, and strategic alliances.

Responsible Gambling in Canada

NorthStar Bets Sportsbook demonstrates a strong commitment to responsible gambling in Canada. They provide resources and tools to help users gamble responsibly. This includes setting self-imposed spending limits, offering self-exclusion options, and providing access to support services like ConnexOntario.

These measures show NorthStar Bets' dedication to ensuring a safe and controlled betting environment for its users, aligning with industry standards and regulatory requirements for responsible gambling.

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NorthStar Bets FAQs
Is NorthStar Bets legit?

NorthStar Bets is completely legit and is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to operate in all provinces except Ontario.

Is there a NorthStar Bets app?

Unfortunately, there is no app at this time, though the website is optimized for mobile browsers.

When will the NorthStar Bets app be released?

Unfortunately, there is no word on this at the time of writing, but bettors are hopeful it will hit the scene in 2024.

Where is NorthStar Bets legal?

NorthStar Bets is available in Canadian provinces where the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has regulatory status, predominantly in Quebec. It's important to note that Ontario is excluded, as it has different regulations regarding sports betting.

Can I sign up for NorthStar Bets outside of Ontario?

Absolutely! Bettors from all other provinces can sign up with the NorthStar Bets sportsbook and begin wagering today!