Davida Mintz

Davida Mintz
Casino & Poker Writer
5 years
Las Vegas


Davida Mintz is a contributing writer at The Action Network. She has been writing about gambling with an emphasis on poker for five years. 

Davida’s favorite childhood memories come from road trips with her grandparents from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. She listened intently as her grandpa recounted his successes at the tables. His stories brought the games to life, fueling her passion for studying, playing and writing about gambling.


Davida is a winning live and online poker player and has studied under author and professional poker player Ed Miller. She’s written articles about how to play every game in the casino. Davida wrote guest blogs sponsored by the World Series of Poker. Davida also wrote a blog for a poker-based app. She worked as a contributor to Titan Poker, a gambling writer at iTechMedia and is a part-time gambling writer at On the Strip. 


Following graduation from California State University, Northridge with a BA in broadcasting, Davida worked for six years as a TV news reporter and anchor.

Betting Highlights
Most Heartbreaking Bet
We were three-handed. I turned a nut flush from the hijak and announced all-in. My husband called on the button with a set of nines and UTG folded. I was way ahead when the board paired on the river giving him the best hand … a full house.
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