Best Online Casino Deposit Methods in 2024

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When it comes to gambling online, there is no greater pain point than depositing money. We get it. It is always a little nerve-racking to sort through a dozen or more deposit methods, then entrust your money to a third party.

But let us walk you through some of the security behind these payment transactions that occur millions of times per day without a hitch. Let us show you how each of these deposit and withdrawal methods works and explain what can make one payment a little more secure than another. Then, you can at least be informed and hopefully less anxious.

Online Casino Payment Methods

Casinos offer a wide variety of payment methods because they want to make it as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. In some cases, you may even receive a bonus or an additional credit for using specific payment methods, as these will be more cost-effective for the online casino.

Deposit Methods


Credit and debit cards are the most popular casino payment methods, and in many cases, there is no need to look any further. Online casinos in the US are very careful with Secure Socket Layers and hash keys to ensure your credit or debit card number is never stored unencrypted on their sites.

Credit or debit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.)

The first thing to know is that not all credit cards are equal when it comes to online casinos. In addition to charging hefty fees to casinos, American Express has also been known to charge cash advance fees on individual customer deposits to online casinos. The option to use an American Express card may not be as widely available as Visa or Mastercard options.

Discover is another option that may be limited. Beginning in April 2024, they have also started charging a cash advance fee on all gambling deposits. Please check the list of available deposit methods at the online casino of your choice.

Visa and Mastercard credit cards may also charge a fee higher than 3-5%, or $10, whichever is higher. But some do, and some don't, so you will need to talk with your card issuer to find out their fees.

These fees are one of the many reasons that most people just use their debit cards for cash deposits. There are no cash advance fees, and as long as the card has a Visa or Mastercard logo, it has a 99% acceptance rate. When you deposit money, the funds are pulled directly from your bank account, and when you make a withdrawal, the casino will credit that money directly back into your bank account using your debit card.

Prepaid cards

Many people prefer the peace of mind of using a prepaid Visa or MasterCard for the following reasons; if the number is somehow compromised, your entire bank account isn't at risk. Also, it allows the card holder better bankroll management, only risking what's on the card instead of mixing those funds with bill and rent money in their bank account.

Online Banking & Transfers

Bank transfers are another popular choice amongst those depositing funds at an online casino. The technology behind ACH (Automated Clearing House) has definitely improved in the last five years, and this is generally a quick, painless solution to getting cash from one place to another. What might have taken a day or two to fund your account in the past, is now generally instant, though you should check the terms and conditions for each casino you use.


Echecks are a subset of ACH transfers and are quick and easy. Simply input the data requested by the casino on the check deposit page, and they and your bank will do the rest. Funds are a little slower when withdrawn; plan on one to two days to get money back into your account.

Online Bank transfers

ACH uses your bank account without the need for check numbers and is a quick and easy solution. Just remember to have the funds in your account. You want to avoid ending up with overdraft fees.

Wire transfers

Wire transfers may be needed for large deposits. Most online casino's ACH transfers are limited to under $5,000. Wire transfers are highly secure, and most online casinos will not charge you a fee for using them, but most likely, your bank will. Still, wire transfers are hard to beat if you need to deposit a large sum safely.

e Wallets/Digital Wallets & Apps

E-wallets remove your bank account or debit card number from the transaction. They are essentially a middleman that keeps your deposit information safe from prying eyes.


While Skrill is less widely available than PayPal, it is available at plenty of mainstream online casinos, like the Borgata. Deposits are instant; withdrawals usually take only a few hours when using this e-wallet.


PayPal has more than 400 million active users worldwide and can be used for online payments at almost all US online casinos. This deposit method is again popular because it doesn't let the casino see your banking info, but it is quick, fast, and easy to use for both deposits and withdrawals. Some people are also concerned that their bank or credit card provider may not look kindly at online casino payments, so using PayPal helps keep the transaction discreet.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is another wildly popular way to pay using your phone app. It has more than 45 million users in the US and is a popular choice at casinos like BETMGM and DrafKkings. Like PayPal, it has an excellent customer support team that you can contact if anything goes wrong. Deposits are instant; in most cases, withdrawals will be done in less than 24 hours.

Cash App

CashApp is still not widely available at US casinos. We have no idea why it hasn't been more widely adopted, but in situations like this, it is usually a sign that the casinos don't find it the cheapest or easiest option to deal with.


Conversely, Venmo is widely accepted at many online casinos, including two of the biggest: DraftKings and FanDuel. One interesting caveat is that you will need to use Venmo to make a deposit at the online casino before you can make a withdrawal, but this is more or less true with many of the deposit methods on our list.

Cash (In Person)

While we aren't sure that the "Cash is King" slogan still holds up today, there is still a stubborn minority that prefer to deal in cash only, and online casinos haven't abandoned these folks.

Cash at the casino cage

Many online casinos, even those that don't have a physical presence in one of the seven states where online gambling is allowed, will still allow you to deposit money with their host land-based casino for instant deposit to your online account. For example, you must have partnered with a land-based casino to have a casino license in New Jersey. So, you may see a deposit option for a casino in Atlantic City that has nothing to do with the online casino you are playing at.

You can deposit or withdraw immediately using the cash at the cage option. You won't need to use an app or a computer; simply walk in and make your transaction.


PayNearMe partners with local quick-shops and bodegas to offer a way for you to take cash to a nearby retailer and have them deposit it into your account. It's handy and quick, but the retailers will want a fee for the service, which can affect both your deposits and withdrawals.


While cryptocurrency like BitCoin certainly has its share of opponents, the underlying use case still includes a strong sense of privacy and anonymity. And these things are different from what US gaming agencies are looking for in a casino payment solution. The Know Your Customer laws and regulations regarding US-based online casinos continue to grow yearly. Deposit methods that hide or cover the source of funds are not something that most state regulators are likely to endorse or sign off on in the near future, despite the fact that Crypto has much more to offer than just anonymity.

Withdrawal Options

Every online casino site will also offer a host of withdrawal methods. Most withdrawals need to be reviewed manually, so there are few instant transfers, though some can be accomplished in less than an hour. Many others may take days, depending on several factors such as the timing of your withdrawal, the actual online casino banking rules in effect, and the online casino payment method you've chosen for your withdrawal.

Another thing to keep in mind is that generally speaking, your deposit amount must be returned using the method you used to make it. For instance, if you've deposited $100 using your debit card, the first $100 of your withdrawal must be returned to that same debit card.

Generally, a bank transfer or e-wallet transaction will result in the quickest withdrawals, with credit card transactions not far behind. Remember that some withdrawal processes, like PayNearMe, may incur additional fees.

Are Online Transactions Secure?

Millions of these transactions are made daily, and there is very little likelihood of your information being intercepted. US online casino regulations require the highest forms of encryption and detail exactly what information can be stored, where, and under what security.

You need to be much more wary of making sure you are sending your information to the right place. Thieves may attempt to set up look-alike websites that might fool you into depositing money into phony gambling sites. Or they may reach out using text, email, or phone calls to attempt to trick you into giving up your passwords, sign-in information, or bank accounts. Of course, this doesn't just go for online gambling businesses. You should strive to ensure you always navigate to the official online casino site and guard your password religiously.

Wait Times, Processing Fees, & More

Different online gambling sites may have very different processing times for withdrawing funds. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions for withdrawals to fully understand each casino's different time frames for each type of withdrawal.

Most casino operators will require a manual review of your account no matter which withdrawal method you choose; this will take some additional time when withdrawing money. Additional security measures may be required to make sure the money goes back to the actual person who deposited it, so bear with them as they work to transfer funds.

Creating an Online Casino Account

When you're finally ready to play some casino games for real money, there are some crucial factors to weigh before you make that first casino deposit. Online casino players should carefully weigh the following factors.

  • Safety: Whether you are using prepaid cards or other payment methods, you want to make sure that you have carefully reviewed the casino for any safety concerns. A quick Google search should tell you everything you need to know. If people have reported issues with casino sites' security precautions or payment options, these reports may appear in a Google search. Always protect your personal and financial information and be sure you know who you're communicating with.

  • Deposit and withdrawal speed: How fast will your deposit be credited to your account? Only in very narrow and specific instances should your deposit not be instant. All popular payment methods should be immediate.

  • Check the minimum deposit for your chosen method. Minimum e-wallet deposits should never be less than $10, and the best payment methods should have a minimum of $5.

  • For most methods, withdrawal times should be at most 48 hours, and anything much longer than that needs an explanation.

  • Transaction fees: This one is simple; you shouldn't be paying transaction fees for deposits or withdrawals. Now, if you are requesting a check be sent overnight via FedEx, well, that's different. Or if your bank or the retailers in programs like PayNearMe expect to make a little money off you, that is between you and them, but the casino, in almost all circumstances, shouldn't be charging you fees.

  • Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, etc. The bonuses that an online casino offers to entice you can make a huge difference in your overall performance. Some of the casinos listed below will match your initial deposit of up to $2,500 in casino credits. Others may give you a 10% redeposit bonus at certain times so you can restock your account. While these bonuses can be lucrative, they come with a mountain of terms and conditions. Before ever making a deposit, ensure that you understand all the hoops you will need to jump through to qualify for these bonuses, how long you have to do it, and what casino games are eligible for the promotion.

BetMGM Casino logo

BetMGM Casino

Another gold star entrant on our list, BETMGM, is safe and secure for your deposits. They have speedy withdrawals and zero fees on all of the most popular payment options. They have a solid $1000 initial welcome bonus match, though it is not offered on all casino games; instead, it is only aimed at slot players.   

Accepted Deposit Methods:

  • MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Discover Credit Cards: Cash advance fees may apply.
  • Visa/Mastercard Debit: Instant deposit. Quick withdrawal.
  • Play+ Card
  • E-check
  • ACH
  • PayPal: 2-hour withdrawals
  • Skrill: Skrill may charge fees on both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • PayNearMe: Associated fees from retailers
  • Pay At The Cage
  • Wire Transfer

bet365 Casino Logo

bet365 Online Casino

  • Read our bet365 Casino Bonus Code & Review
  • Bonus Offer: As a new user, you can use code ACTION to receive this promo: Get a Deposit Bonus up to $1,000 in Bonus Bets!
  • Available States: New Jersey, Pennsylvania

While bet365 is a powerhouse casino name throughout Europe, in the US its online casinos are legal in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They are another safe and secure option, and the company processes millions of transactions every month worldwide without issue. They currently offer a $1,000 match bonus for new players, though some terms and conditions exist.

Acceptable Deposit Methods:

  • American Express/Discover/Visa/MasterCard: Cash advance fees may apply.
  • Visa/MasterCard Debit: Instant deposit. Withdrawals are sent to a bank account.
  • ACH: They partner with Trustly for ACH. Withdrawals are listed at 1 to 5 days.
  • PayPal: Withdrawals in 24 hours.
  • Skrill
  • Apple Pay: No withdrawals back to Apple Pay.
  • Pay Safe Card: Prepaid card
  • Pay Near Me: Deposits in 15 minutes. Max of $500 a day.

DraftKings Casino

No longer just a daily fantasy sports app, DraftKings is always near the top in every market where it competes. Due to its heavy volume in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) and sports betting in over two dozen states, it handles a large number of daily transactions without any complaints or breaches.

They have a straightforward welcome bonus: play $5 and get $50 in casino credits. This bonus lacks the pages of terms and conditions that you will find on other casino welcome bonuses.

Accepted Deposit Methods:

  • Discover/Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards: Fees apply. The casino site does not accept American Express.
  • Visa/Mastercard Debit Cards: Takes prepaid debit.
  • E-Check: Uses VIP Preferred
  • ACH
  • Play+
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay
  • Pay Near Me:
  • Pay At Cage: New Jersey players may use the cashiers at Resorts or the Golden Nugget.
  • Wire Transfer: $100 minimum

FanDuel Casino logo

FanDuel Casino

FanDuel is another Daily Fantasy Sports operator that made a good story. In 2023, they had revenues of almost 12 billion and profits of 1.8 billion, so we think you can trust them to handle your money safely and responsibly. They have a very innovative welcome bonus; they will reimburse you with casino credits for up to $1,000 in losses in your first 24 hours, plus they throw in up to 200 spins on their World Of Wonka slot.

Accepted Deposit methods:

  • American Express/Discover/Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards: Advance fees apply.
  • Visa/Mastercard Debit Cards: Takes prepaid debit but only in some states.
  • ACH: Only partners with select larger banks for ACH
  • Play+
  • PayPal: You need to tie it into your personal bank account. Not debit or credit card.
  • Venmo: 24 hour withdrawals
  • Apple Pay: Apple Pay deposits are not available in all states. No withdrawals.
  • Pay Near Me: Available
  • Pay At Cage: Not available in all States
  • Wire Transfer: $2000 minimum

Golden Nugget Casino logo

Golden Nugget Casino

The Golden Nugget Online Casino was purchased by DraftKings early in 2022.

Accepted Deposit methods:

  • Discover/Visa/Mastercard Credit Cards: Fees apply. The casino site does not accept American Express.
  • Visa/Mastercard Debit Cards: Takes prepaid debit.
  • E-Check: Uses VIP Preferred
  • ACH: 1 to 3 day withdrawals
  • Play+
  • PayPal: 4-hour withdrawals
  • Venmo
  • Apple Pay: No withdrawal.
  • Pay Near Me: Fees from retailers.
  • Pay At Cage: New Jersey players may use the cashiers at Resorts or the Golden Nugget.
  • Wire Transfer: $100 minimum

Bankroll Management & Playing Responsibly

Being able to move money to an online casino account instantly is great, but obviously, it can also be perilous if you have a gambling problem. Make a budget and only gamble what you can afford to lose; use the various tools provided by online casinos that limit how much you can deposit for a day, week, or month. Set time frames so that you don't waste hours on gambling that you don't have, and if things start to feel like they are getting out of hand, use the software provided to take some time off and self-exclude. Set these limits up before you even make your first wager.

If you or someone you know think they might have a problem gambling disorder, please know that you are not alone. Reach out to 1-800-Gambler, either on your phone or online, and they will put you in touch with people who can answer your questions and get you the help needed.

Casino Payment Method FAQs
How do you pay at a casino?

Online casinos offer many ways to pay. The most popular methods are e-wallets and bank transfers or a prepaid card. These should all be instant, allowing you to start playing immediately. Other methods include options like Pay at the Casino Cage or wire transfers. The casino experience is built around customer service, which means offering payment methods that fit your needs. If you hit the deposit button, you will see all of the pay options the casino offers, along with possible fees and how long each method should take.

Do online casinos use PayPal?

PayPal is a very popular way to deposit and withdraw money with online casinos. It keeps the transaction simple while keeping our credit card numbers from being sent over the internet or stored haphazardly in some casino's database.

Do online casinos take Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is accepted at many online casinos worldwide, but you won't yet find a licensed US casino taking them. This is not so much the casino's doing, as it the regulators. Bitcoin still has a bit of a seedy reputation and undeserved reputation for keeping its owner's identity well-kept. This is not the look that most Gaming Enforcement Divisions are going for.

Can I deposit at a casino with a credit card?

Certainly, many people use their credit cards to make online deposits and withdrawals at casinos. They are perfectly serviceable and seldom pose a problem.

What is the best payment method for casinos?

The best payment method is the one that works best for you. Certainly, they all have pros and cons, but ease of use and peace of mind are the two factors we generally consider to be key to the whole matter.

What is the best payment method for online gambling?

No one payment method will be best for every person or even every situation. You may find that you prefer PayPal with one casino but that bank transfers are the only way to go at another. You may even find places that give you a bit of a bonus for using one method over another. It certainly happens. So, weighing all your options with every casino before committing is best.

How do you get paid?

Most online casinos still manually review your play before approving your withdrawal. This is sort of the choke point in the withdrawal process, and it can sometimes take 48 hours or longer. Once they find that you have met all the terms and conditions, double-checked that you played all of the required play through, and generally aren't trying to get one over on them, your withdrawal will be approved and sent to finance, who will then process it according to your request.

How do I withdraw money from an online casino?

First, make absolutely certain that you have played all the way through any welcome bonus or any other bonus money for the number of times required in the terms and conditions. An attempt to begin the withdrawal process before you have completed play through will void your bonus and leave you with far less than you thought you could withdraw in the first place.

Once you are absolutely sure, you can navigate to the banking page, select withdrawals, and then weigh the different options, how long they take, and any added fees for certain expedited selections. Make your choice, and your money will be on its way shortly. 

What is the fastest way to withdraw money from an online casino?

Each casino has slightly different estimates of how long withdrawals take. Still, options like PayPal and debit cards are generally processed within 2 to 24 hours in almost all cases.

How long does it take for deposits and withdrawals to process?

Some of this is dependent upon the method you choose. Each casino will list its estimated withdrawal times next to each withdrawal option. This is always a good rule of thumb to give an approximation of the actual time until payment. Other factors you should consider are weekends, bank holidays, and how quickly your bank processes deposits if you choose to use them.

Remember, the casino will first manually review your account before it is even sent for withdrawal, and this can take some time as well.