PrizePicks vs DraftKings

Which Sportsbook is Better?

In the sports world, it's always fun to watch two legends of the game go head-to-head, especially when that matchup features a star on the rise and a ballot Hall of Famer in their prime. That's the kind of matchup we have today as we compare PrizePicks and DraftKings, two of the biggest daily fantasy operators in the game.

DFS players and bettors are well acquainted with DraftKings, as it quickly took the crown as one of the industry's best daily fantasy sports sites when it launched in 2012. Sure, it's good to be the king, but DraftKings understands that it takes a village to reap a record sports betting handle in each state they operate in. From its beginning as a daily fantasy sports site to one of the biggest online sports betting operations, DraftKings provides an elite gaming experience.

PrizePicks is rising in the ranks of the best DFS sites in the industry. The Atlanta-based company offers DFS games that most DFS sites haven't considered. Creating a set of picks that look remarkably similar to a parlay, PrizePicks players create a lineup made of Over/Under (dubbed More or Less) selections for players with a payout if those picks prove successful. With their power play and flex play options, PrizePicks is changing the way DFS contests are played.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings New User Details
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Overview of PrizePicks vs DraftKings

Sportsbook PrizePicks DraftKings
Promo Code ACTION No promo code needed
Welcome Offer 100% deposit match up to $100 Bet $5, get $200 in bonus bets
Promo Requirements New users only. Players must be 19 years or older and be located in an eligible state. Users located in Arizona or Massachusetts must be at least 21 years old to participate.

New users only in a legal betting state. Minimum qualifying deposit of $5. Must be 21+.

Legal States

AK, AL, AR, AZ, CA, *CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, *MI, MN, NE, NM, NC, ND, *NY, OK, OR, RI, SC, SD, TX, UT, VT, WI, WY and DC. 31 states

*CO, MI and NY only have the free-to-play version now

Draft Kings DFS: AL, AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WV, WI, WY.
Draft Kings Sportsbook: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MS, MO, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, WA, WV, WY.

Sports Offered

NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Football, College Basketball (Men & Women), PGA, WNBA, NASCAR, Tennis, MMA, Boxing, Soccer, Esports, Disc Golf, Euro Basketball, Women's Euro Basketball, Racing.

Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Football, Golf, Hockey, MMA, Soccer, Motorsports.


Legal Betting Age

21+ in Arizona and Massachusetts. 19+ everywhere else

19+ in Nebraska, Alabama, 21+ in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Florida and Massachusetts. 18+ Everywhere Else.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings: Comparing the New User Promos

Securing a welcome bonus is a must when signing up for any iGaming platform. As online sportsbooks and DFS operators look to gain more users, new welcome bonuses pop up, enticing players sitting on the sidelines to join the fun. PrizePicks and DraftKings are no different. Here's a look at what each brand is offering new customers.

PrizePicks New User Bonus

PrizePicks is offering new users one of the most popular welcome bonuses around: a deposit match.

New users who create an account and use the code "ACTION" will qualify to have their first deposit matched up to $100 by PrizePicks. This bonus does expire after $90 days and requires a 1x playthrough to be fully released. Users must also be located in one of PrizePicks legal states. 

DraftKings New User Bonus

DraftKings is rewarding new customers with a classic welcome offer. Once a new account is created and funded by one of the many deposit options DraftKings offers, new users will be rewarded with $200 in bonus bets for simply placing a $5 wager. It doesn't even matter if your first bet loses. Every new user qualifies.

The bonuses will be paid out in eight $25 bonus tokens and are valid for only seven days. Sign-up bonuses like this can only be claimed once, so existing customers will have to settle for one of the many DraftKings daily offers.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings: Which Has the Best Promo Code?

A welcome bonus is never a bad thing, which means that both the PrizePicks and DraftKings new user bonuses are well worth their while. However, DraftKings does get the edge in this contest, with the value of their bonus bets being more than double the offer of PrizePicks.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings: Promos for Existing Users

A welcome offer is a wonderful thing if you're a new user, but for existing customers, both PrizePicks and DraftKings have plenty of promos to keep your business.

PrizePicks Existing Promotions

PrizePicks is all about having fun. Their existing promotions don't just give users a fun new way of playing on their platform; they also pull them closer to the PrizePicks community. TacoTuesday, one of PrizePicks' weekly promotions, allows users to get in on discounted projections "All. Day. Long." Flex Friday means PrizePicks players are going to get some tasty promos centered around the platform's Flex Play format.

DraftKings Existing Promotions

DraftKings knows that bettors have a choice in where to place their wagers. So, it comes as no surprise that DraftKings offers existing customers some fantastic promotions daily. From the no sweat same game parlay to an up to 50% profit boost, DraftKings knows that tailoring a promo to a big event is the way to win over hearts.

Who Has the Best Existing Promos: PrizePicks or DraftKings?

DraftKings gives its users a ton of daily promotions, whereas PrizePicks only offers its players promos on Tuesdays and Fridays. Even when looking at quality over quantity, DraftKings has the better existing promos.

How to Sign-Up for PrizePicks or DraftKings

An offensive lineman can't catch a touchdown unless they report to a referee as an eligible receiver. That same principle applies to playing daily fantasy sports with PrizePicks and DraftKings. If you want to play, you need to create an account.

While Draftkings and PrizePicks have similar registration processes, some slight differences exist. Due to the difference in regulations for daily fantasy sports sites and sports betting operators, PrizePicks has a slightly abbreviated process compared to DraftKings. Here's how both processes work.

PrizePicks Sign-Up Process

After downloading the PrizePicks fantasy sports app, new users will be prompted to sign up and create their accounts. Here's how the process works:

  1. The first step involves a user's preferred e-mail address and a referral code if one is available. If you're new to PrizePicks, check out the new user bonus above!

  2. Next, users will be asked to give their first and last names to continue building their new accounts. This information must match your state driver's license.

  3. After entering your name, PrizePicks will ask for your address as it appears on your driver's license.

  4. Finally, users will be asked to select a secure password. PrizePicks asks that each password contain at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character and be at least eight characters long.

  5. Once a user's password has been deemed acceptable, PrizePicks will require users to accept their terms of service and privacy policy to take advantage of everything PrizePicks has to offer!

DraftKings Sign-Up Process

DraftKings DFS sign-up process is almost identical to that of PrizePicks, the only difference being that DraftKings will also ask users for a phone number. However, if a user is registering their account via DraftKings Sportsbook, the process can change a bit.

Like other DFS sites that offer sports betting through their sportsbooks, DraftKings lets users use the same account for daily fantasy contests and wagering on sporting events. After all, why create two accounts when only one is required? Here's how the DraftKings Sportsbook sign-up process works.

  1. First, DraftKings requires new users to submit their full name, address, and e-mail address, create a username and password, and confirm their eligibility by providing a birth date. At this time, DraftKings will also ask if there is a code you wish to use. DraftKings also requires users to enter the last four digits of their social security number. This is common practice in the sports betting industry and shouldn’t cause any alarm.

  2. The next step requires users to supply their phone number and accept DraftKings’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DraftKings will occasionally require two-factor authentication to log into your account and send you a code via text.

  3. Finally, DraftKings does need to know your location while using their app and will ask that you turn on location services if a user is using the app, or download their GeoComply plugin if using their desktop interface.

Once that’s taken care of, new users will be on their way to accessing DraftKings' wide catalog of sports betting markets and daily fantasy contests.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings: Brand Identities

Sports fans have more choices than ever regarding their DFS and sports wagering activities. Creating a sports entertainment brand that invites fans of all levels of experience to participate in the joys of sports gaming is difficult, but PrizePicks and DraftKings have done just that and then some. Two of the most vibrant sports gaming brands, DraftKings and PrizePicks, are leading the industry into the future, with fun and fandom spearheading their efforts.

The PrizePicks Brand

CEO Adam Wexler came up with the idea for PrizePicks all the way back in 2014. Originally called SidePrize, Wexler’s company set out to transform the way fans play fantasy sports. With traditional fantasy gameplay, SidePrize allowed players to make side bets, as long as both players agreed to the wager. 

After the entire daily fantasy sports industry came under fire in the U.S. court system in 2016, Wexler shifted towards a new approach to DFS games, which resulted in the PrizePicks we know today. By shifting the focus from head-to-head results, PrizePicks would focus more on individual player stats in site-created contests. 

The DraftKings Brand

DraftKings has been a household name and industry staple for years. Originally rising to national recognition as one of the first daily fantasy sports operators, DraftKings has always offered users some of the best traditional DFS contests in the industry. Capitalizing on the US obsession with fantasy football, DraftKings grew its empire to include daily fantasy sports and traditional sports betting in the last few years. Then, in 2023, DraftKings took the online sports betting market share lead away from FanDuel.

As legal sports betting becomes available in more and more states, DFS operators like DraftKings and FanDuel have been able to take advantage of large customer bases of DFS players and parlay their reputation into even more success. After all, DraftKings was ready for the spotlight when states deemed daily fantasy sports legal, so it only makes sense they are a leader in offering daily fantasy sports contests and sports betting markets.

What Does DFS Mean?

Let's take a moment and explore a key piece of the comparison between DraftKings and PrizePicks. Fantasy sports have become a multi-billion dollar industry around the world, as fans spend hours analyzing and pouring over stat sheets looking for the best players to draft ahead of each season. The season-long format for fantasy sports only allows participants to draft once a season. That means if you get stuck with a first-round draft pick who happens to get injured and is out for the rest of the season, your hopes of winning it all may have to wait for next year. But with daily fantasy sports, every week presents a new opportunity to win.

Daily fantasy sports are built upon fantasy lineups created for small amounts of time and for a select amount of value, often referred to as a salary cap. These lineups accrue fantasy points in the same ways long-from fantasy sports lineups do, but a DFS contest will offer prize money to the lineup that scores higher than their competition. That's why making the correct picks for your lineup is crucial to DFS contests.

Using DFS salary caps effectively is key to making the correct picks for your lineup. Using a low-end running back as your flex play may help beat the competition. Sometimes, stacking your lineup within a single game with blowout potential can make all the difference. DFS operators like PrizePicks and DraftKings also have great educational content to help new DFS players go from making one correct pick to a whole lineup of correct picks.

FanDuel and DraftKings were two of the first daily fantasy sports operators on the scene, launching in 2009 and 2012, respectively. With more fantasy operators like PrizePicks coming onto the scene, fantasy players now have the most DFS contests to choose from in history. While FanDuel and DraftKings have been around since the beginning, more players have joined to create one of the biggest industries in all of sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports vs. Sports Betting

Daily fantasy sports and sports betting may seem similar on paper, but they are quite different in principle.

Daily fantasy sports, offered by both PrizePicks and DraftKings, are played within contests that require an entry fee. Users can create fantasy lineups made up of players while staying under a set amount of value (a salary cap, if you will). Those players accrue points based on their in-game performance, and a total number of points is amassed. The lineup with the most total points wins a specific, predetermined piece of the prize pool.

Sports betting is a lot more molecular. While daily fantasy football players may be hoping that a running back rushes for 100+ yards or a baseball player will hit a home run, bettors can simply place a wager on those exact outcomes. The result of a wager is not based upon any other bettor's performance, and each wager is tied to a specific outcome.

Are Player Props Different at PrizePicks vs DraftKings?

On the surface, the answer to this question may seem easy. When comparing the player props offered by PrizePicks and DraftKings, there's not a lot that appears different. However, a closer look reveals some key differences between these two operators.

DraftKings, like PrizePicks, offers player props in an over/under format. For example, when DraftKings offers a betting market on an MLB pitcher's strikeout total, those odds will be marked as over a specific amount or under a specific amount. PrizePicks simplifies that same market, allowing its users to select if they believe the number of strikeouts will be "more or less" than their set number.

PrizePicks offerings end there, as players can combine their picks in the hopes of winning their flex play or power play payout. DraftKings, with a fuller sportsbook offering, expands its player props even further.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings Mobile App Experience

Retail sportsbooks have existed for decades, but online sportsbooks are becoming the fastest-growing industry in the sports world. Thanks to the rise of smartphones, a company is only as good as its mobile app, and the sports betting world is no different. So, let's take a look at the apps and mobile experiences offered by PrizePicks and DraftKings.

PrizePicks App Review

PrizePicks offers users a new hybrid DFS-sports wagering platform, which comes with a few difficulties. However, with its welcoming and easy-to-navigate mobile app, PrizePicks has created both an effective learning tool and a seamless contest menu. There is no part of the PrizePicks app that feels forced or difficult to use despite their new DFS format.

Constructing pick'ems in the PrizePicks app is easy and fun, thanks to the aesthetically pleasing design and gameplay layout. However, some users did note their displeasure that payout amounts include the stake rather than just potential winnings. That's something that can be confusing for new users.

Pros: It is an easy-to-use interface, doubles as a learning tool, and Simplifies the DFS experience.

Cons: Misleading payout communication.

DraftKings App Review

DraftKings didn't get their online sportsbook market share by putting out a subpar app. With "mobile" being the operative word in mobile sportsbooks, the DraftKings app features a sleek design and a crisp layout that allows users to bring their wagers wherever they go.

The DraftKings app also offers multiple same game parlays, bonuses, and exclusive offers to users on a daily basis. Even if there's only a single game happening that night, DraftKings has something to offer.

Pros: Intuitive design, easy navigation, Bet Slip layout is easy to read.

Cons: Dark color scheme can be tough on the eyes, Android users noted a number of bugs and glitches.

Which App is Better: PrizePicks vs DraftKings

The DraftKings app takes this one, but it's close. While the PrizePicks app can do the job, DraftKings has had years of tinkering with its DFS app. This gave DraftKings the ability to conduct adequate field testing and produce one of the best apps in the industry.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings Betting Markets

Regarding the betting markets each operator offers their users, it's easy to see why these two have the reputations they do. DFS operators like PrizePicks and DraftKings allow users to construct entries into contests with the hope of winning big. The PrizePicks model promotes a "pick'em" style of wagering that allows users to tie multiple player props into a single entry in a contest. Hit all your props and win big.

An online sportsbook, similar to FanDuel and DraftKings, provides bettors will a smorgasbord of wagering options, from moneyline bets to the most niche and unique futures bets imaginable.

PrizePicks Betting Market

PrizePicks, despite its DFS nature, does offer betting markets in the form of "Over/Under" or "More or Less" options within each supported sport. For example, in the NBA, players can wager on point totals, minutes played, rebounds, dunks, personal fouls, and even free throws.

Here's a list of the sports markets offered by PrizePicks:

  • NFL

  • NBA

  • MLB

  • NHL

  • College Football

  • College Basketball (Men and Women)

  • PGA

  • WNBA


  • Tennis

  • MMA

  • Boxing

  • Soccer

  • Esports

  • Disc Golf

  • Euro Basketball (Men and Women)

  • Racing

Across all of these sports, PrizePicks gives players a number of player prop markets from the NFL to Disco Golf. Whether that's total receptions, passing yards, or sacks in an NFL game, PrizePicks has the wager you're looking for.

DraftKings Betting Market

DraftKings has one of the most extensive sportsbook catalogs in the industry. With betting markets in all of the major U.S. sports and additional markets for international sports, it's easy to see why the DraftKings kingdom has grown so much in the last decade. From NFL contests to NASCAR truck racing, DraftKings has you covered. With bet types ranging from prop bets, futures, moneylines, same game parlays, round robins, and point spreads, there's a lot to like. Here's a sample of DraftKings's vast menu of sports to bet on.

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Boxing

  • Cricket

  • Cycling

  • Darts

  • Football

  • Golf

  • Hockey

  • MMA

  • Soccer

  • Motorsports

  • And more!

PrizePicks vs DraftKings Payment Options

When placing a wager or paying your entry fee to any DFS contests offered by both DraftKings and PrizePicks, it's important to have as many deposit and withdrawal methods available to users. That first deposit is even more important, especially when taking advantage of a deposit match welcome offer. So, let's look at how each operator handles withdrawals and deposits on their platform.

PrizePicks Cashier Process

PrizePicks offers its players several ways to fund their PrizePicks account and withdraw money. Each player will have their preferred deposit and withdrawal method, so a DFS operator must offer multiple withdrawal and deposit options.

PrizePicks players can fund their accounts via instant bank transfer, ApplePay (deposit only), PayPal (if connected to their bank or with an existing account balance), and by using a debit or credit card, with Discover and Visa being the only major credit cards accepted. With a minimum deposit of $10 to qualify for their deposit match, users will have plenty of options when using the aforementioned promo.

New users should know that their first few withdrawal requests will be reviewed by a qualified specialist at PrizePicks. The security review takes between 6-12 hours, but PrizePicks notes that the turnaround time is on the shorter end of that range. That means your PayPal withdrawal may get delayed, but PrizePicks is doing its due diligence to ensure all its players are safe.

DraftKings Cashier Process

When you've been around as long as DraftKings has been, you begin to amass quite the roster of banking options for your users. Since becoming one of the biggest sports betting operators in the U.S., DraftKings has expanded its deposit and withdrawal options for sports betting and daily fantasy sports.

The online sports betting giant offers a vast menu of banking options for its users. With deposit methods such as online banking, ACH eChecks, credit or debit cards, Play+ prepaid cards, wire transfers, ApplePay, Venmo, and even DraftKings gift cards, it's clear that DraftKings wants its kingdom taking advantage of all it has to offer.

When it comes to withdrawing winnings, DraftKings once again leaves the decision-making in the hands of its users. Whether it is receiving your winnings via PayPal, Venmo, online banking, or debit card, DraftKings wants to give users something other sites don't: options. DraftKings will even send you a check if that's how you want to receive your winnings.

PrizePicks vs DraftKings Conclusions

DraftKings and PrizePicks are solid options for users looking to get into the action. While PrizePicks and DraftKings offer two different methods of engaging with your favorite sports teams, both are industry leaders in their own right. However, if you want a fuller sportsbook betting experience, DraftKings is for you. For bettors looking for a new way to wager, PrizePicks provides a fresh twist on DFS contests.

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PrizePicks vs DraftKings Review Summary
  • Mobile App & Website

    DraftKings wins for its top-notch sports betting experience as an industry leader.

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