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Brandon Anderson
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NBA props guy, plus NFL spread picks for every game and general NBA/NFL coverage and futures.
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Ranking 10 NFL MVP Candidates By Value of Their Odds, Feat. 3 Worth Betting

Brandon Anderson
Oct 15, 2021 UTC
Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
Every time I spot a wild long shot futures bet and pre-tell the narrative on how that player will make a run at the award and then slowly watch the odds fall from 150-1 to 75-1 to 25-1 to 5-1 as the national media finally has the conversation. Think Joe Ingles 6MOY.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
Every time that wild long shot futures bet ends up losing anyway even at immense value after making an incredible run, making me feel both genius and idiotic simultaneously. Think Jordan Clarkson 6MOY.
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  • NFL spread picks for every game
  • General NBA/NFL coverage and futures.