Brandon Anderson
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Brandon Anderson
647 Posts
NBA props guy, plus NFL spread picks for every game and general NBA/NFL coverage and futures.
Staff Writer
1 years


Brandon covers all things NBA and NFL, specializing in NBA props and making ATS picks for every NFL game.

He appears on five weekly podcasts, covering NBA at Buckets, NFL at The Action Network Podcast, and fantasy football at Fantasy Flex.

Nobody loves a future long shot like Brandon, who has an incredible ability to spot a 150-1 long shot who drops all the way to 7-1 before losing with immense CLV and pride.


Brandon is an NBA and NFL staff writer for Action Network. He's been betting on something sports related for pretty much his entire life and writing fantasy football columns, weekly NFL picks articles, and futures awards long shots picks over the past couple decades. Brandon worked as a freelance writer over the past decade with featured work at Sports Illustrated's The Cauldron, Sports Pickle, Grandstand Central, Pivot Analysis, BetMGM Sports, and elsewhere. He's covered NFL, NBA, MLB, college hoops and football, fantasy sports, NFL and NBA Draft, Olympics, soccer, and just about any other sport he can get his hands on. Brandon has written and contributed on over 1000 pieces at Action Network with an app ROI over 15%. His published props last season finished over 20% for NBA regular season, 22% in NBA playoffs, and 17% in March Madness.


Brandon studied Bible and Math at Wheaton College (IL) and got his masters in Biblical Exegesis there. When he wasn't studying, he spent most of his time working at the school's Phonathon, where he called alumni and parents and asked for financial gifts for the school. He went on to run the Phonathon program for a decade and then spent half a decade consulting in the fundraising and development world on Phonathons, grant research, writing, and data analysis. What are you talking about -- working at Action Network is a perfectly natural progression!

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Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
Every time I spot a wild long shot futures bet and pre-tell the narrative on how that player will make a run at the award and then slowly watch the odds fall from 150-1 to 75-1 to 25-1 to 5-1 as the national media finally has the conversation. Think Joe Ingles 6MOY.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
Every time that wild long shot futures bet ends up losing anyway even at immense value after making an incredible run, making me feel both genius and idiotic simultaneously. Think Jordan Clarkson 6MOY.
  • NBA props guy
  • NFL spread picks for every game
  • General NBA/NFL coverage and futures.