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Kody Malstrom
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6 years
Manistee, Michigan


Kody is a college sports contributor for both college basketball and football. Kody started betting in 2016 when a friend over Xbox told me he would give me +11 on the Timberwolves against the Warriors and he won. Felt good and chased that feeling ever since. Prior to joining Action, Kody worked for BetSports to build credibility that he could somewhat be able to write. Also constantly coach and teach a wide variety of people in forums/social and give tips and advice.


Kody is a college sports contributor which includes writing for College Football and Basketball. Written work entails single game guides, best bets, and any thought or idea that comes to mind pending approval. Kody began my degeneracy in college and quickly fell in love with the idea of exploiting the market to make money combined with my love of sports. Constantly coaching and teaching my friends for all of us to win together anytime he found a new angle led me to only dig deeper into how to become a successful sports bettor. Kody discovered Action late 2017-2018 and knew he wanted to work for them ever since. Needing credibility, he took a job with Betsperts and constantly spammed Ryan Collinsworth Twitter dms until he brought him on the team.


Grand Valley State University - Finance. In terms of correlating it to sports betting, behavioral finance comes to mind. Staying disciplined and learning not to chase losses and being loyal to your bankroll management is the keys to long term success.

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Kody Malstrom
Oct 23, 2022 UTC
Betting Highlights
Favorite Bet of All-Time
Chiefs/49ers Superbowl - Just starting to get into my own as a sports bettor, we had a watch party for the big game. Being the only sports bettor in the private packed bar, everyone was constantly asking what I was on and tailing. Friends, family, strangers, everyone. At first it was cool that people were asking my opinion on it, and then I quickly realized literally everyone was on my pick because of me and it was gonna be on me if they lose. Luckily they ended up winning and we partied hard to celebrate the rest of the night. Didn't have to pay for a single drink which is the real win.
Most Heartbreaking Bet
UNC/Villanova 2016 Championship: Not only was I a rookie and had no idea how to actually sports bet at the time, I had to watch my Tar Heels lose the championship on a buzzer beater and lose a lot of money to me at the time while dirt poor in college.
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