BlackJack’s Royal Wedding Betting Extravaganza

BlackJack’s Royal Wedding Betting Extravaganza article feature image

This Saturday, most likely more than a billion people (what?!?) will watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot across the pond in England. While most people watching will be interested in the dress she wears or how she looks or some other such nonsense, gamblers like us will be interested in this wedding for alternative reasons.


If you have to watch this, or if you’re just a dedicated Royal watcher, now you have the chance to make some money on this thing. Most online books have props up, so if you’re going to be up early Saturday morning, let’s cash some tickets while we’re at it.

Royal Wedding Winners

Prince Harry’s Response to His Vows


“I do” is the heavy favorite here at -7500, but, baby, I like to kick things off with some value. I’ve done some research on this one. Both his brother and his father said “I will.” The opposite side of this bet is “Any Other Response” at +2000. I will be on that side of this one and shoot for some value early on.

THE PICK: Any Other Response +2000

Prince Harry’s Attire


William was obviously married in his military uniform, and the odds are heavy in that direction for Harry as well at -1200. Any other option is +600. As much as I love being a contrarian, I just can’t see him getting married in anything other than the military regalia, just as his brother did. Lay the juice on this one.

THE PICK: Military Uniform -1200

Will Prince Harry Have Facial Hair?


Again, this one seems very straightforward. I know Harry is the bad boy of British royalty and he likes to rock his facial hair, but come on … there’s no way the Queen is letting him out there with that ginger beard. No chance. He’s going clean-shaven. Odds on yes are +150 and no are -200. Lay the two dollars here.

THE PICK: No -200

Meghan Markle’s Dress Designer


Now, to be clear, there are about a dozen choices, and we are talking only about the wedding dress. I have dug deep on this one, brothers. I’ve put the research in and I think we have a winner. It’s going to be a topic of conversation for sure on Saturday, and I think our winner is Ralph & Russo (+120). Many of the British tabloids and some other slightly more reputable sources are hinting it could be them, so that’s where my money is going. After all, if the Sun and the Daily Mail like it, how can it be wrong?

THE PICK: Ralph & Russo (+120)

Location of the Wine Served at the Wedding


This is an interesting one: Do they go with a nod to Ms. Markle’s American heritage or do they stick with tradition and go British? The favorite for the location of the wine served is California at -300. The second choice is Britain at +120. I am surprised to see Britain at plus money here, and I’m going to ride with the home team. The English are so tied to tradition, I can’t see them going with American wine; I think they stay home for the vino.

THE PICK: Britain +120

Celebrity Guest to Attend Wedding


You have names like Barack Obama, Piers Morgan, Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, and “Any” Kardashian; there are a lot of choices here. There’s one that jumps out at me, though, and bear with me guys, because it’s just a gut feeling. Ed Sheeran. I think he’s there. Not only is he British, not only is he wildly popular, not only is he a ginger, but I think he sings at the reception. I could see him serenading the new couple with a few bars of “Thinking Out Loud” or “Perfect.” Yeah, I think Sheeran winds up at this thing.

THE PICK: Ed Sheeran +600

Artist of First Dance Song


Another interesting one here. We have some contemporary choices and even an American. The favorite here is Whitney Houston at -225, while Elton John is +350 and Ed Sheeran is +450. There are others, but these are the legit contenders. Whitney Houston, I hear, is a favorite of Ms. Markle’s and an obvious tribute to her American heritage. Sir Elton has close ties with the family and obviously Prince Harry’s late mom, Princess Diana. Then there’s that Ed Sheeran again … I don’t think he gets the first song, though. He’s more of a singer while they serve the cake or something. I like Sir Elton John for this one. He’s also been knighted by the Queen, he has ties to the family and everyone loves Elton.

THE PICK: Elton John +350

What Color Hat Will the Queen Wear?


The Queen is known for wearing bright colors so that she can always be found in a crowd. True story, look it up. This Saturday will be no exception. The question is what color. She wore yellow (+900) to William and Kate’s wedding, she most frequently wears blue (+600), and green is the favorite right now at -150. I’ve researched the Queen quite a bit for this, and by that I mean Google Image searched her for several pages, and I think I’m taking a shot outside the box. I’m going purple. The color of royalty. A favorite of yours truly as well. Also the Queen looks absolutely dashing in purple.

THE PICK: Purple +900

All right guys, make sure you have a great weekend and enjoy the Royal nuptials!