On episode 31 (download here) of the DeGen and Juice podcast, Collin Wilson (@_collin1) and I (@stuckey2) recap the epic Super Bowl and all of our props. Collin tries to talk himself out of his horrendous Pink hair color bet. To be fair, he did nail most of his other legit props, but who bets on a hair color? Degenerates. Fair. We also get into the following topics:

  • NFL futures (yes, I already hit one)
  • College football signing day
  • Best rivalries in sports in the spirit of UNC-Dook (duck fook btw)
  • Our personal rivals (he really said the Blue Jays)
  • And other random degeneracy spread throughout as always

Thank you all for listening. We truly enjoy doing every single one of these for those who listen. Cheers.

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