When monitoring the live betting market, it’s important to have access to live odds and betting data to stay up-to-date with key line movement at offshore and Las Vegas sportsbooks.

While knowing that lines have moved is imperative for all winning bettors, it’s even more crucial to know why lines are moving as well. Sure, a two-point college basketball line move is noteworthy, but the cause of that move is what really provides value.

Was it wiseguy money that moved the number? If so, that provides insight into the potential value of that side. Is it overwhelming public money or just consistent, steady action? That’s likely a situation where it’s correct to fade the move. Or was it simply a breaking injury report or weather update (for outdoor sports)?

With this in mind, I’ve dissected today’s biggest line moves to analyze how bettors should react before wagering on tonight’s slate of games.


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