Topps Channels Futures Betting With ‘World Series Champions’ Card Packs


Topps. Pictured: Bryce Harper

Mar 26, 2019, 12:05 PM EDT
  • Topps is now offering card packs that will yield the owners bigger prizes should the team on their card win the World Series.
  • Topps exec Jeff Heckman imagines a marketplace where these cards will become more valuable when it becomes clear who will make the playoffs and have a shot to win it all.

Topps is getting into the gambling space. Sort of.

The card company that has exploded in e-commerce though its 24-hour sale of cards called Topps NOW, featuring recent baseball highlights, has a different proposition.

On Tuesday night, Topps began selling on its website three packs of 2019 World Series champions cards for $12. If a team on a card you have wins the title, you win something substantial.

Prizes will include a chrome team set or an autographed card from a player on the team, whichever is listed on the back of the card.

“Topps NOW is entering its fourth year and we were looking for a way to make it an even more engaging program,” said Jeff Heckman, the company’s global director of e-commerce. “In addition to the excitement that comes everyday from discovering which cards will be offered on, you can now own cards that will unlock prizes if your team or player perform well on the field.”

Heckman said that cards for all 30 teams are equally distributed in the packs, so it’s not like Topps filled packs with Orioles, who are expected to win fewer than 60 games this year and have odds of 300-1 (or worse at some sportsbooks) to win the World Series.

As the season winds closer to its conclusion, Heckman said he could envision resellers selling cards of teams still remaining for more dynamic prices.

After World Series packs, Topps will likely follow with MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year packs.

“We are constantly evaluating the changing sports landscape and seeking to create products and experiences that are more engaging to bring fans closer to the game,” Heckman said. “Sports fans live in the moment. They live and die with every pitch, every throw, every possession. We think it is the perfect time to capitalize on those feelings.”

Packs will be printed for two weeks and will never be sold again.

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