Rovell’s “Uncut Gems” Roundtable: Talking Sports Gambling with Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett

Rovell’s “Uncut Gems” Roundtable: Talking Sports Gambling with Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett article feature image

A24 Films. Pictured: Kevin Garnett, Adam Sandler

NEW YORK — Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett star in “Uncut Gems,” a story of a New York City jewelry dealer whose life unravels around a valuable gem he acquired.

Sandler, playing a jeweler named Howard Ratner, makes bet after bet — many of which don’t work out. In the beginning of the movie, he exchanges the valuable gem with Kevin Garnett in exchange for Garnett’s 2008 Celtics title ring.

What follows is Ratner’s obsession with Garnett, which manifests itself through bets that he makes on Garnett, including a valuable parlay of Garnett player props that he thinks will solve all his problems.

I took part in a media roundtable with Sandler and Garnett as well directors Josh and Benny Safdie. The movie debuts nationwide on Dec. 25.

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The Action Network: Adam, you are convincing as a gambler…

Adam Sandler: I’m always pulling for my teams as if I have a big bet on them. I snap over the Yankees — the Knicks I don’t get too upset anymore. It’s like when they win, I’m like, ‘Well, ‘How did that happen? With the Jets I take it on the chin every week.

TAN: You seem to get what it’s like to be watching a game around your family when there’s a bet on the line. Where does that come from?

Sandler: It’s a personal hell when you have a family and you don’t let them in on what you are doing. My dad used to bet…and he had a side thing going with me. Whenever he said the amount to my mother what he bet, he would tell me to add a zero.

TAN: Kevin, how did you relate to the gambling part of the film?

Kevin Garnett: It was no different from when I was at dinner in Boston and three or four mob guys come up to me to congratulate me. You don’t know what it’s really for, but you just want to get out as fast as you can. We were out there, playing another game — just to win.”

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