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Maine Restarts Sports Betting Talks with Tethering Debate

Maine lawmakers reconsidering online sports betting legislation are split between a model that ties mobile licenses to retail establishments or one that allows a potentially uncapped number of digital sportsbooks.

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How Maine Sports Betting Compares

We graded Maine on its sports betting bill and experience relative to other states.

Maine Sports Legislation TBD


Maine Sports Betting Grading Card:

Maine Grading Card


We'll evaluate Maine sports betting bill as it becomes available.

Sports betting bill analysis TBD. 

Maine Sports Betting Tips

Sports Betting for Beginners

If you’re new to sports betting in Maine, you likely have questions: How much should you be betting? Where should you be betting? How do you find the best odds? Every sport and bet type comes with different nuances.

Our 11 sports betting tips for beginners can help you make savvier decisions come gametime.

Sports Betting Glossary

Sports betting comes with its own language and terminology -- favorites and underdogs, spreads and money lines, over/unders and props, juice and vig and so much more. It can all be a bit overwhelming and intimidating for newer betting enthusiasts, so be sure to consult our sports betting glossary for detailed definitions on all the main terms.

Sports Betting Mistakes to Avoid

It’s important to stay disciplined and not overextend yourself in Maine. There will always be ups and downs, but if you stay true to our nine mistakes to avoid, your sports betting experience will be a much more enjoyable one.

Maine Teams to Bet on

Maine has no shortage of professional and college teams to bet on:

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