6 Essential Apps Every Las Vegas Traveler Should Download

6 Essential Apps Every Las Vegas Traveler Should Download article feature image

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports. Pictured: Vancouver Canucks fans pose in front of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign

  • Mobile apps can make incredible Las Vegas vacations even better.
  • Below are six mobile apps all vacationers should download before heading to Sin City.

Las Vegas vacations are incredible, and thanks to modern technology, traveling to Sin City has gotten more convenient due to the plethora of apps available right from your mobile device.

If you’re planning on visiting Las Vegas in the future, here are six mobile apps I recommend downloading to make the most of your vacation in the desert.

6 Essential Las Vegas Apps


I’ve been traveling to Las Vegas consistently since I turned 21 years old, yet I just recently learned about this app.

The myVEGAS apps are free and allow users to earn loyalty points through virtual slots and blackjack that can be used for free/discounted rooms, food, drinks and shows, plus much more, at MGM’s casinos across the country through its M life rewards program.

I purposely listed this app first because you’ll want to download it ahead of your actual trip to ensure you can rack up as many loyalty points as possible to cash in for freebies.

While myVEGAS consistently badgers you to purchase chips with real money, I’ve simply relied on the free daily bonuses it provides and have had no problems scoring loyalty points without spending a dime.

Las Vegas Sportsbook Apps

On my most recent trip to Vegas, I tested out a couple of sportsbooks’ apps and will never bet on the strip without them again.

Before apps, sports bettors needed to run around the strip in order to get the best lines possible, then had to do it once again the next day to cash any winning tickets. That can occupy a decent chunk of time which isn’t ideal for those of us on vacation for only a couple of days.

However, after getting sportsbook apps downloaded and funded, bettors can quickly shop for the best lines and place bets from the comfort of their hotel room, pool, bar, restaurant, casino floor, etc., then simply make one trip to cash out balances before heading home.

The Action Network App

As mentioned above, shopping for the best line is important for any winning sports bettor, but The Action Network’s mobile app makes that easier than having to load multiple sportsbook apps.

Simply download the free app, set your sportsbooks and you can quickly see live betting odds for every game from every major Las Vegas casino.

This app also allows bettors to input and track every bet they make to not only keep track of plays and stay organized, but also to see live win probabilities so bettors know where they stand with their sports wagers at every moment and in real-time.

Casino Players Clubs

Everybody wants free stuff, especially while enjoying vacations in Las Vegas, and the best way to accomplish that is to make sure you sign up for players clubs at whichever property you’ll be spending the most time … and money.

The major resorts — MGM, Caesar’s, Westgate, etc. — each have their own players clubs which track your gaming and spending and offer rewards based on your play/money spent.

So once you’re settled in Vegas, determine which parent company’s casinos you’ll be spending most of your time at, sign up for that players club and focus as much of your gaming, eating, drinking and entertainment at those properties, showing your players club card at every opportunity.

And the best way to track your play and available rewards is through each company’s mobile app. In fact, if you’re visiting Las Vegas with your spouse, be sure to link players clubs, and apps, to combine your points into one account and maximize rewards.

Rideshare Services

One of the most common reactions of Vegas travelers, especially first-timers, is that everything is farther away than it looks. And this is painfully true on the Las Vegas strip.

Therefore, the most common tip I give to Las Vegas vacations is to take advantage of the monorail — be sure to score discounted monorail tickets via the myVEGAS app.

Also have rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft downloaded and ready to roll when you need to travel to places that are not accessible via the monorail.


Just about everywhere you go on the Las Vegas strip is surrounded by restaurants, bars and various forms of entertainment.

So, if you have a hankering for a steak, need to hair the dog with a Bloody Mary or simply want something interesting to do outside of gambling, fire up the Groupon app and see what’s available around you.

On my most recent Las Vegas trip, we found a bar located on the strip offering four hours of all you can drink beer and well drinks for less than $40 — one of a handful ways to drink for cheap on the Las Vegas strip.