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Parlay Patz Cashes Another $116,000 Parlay: ‘This Situation Is Insane to Me’

Parlay Patz Cashes Another $116,000 Parlay: ‘This Situation Is Insane to Me’ article feature image

Ben Patz

Less than 24 hours after pocketing $183,892 on an 8-team moneyline parlay, the 23-year-old college student they call “Parlay Patz” has done it again, cashing a $116,260 ticket in New Jersey.

Ben Patz risked $25,000 on a 5-leg parlay, which included the following bets on Sunday:

  • Vikings moneyline vs. Lions
  • Packers moneyline vs. Redskins
  • Browns moneyline vs. Bengals
  • 49ers moneyline at Saints
  • Gonzaga moneyline at Washington

The first three bets were relatively worry-free for Patz: The Vikings won by 13, the Packers won by 5 in a game that was never really in doubt, and the Browns won by 8 and never trailed in the final 36:44 of the game.

The 49ers-Saints game was, by far, the craziest of the day — a back-and-forth affair that featured 92 points. Patz escaped with a victory: The 49ers made a 30-yard field goal as time expired.

That left the Gonzaga bet.

The Zags entered the game as short road favorites at Washington, so Patz, who’s certainly an adrenaline junky but is far from reckless, hedged a bit on Washington’s moneyline.

He bet $15,000 on the Huskies +170, which would’ve paid out $25,500, eliminating his $25,000 downside if the Zags fell victim to an upset.

Patz and Gonzaga survived a tight second half, as the Zags won, 83-76.

The parlay itself profited $116,260, but when you subtract his $15,000 hedge, Patz’s true net on Sunday was just north of $100,000

The victory brings Patz’s gross parlay winnings since Oct. 27 to $1.136 million.

“The opportunity to be in this situation is insane to me,” Patz told The Action Network. “October 9th I signed up with William Hill, depositing $500. It’s a blessing beyond my wildest dreams. Whatever comes of this amazing journey I hope I can do good with it.”

The below chart details what Patz has cashed so far (among what we’ve been able to confirm through William Hill). Patz also told The Action Network he has approximately $300,000 in losses during this timeframe.

Note: Always tread lightly when betting parlays, as they tend to be -EV bets over a long period of time.

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